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  1. Maan, I was so happy when I saw Netflix added Avatar to the instant play list. When my family first got Netflix, we got in three DVDs at a time, so I made a queue for myself and made it so I could get my own discs while the family got the other two... But then we went to one DVD at a time and my queue is just collecting dust. The terrible thing was I had just seen a cliffhanger of an episode of Avatar, but couldn't see the next one because it was on the next disc. >.<


    So, I've been watching all the episodes over from the beginning with Netflix's instant play thingy. ^.^ Just started the Second Book today.

  2. Oh wow, they're gorgeous! All of them! I especially love the male ridgewing's pose. It's awesome.


    Thanks spriters! There dragons are amazing.

    And thank you, TJ! biggrin.gif


    Just gotta catch a couple of the tan ridgewings, now. :3

  3. A spriter for the mountain breeze did say earlier that that was the concept for them (but that it was up to TJ rather or not he did have the tans more rare).

    This, and also, after looking at different click sites, I've been seeing about five purples to every one tan. Just my observations.

  4. Well I had three eggs with about four days left so I incubated them all then put them into all the click sites I could get my hands on. Before that I had grabbed a tan mountain. Within the hour my first three eggs had hatched and I was able to grab two purples which I influenced male and female and one pink. Unfortunately when I woke up this morning my tan egg had died from soft shell overnight. I realize that it was because it had gotten put into those click sites but I never knew it could happen in a matter of hours. :/ So I grabbed another mountain which turned out to be purple so I abandoned one of the purples I had gotten from the day previous and grabbed another purple mountain and the same process was repeated. While searching I spaz clicked on an albino. v_v Thinking back on it I should have abandon my pink instead of wait six hours to abandon the albino but I did anyway. Thankfully just now after I abandoned the albino the first mountain I got my hands on was tan. So now I am happily scroll locked once again. xd.png

    You should only do two click sites at a time, otherwise they'll keep dying.

  5. Book Number: 10

    Number Of Pages: 408

    Book Title: Night Watch

    Author: Terry Pratchett

    Rating: 5/5

    Review: So good <3

    Ooh, that's my favorite Pratchett book. I need to own it so bad.

  6. Book Number: 4

    Number Of Pages: 317

    Book Title: Lord Sunday

    Author: Garth Nix


    Oh my god... That ending was... fantastic. Ooh, I love Garth Nix so much! I don't know how I'll be able to cope without the characters, though. They've sort of become a part of my life and now I've finished the series. It's an accomplished and sad feeling.


    Pfft, what to read next...? >.<

  7. Book Number: 3

    Number Of Pages: 278

    Book Title: Superior Saturday

    Author: Garth Nix


    Gah, that one ended on a cliffhanger! Luckily, I have the next and final book already, so I don't have to wait to read it. I feel sorry for the people that were reading the books as they were being published! Superior Saturday was published in 2008, and Lord Sunday wasn't published until March of this year. It would have sucked to wait two years for the ending of this series, especially with that big cliffhanger. >.<

  8. Book Number: 16

    Number Of Pages: 324

    Book Title: Superior Saturday

    Author: Garth Nix



    I really want to read the last book in the series right away, but it probably won't be back at the library in another couple of weeks >< I suppose I have to visit some shops around here, and see if any of them have it. I really don't want to wait that long for the end of the story.

    I have it waiting for me at the library right now. biggrin.gif But I haven't even started on Superior Saturday yet. ^.^;

  9. Book Number: 13

    Number Of Pages: 391

    Book Title: Drowned Wednesday

    Author: Garth Nix

    Man, you're going to pass me up. I'm only half-way through Lady Friday.

    How do you like it so far? biggrin.gif

  10. That's good to hear, as I'm planning to go to the library for the first book in the series on Monday!

    Haa, that's awesome, getting Mister Monday on a Monday. :3


    The series is aimed a bit more to young adults than Nix's Old Kingdom trilogy, but the writing is still superb.

    I have Lord Sunday waiting for me at the library, although I just started reading Lady Friday.

  11. Woo, finished mah first book of this year's challenge. ^.^


    Book Number: 1

    Number Of Pages: 344

    Book Title: Sir Thursday

    Author: Garth Nix


    I'm loving this series more and more. biggrin.gif Onto the next book!


  12. I think this time, I'll write down the books I read in my journal so I'll have it saved somewhere, instead of having to try and remember everything. I know the first book will be the fourth book in the Keys to the Kingdom series by Garth Nix, Sir Thursday. I'm loving that series, I just haven't started on the book yet. ^.^

  13. I'm allergic to the medicine, Allegra. I took it and had a nervous breakdown. I'm also allergic to mosquitoes. Whenever I get bitten, the bite-mark swells up much more than for most people.


    That's it, that I'm aware of. I agree with Miss Vampire, though. I love peanut butter and peanuts, so thankfully I'm not allergic to them. :3