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  1. Yes thank you oh so helpful persons who keeps adding my scroll to Valley Sherwood. Those eggs are sitting in a trade and I really don't want them to hatch. :|
  2. I very much doubt it. Most likely it was fogged to prevent view bombing and...what you just did which is posting the view link publicly on the forums. That really is bad form. Current bad luck: oops, forgot to influence the frill egg I picked up from the AP. Derp.
  3. I don't know, but I've had to hide my scroll again. New stuff that is about 7 hrs old has been added and I'm getting sick of the trolls.
  4. http://dragcave.net/lineage/6f5Mf Of course it was the ugly long line that alted, but it's been literal years since one has been on my scroll.
  5. Once again I find my scroll added to Valley Sherwood without my consent. I shouldn't have to hide my scroll over people who seem to think I can't take care of my scroll.
  6. No, it's someone adding it. I don't use the site at all, I exclusively use EaTW and make sure when I go to the site to uncheck the box to auto add all dragons. It opens it up and they've been black. So yep, it's someone adding my scroll and I'm not cool with it.
  7. Someone keeps adding my scroll to Valley Sherwood. :|
  8. I guess I see it that we didn't get anything really that we haven't got before in a regular update outside of the re-release of frills and old pinks. All the stuff that we got for the event were stuff that has already happened before during a site update or regular release re: sprite updates, image updates, minor site updates, etc. I guess that's just what's underwhelming to me, that this release just doesn't feel like it has any "unmph" like past DC birthday updates have is all. *shrugs*
  9. While I'm glad to see old pinks make an appearance back and of course I'm always glad to see a new release, I guess I'll be "that person" and say that I'm underwhelmed at this event. 10 years a huge milestone for any pixel site and this event feels...meh? I dunno. Maybe my mind will be changed when I see the full sprites and whatnot, but this feels less epic than I guess I wanted it to be. :|
  10. 4 got sent to the AP with a silver lunar herald. http://dragcave.net/progeny/nwq0k
  11. What Cinn said up there. Because do want. Especially that HM loyalty thing for each year. Because being able to go back and add some CB holidays (Yuuules) to what I've missed and having the option to add on CB alt blacks on top of it is appealing. Very appealing.
  12. Welp I know at least one I'm doing and hoarding for myself.
  13. 3 of each for me for right now. Not giving up this silver tinsel for anything.
  14. It really depends on the person and the rarity of the line. Rare/uncommon lines are worth a bit more, although it's hard to pin down exactly what to be honest. Holly checkers are hard to trade because of the breeding nature of hollies and the possibility of never finding a mate. Someone like me, who collects holly lines, would pay anything from CB commons to a 2G metal for the right line.
  15. Just something that's being tossed around on the forums. I'm all for it if it gets CB hollies back onto the site; there's too few breeding to meet demand.
  16. Oh yes. All test breeding done, two years from now and the lineage will be complete. Cause I don't think I can take it to 6G. Don't fall in love with hollies and be like me kids, you'll end up a very silly person.
  17. Excluding holidays, 27 overall. 5 tinsels, 22 tinselkins.
  18. So I thought I'd switch up a mate since I've gotten nothing but fails from it. Nope. Utter refusal. *grumbles*
  19. Hope they don't refuse! Now to find one more non Thuwed holly x winter line for this one!
  20. Honestly I just park my butt in the AP for a good long while and click stuff. And luck. Lots of luck.
  21. http://dragcave.net/lineage/Tb6us Trades make me happy.