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  1. I think, mayhaps, it's just before Anca's time.


    Why are we even talking about Burton remaking Labyrinth? Has he mentioned wanting to take it on or something? xd.png

  2. Bored, so Minesweeper. xd.png

    Oh, that too. I'm addicted to Minesweeper. ^.^;;;


    Which level do you play on? What's your fastest time? biggrin.gif

    I play on expert and my fastest time so far has been around 114, I think. The computer died, so my highscore died, too. D:

  3. Oh, right. I had forgotten about online games. :3


    I play on Kadokado, which has a lot of game to play. You can join a clan and help them attack other clans and such. You get points for getting certain scores and if you get enough, you can redeem them for gift cards. You can only play four games a day, though, unless you buy more orange gems.


    I also play Alphabounce, which is by the same company as Kadokado. It's a brick-breaking game, but in space! I can't really describe it well, but it's awesome.

  4. I'm replaying the second Phoenix Wright game, which is Justice for All... and it's on the DS. I loves me some Phoenix Wright. :3


    ETA: WEE, just made level six! ::celebratory dance::

  5. Haa, I lied. I abandoned an egg and hatchling so I can try and catch one of each... Caught a brightly colored one, working on the sea one.


    Happy Independence Day, Americans! Happy Sunday, everyone else. xd.png


    And thanks TJ and spriters. :3

  6. Whenever a Billy Mays commercial came on, I'd get annoyed... but now he's gone and I miss him... and I got annoyed that Anthony Sullivan made a new commercial for one of Billy's products... It's sad.



    IN ANY CASE!! Cave's back up. ^.^; Yay, dragons.

  7. Well, Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter, while not married, are romantically involved and have two children. Johnny Depp is a close friend of Burton's and is his son's godfather... so it's sort of natural to have them pop up in a lot of his movies.


    That aside, I would be pissed if Tim Burton wanted to take Labyrinth on... even though I like his movies.

  8. Eee, I love cats. :3


    I have a classic sealpoint Siamese, but she's pretty old so she's almost completely brown. Her name is Sally and she's my baby. ^.^ The way we got her is pretty sad, though. Someone had thrown her out the window of a moving car when she was a kitten and she broke her leg. One of my mom's coworkers found her but couldn't keep her, so she called my mom. We've had Sally since I was seven. I loves her so. We had her front paws declawed, but I didn't know any better.


    My mom is getting a kitten soon and I'm trying to talk her out of declawing her. ::sadface::

  9. Kyou is much better than Yuki. >.>


    My Kagura-friend made the dress and Kyou-bag herself. Her mother's a seamstress and taught her some tricks.


    Yeah, my friend who played Ayame couldn't find a white wig... so he got a grey one. ^.^;; Since then, he's become something of a cosplay celebrity in the south for cosplaying as Count D from Pet Shot of Horrors... <.<

  10. I crossplayed as Kyou from Fruits Basket several years ago. Two friends cosplayed with me and we had a little skit-- we got second place in the cosplay contest. ^.^


    My friends were Ayame and Kagura... so I kept getting attacked by my friend that was Kagura.


    I have a few pictures...


    user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image


    user posted image

    He's so cute! o3o

  11. So, I was just poppin' on the check the forum and I see the latest topic... and I was like, "Whoa, what is this?!"


    Then I was reminded of that terrible flash video with Magikarp vs. Magikarp... And it hurt so bad. D: