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  1. Right, but I forgot I used influence (so much trading and catching and using BSA this week!) and relied on the precog to tell me the gender. Brain fart, what can I say, but leaves the recipient with an egg that may or may not be the gender they were looking for and they are out of influences. I rarely use the precog since I never, ever run out of pinks, I wasn't sure how it worked with influence. Learned a new thing and may owe someone a  correctly gendered hatchie, it's all good.

  2. Oh dear, well fingers crossed then. Sent a message to that player with an offer to trade back a properly gendered hatchie if necessary. Thanks for the answers! 

  3. Asking because I traded someone an egg I forgot I had influenced. I am hoping that it was going to be the right gender anyway. I'll have to make it right with the player I traded with.

    Thank you for the offer to bounce though.

  4. Precog question. 

    If I precog an egg I already influenced does it only show me what I influenced for, or does it still read the 'natural' gender, without taking the influence into account?

  5. Someone has a trade up for a hatchie that has 7d 20 hr, how is that possible? Is it a glitch or maybe something to do with incubate or some other bsa?

  6. error

    Try clearing your cache and try again. I'm getting some severe lag, and the hatcheries aren't loading too well right now either so something's up.

  7. 1 hour ago, Moonbeam22 said:

    As someone who joined this game in 2011 and has recently been consistently active... are Thuweds still sought after/rare? I have several on my scroll, and I was curious if they're rarer or easier to obtain compared to 2011-2013 or does anyone still care about them? Lol. I have some really nice lineages I could breed if anyone is after one

    Certain people are still willing to trade 2g from spriter alts and 2g prizes for the thuweds they need for their collections. If you go to the trade link on your scroll and filter for thuweds right now it should give you a rough idea or their worth.. 

  8. On 3/6/2020 at 8:14 PM, pinkgothic said:

    Oh gosh yes. XD @Tawanda001, might you add purplehaze to replica's backlog for reds? ❤️ (I think other than that only Tinibree is still 'on the list' for reds, and indeed should get precedence; but someone please thwap me if I've forgotten someone.)

    got  a gray, will try again next week