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  1. I would have never thought of that pairing but it makes the green really pop on the garland, nice!
  2. Some of these are so creative. Mine is focused more on being colorful, lol.
  3. Have 2g wrapping wing thuwed Want different 2g thuwed ~ I already have one of these from last year. can add an IOU for 2g shimmer for really good offers Please message, or I will be putting atrade link up when I getr back from my family stuff. Thx
  4. WooHoo, love the improvements to the game! Thanks for the hard work.
  5. went out of town and forgot to influence, anyone want a misgendered holly? https://dragcave.net/teleport/72374991a1516354dcbecb9e4ad5c28d
  6. Ah, thank you, I had clicked on them and they hadn't done anything, but playing with them they do have the destroy option when I click them just right. Thank you very much, sorry for the confusion.
  7. I have nothing to build or battle with, no snowballs. When I choose the battle option everything is grayed out. I can get into build mode but have nothing to build or edit with. Am I missing something, I thought that I would get new resources after placing the cannon last night, but that hasn't happened.
  8. I have tried clearing cache, hard refresh, restarting my computer, nothing changes. I managed to place one snow cannon but have not been able to do anything else since then. I have no resources to build or battle with. Any ideas?
  9. Thanks Fuzz, I finally got it to go away by clearing the cache and refreshing the error page instead of refreshing my scroll.
  10. I just picked up 4 eggs from the cave just as it went down for maintenance. The eggs are on my scroll but I can't perform any actions or view them. I get "An error has occurred" with a tiny tombstone on the cave maintenance background. Anyone else experience this? Any suggestions? What do you see if you try to find this egg? zlufV
  11. Can breed a 3g C'mas thuwed for you, your choice http://www.allureofnds.net/NDER/Lineage.php?dcode=hoqXP&gen=4&mate=JbAp6 http://www.allureofnds.net/NDER/Lineage.php?dcode=vimuv&gen=4&mate=T0y1R Want 2g spriter alt from any alt 2016 or 2017,I don't care for enraged aegis though. If you can offer multiples I can breed both thuweds together for a pure thuwed line. Please PM. I am moving this weekend so replies may be sporadic.
  12. first time raffle entry and I actually won! SHOCKED!!!
  13. I thought they couldn't get sick, or is it just that they won't die from being sick?
  14. messy thuwed with a unique code in the lineage send a dummy if you have a sense of humor and would enjoy this egg Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  15. I agree totally. I simply don't like the new style, the aesthetic does not appeal to me at all. I prefer the lineage to look like an actual portrait if you will, a snapshot of the dragon's lineage that is artistically pleasing to my eye. In my case I prefer form over function. While I guess it's interesting to know how many gens there are at t a glance that's not the reason I LOOK at lineages. I feel like this has been done to my lineages, and while it's interesting and not unattractive, it's not what I intended or wanted in creating lineages -> http://theinspirationgrid.com/wp-content/u.../03/634-art.jpg
  16. http://dragcave.net/view/Oa8ln
  17. OTOH if I were looking for 3g prizes and didn't have many I would probably do it. Those are fairly easy to find in the AP and with incubate they don't take too long to hatch, as long as you're looking for any mix of those.
  18. My holiday 2g from cb hybrids, 2g from spriter alts and maybe my 2g commons from hollies, I think they are pretty special
  19. Hmmm, maybe it's just my imagination but I thought I would ask if anyone else noticed a difference in their background color when they got the new layout? I have the 1960's skin and I just got the update. Just after I got it I was looking at a lineage that had Fiona's shadow walkers in it and I thought she had tweaked the color of her sprite, but then I noticed some eggs in the AP had a slightly different shade to them too. The colors seem a little less 'pinkinsh' I guess? (To me Fiona's SW look more of a true gray now without the slightly brownish tone I think they used to have) So has anyone else noticed such a thing, or is it time for me to have my eyes checked again?
  20. AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuggghhh......gggghhhhhhh! I feel better now
  21. Depends a lot on the trader. If they are taking pms on the offer your best bet is to communicate with them and offer what you feel comfortable with, keeping in mind the possibility of adding more if they feel your offer is too low. I usually will offer four whatevers on the link if their is one and them message them to let them know I'm prepared to add more. Some players are happy with four eggs/hatchies asap, and others prefer to go with an IOU for a larger amount. For a cb blusang I'd probably offer a m/f pair of hatchies of each type if you really want the blusang.
  22. Nice find. A lot of people use pebbles/earth dragons to make a faux checker with frills, but if you want other ideas I think this is the thread you are looking for https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=114407
  23. Nostalgic, a bit sad and wistful Watching his purpleness in his movie, RIP
  24. I've had these two for a while and I find the color combos harsh to my eyes http://dragcave.net/lineage/BDS12 http://dragcave.net/lineage/hR6Zi yellow crown x colossus would also be cringe worthy IMO