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  1. So far, I've gotten:


    Wilda: friend path

    Olivia: friend path

    Harle: friend path (twice, what do I do?)

    Alun: romance

    Tsoko: romance

    Ion: romance

    Mordred: friend


    I wanna romance the other dragons but can't figure it out!

  2. Ooh, protip- have like a progeny page up (with very few children) and refresh that. That way, the whole page fits on the screen and you'll see right away if there's a new egg for you to find. No scrolling required!

  3. I really love this year's divider banner for Trick or Treat. I think it's my favorite.


    To those not used to Minesweeper, don't fret if you "lose" the game. Part of Minesweeper is losing. It's impossible to win every game because sometimes it comes down to chance.

  4. I went back (again) just to look around a bit and there is a cat following me smile.gif I'm going to see if it will follow me home.

    I rushed to go back and play and there was a kitty in my house! Aaaaah, it's so cute! biggrin.gif

    ETA: Omigosh, it's following me all around and has gold eyes, eeee, I'm in love. <3

  5. It was pretty cool to see all the characters, especially all those dragons! But what about the Green that wanted his ham! I had it with me all along. Poor dragon never got his ham, I feel so sad. xd.png


    Thanks for everyone that worked on this game! I had a blast playing it and I liked the credits paintings. <3

  6. Whoooa, these are magnificent! Thank you so much, spriters!


    I had a naming pattern a few years back with "Truth" in the names, so I wanted to name one "Guarded Truth," but the name was taken... and then I remembered that I named one of my regular Guardians that years ago. So I renamed that one, and now I have the names

    Guarded Truth


    Wintry Guard

  7. Don't know why everyone is going on about 'taking advantage' and that like. This is an old fashioned pixel game, and this is what you do in them. You get lots of little quests and you do them for rewards. I remember when all we had was DOS text-based games like Adventure and Zork, and when these little pixel games came out, this was what you did. We didn't have kamakazi ninjas running around shooting uzi's, we had "go here, do this, see that, pick that up, go back here" etc.


    So please chill kids. This is what the first real computer games were like, ok?

    Well said! ^.^