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  1. My first rare was a gold named The Midas Touch 2. I didn't catch a CB metallic until August of this year (a silver) and another CB silver in November. I've never caught a CB gold.
  2. Males: Little Vampire Thuwed Interview with the Vampire My Best Friend Is a Vampire Christopher Lee In the Grip of the Vampire Vampires Rising From the Grave Rudolph the Rednosed Vampire Once Was a Shiny (frozen) Female: Dracula Has Risen From The Grave Sparkface Happypants The Monster Squad Nightmare Before Christmas (frozen)
  3. I remember when I first joined and the AP was completely empty. I used to plan to be in the AP around noon EST because that's when all the good eggs showed up. Of course I was a n00b and knew nothing of trades, so I'm sure I grabbed a few. But I think I leapt for joy the first time I caught a paper and it was the only egg there.
  4. Augh I'm locked to high heaven or I'd very much take you up on the whitexsilver. Perhaps a future breeding?
  5. I was watching A Christmas Story and ended up naming a female silver A Pink Nightmare.
  6. I picked up a summer egg off the AP with the code dong (messed caps) and couldn't think of an appropriate name for a long time. Then it came to me: What's Happening Hot Stuff.
  7. I named my new white Dorkface I Am A Dorkface.