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  1. Yay, colored right! http://dragcave.net/lineage/pgIWx
  2. hmmm... http://www.allureofnds.net/NDER/Lineage.ph...en=3&mate=bJRY7 haven't tried it yet though, too afraid of the "R" word
  3. For me refusals are (and have been for a good while) so bad that I am now trying to make a point of getting two of each holiday mate I need.
  4. I don't know that people 'like' it although I guess some people like a good challenge. I'm not really one of them and don't work much with nebs or gems for that reason. I also don't pick up a lot of 2g blacks, or undines, or vines hoping they'll alt either. But a lot of people do like doing just that. However, would I pick up cb whatevers and wait a couple of days to see if they hatch as a rare, a cb hybrid, oh yeah I would. I'm not really seeing a downside to that because if you pick up a white egg expecting a white and a few days later what you have is a soulpeace it really won't be that difficult to get a white. I keep comparing the hybrids to alts because it's exactly the same process people go through now to get a black alt or a purple neb. Sure it's not easy, it means waiting to see if you get one and you are taking a chance, but for a rare? Why not?
  5. Oh, no, I didn't mean to imply any sort of earning points for decorating, etc. Just that when people talk about making the games 'worth' earning points I would like them to remember that many of our players face challenges that make it difficult for them to compete with others. Whether those challenges are because they are young, or have vision problems, arthritis or what have you. So rather than saying you need to do 'well' at something, in comparison to other players, I would prefer to see something along the lines of 'complete this puzzle or these challenges in your own time and earn points for each step completed', or something along those lines. I just want it to be something everyone feels like they have a chance to do well rather than feeling like they can't compete with faster, or older, or better coordinated players. speaking of which I can't seem to get my fingers and my mind on the same page today, ugh
  6. Unfortunately your bred eggs aren't all that valuable. You might luck across someone doing an avatar lineage that might make a decent trade, but chances are slim. To get metals for other cb's really depends on what's being offered, maybe several spessartines/almandines, a handful of xenos or coppers, thirty or so common/uncommon hatchies from somebody looking to collect for scroll goals? It kind of comes down to who's offering and what they are looking for and it can vary quite a bit from player to player and even from day to day for the same players, depending on what their needs are at the moment. It's just difficult to pin down and say this = that when it comes to the really rare stuff, unless you're trading a rare for another rare
  7. So there are two separate reasons then? Some don't like the idea simply because they don't want a hybrid coming from a non- hybrid eggshell? And others don't like it because they might need to wait a few days to find out whether it truly is a hybrid (even though they already have to wait to find out if others eggs truly are an alt, whether that alt is black, undine, purple neb or whatever?) They don't like that function as it already exist and don't want to see more dragons like that?
  8. Filled up a members pm box with deleted messages because I am a doof who can't see what I'm doing, and now can't send them dragons.
  9. If you are going to require skills and ability I urge people to think about the results of the Christmas decorating contest and remember that we have a lot of players who maybe haven't mastered a lot of skills yet. ( not including the trees that got messed up, just the ones where kids piled on every decoration is any random order)
  10. Is confused. Am I missing something or are people saying they are ok waiting for eggs to hatch too see if their black/vine/undines are going to be alts, but not willing to wait to see if their white/purple/whatever eggs hatch into cb hybrids? I'm not really seeing enough of a difference in the mechanism to see why people are ok waiting for cb and /or bred alts to reveal themselves but not cb hybrids?
  11. I'd be seriously tempted to change the name to something other than patience
  12. faux prizefail checker.... but wait-a-minute, there's something different... ohhh! http://dragcave.net/lineage/nnxIj thank you anon
  13. I totally get that I traded for this http://dragcave.net/lineage/Welie as a mate for this http://dragcave.net/lineage/y3ylE and didn't realize until after the holiday was over that it was the wrong one
  14. Whaaa... you mean that's not a game feature meant to add more challenge to the game?
  15. Nice find and pretty special. There are a couple players who collect them. Like lilysally http://dragcave.net/lineage/ELdSy
  16. Sorry, wasn't trying to cherry pick. I guess I just don't get the objection because the not knowing is already a 'thing' when it comes to 2g alts, cb gems and nebs, and while it's annoying it doesn't seem to have hurt their popularity. People purposely grab 2gs from the AP and raise them hoping for alts, so as a way of encouraging people to grab and raise cb eggs I think dropping cb hybrids would work brilliantly. Would I start grabbing whites and daydreams from the cave on the off chance one of them might turn into a cb soulpeace? Heck yeahs! But again this is a thing that already happens to some extent, people 'waste' time with the miscolored nebs, 2g blacks and such, hoping for alts and tossing them when they don't get them. And I don't really think people would 'expect' them to be rare, no more than they 'expect' that 2g to alt. It's just a hope. Would I be annoyed if I were looking for a white and got a soulpeace instead, maybe, but I bet the AP or the trade threads would be a great place to look for those same cb whites. I mean I see a lot of 2g black hatchies going through the AP and the departures threads when they don't alt. I guess I just don't see it as anything so very different than what already happens to some dragons. We would just be expanding the possibilities to more types of dragons than the handful that alraedy do something similar Which if you already don't like that function I totally get why you would be opposed to the idea.
  17. With a bit of luck and dragon cooperation this is a project I'll be able to pull together thsi year (hoping to get a 'dead' or 'dies' code to go in there too, at some point) bANGr/ 0cGUN isLYK/ ohNos hAVEA/ fB0DY zmHOW/ sAd75 ThUg2/ e1USV 1HAsa/ apErP OFFaT/ JAILl rLSux/ PPbbt
  18. I like the way you think, but it would be my luck my computer would crash just as it started, lol
  19. Hmmm, I don't see it as any different than how 2g alts work. When you pick up that vine or undine you get the same description as the parent and you don't know until it hatches what you truly have and whether or not it's going to fit your plans. And if they are rare I doubt anyone would have trouble trading it for whatever less rare thing they were hoping for. It might be annoying at times, but I think a minor annoyance no worse than having your pb black turn into an alt.
  20. Because I can't think of a better criteria, I mean we already do that for trophy level. And even being highly selective you are likely have either/or if you care enough about the game to do more than just run by sporadically. And I do understand about selective, my kid only wants two adults of the dragons she does collect, so she's been playing for 7 years and just got her gold trophy not all that long ago, right before Christmas I think. I think it sounds just as self serving to suggest that new players are immediately entitled to have everything that other players have. I don't know, to me it's kind of like saying player A should be able to have 3000 dragons on their scroll just because player B has that many, never mind that A is new and B has spent years collecting. It doesn't mean that player A can't eventually have that many, it just means they need to put the time/effort in and work for it. If I get four dragon this year and you get two, the next year I'll have six, you'll have four and the newer player will have two, I don't see how that is unfair? Number of prizes/metal/etc are based on luck/computer speed, whatever, unlike number of years or number of dragons, anybody can do those, so not quite the same.
  21. Like the disguise idea, neat solution. But not so crazy about the idea of something picked up in cave not being tradeable. Not everyone is into hybrids, cares about lineages or may not even realize what they have if they don't participate in the forums. So those CB's may or may not get bred, not to mention it seems wrong that if someone grabs something they personally don't have much use for that they can't trade it away for something they want more. it's not like being a prize winner where you can choose what you get or turn it down ahead of time. Plus I'm for CB hybrids for several reasons. One is because I'd love to get my hands on one myself. Two, because I do feel for the HM hybrid winners, all two of them trying to breed their cbs into the population of DC must get overwhelming. Plus kinda wondering what happens when/ if they retire thier cb hybrids altogether, what effect will that have on the value of their 2gs? Does it get crazy like the 2g prize and holly trades?
  22. I think it depends somewhat on the lineage, with newer or uncommon pairings worth more than older lines. I am surprised you got no offers though. I will say sometimes i don't offer on 'best offer' trades because I tend to to think that the player probably wants more, or better, than what I have to trade. Sometimes I think wording it like -"six cb hatchies or best offer"- is easier because then I might think well I have 5 hatchies so I'll try my luck... or whatever.
  23. magi would like to know who takes it plz
  24. More of an uncommon than a true rare. You should be able to get an unbreedable, other uncommons like tan ridgewing/red dorsal, maybe a trio swap although thunders used to be, and maybe still are, the easiest of the trios to catch (so the least valuable). Blusangs and some of the xenos and coppers are getting easier to catch too, so you might be able to trade for one of those.