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  1. I have not had much practice with Azir yet, my friends all want to play him too so we try to take turns (I rarely solo queue) but what little time I have played him he has been mega fun. Ranged characters up top are entertaining, nothing like harassing a Renekton as Quinn
  2. Glad to see another orange dragon.
  3. I am pretty sure I know what OMG means and there is no internet rule that says it should be in all caps, but thanks anyway. I almost always use "Omg".
  4. Is it really necessary to type in all caps at all? When you are excited in real life sometimes the volume of your voice slips louder than normal without you meaning to, but typing in caps is a conscious decision by pressing the Shift key. I don't see why a person can't just say "Omg I caught a CB gold just now!" instead of "OMG I CAUGHT A CB GOLD JUST NOW!" It still implies excitement over an event without acting like you're back on AOL ten years ago.
  5. Change is easily the best one. I'm so happy.
  6. Would anyone be willing to help me? I would like to transfer a Blazikenite to my game when I restart it but Pokebank doesn't accept items. If someone would be able to do this for me I can give them a 5IV Pokemon (got several that I am not bother to transfer) as well as any item they want. I have all of the megastones and Masterball still, only thing I don't have is Leftovers. If you can do this shoot me a PM so we can swap FCs Or I might have you already added.
  7. I like this idea but not for the proposed reason. This way clicks and views can be shared between people without the use or off-site hatcheries. I would be more willing to click someone's dragons who viewed my scroll than just some random people off the forums or off a hatchery.
  8. I do not approve, because it has the very real potential to be nothing but one big popularity plug.
  9. Haha, I apologize on behalf of my kind. Every belief has their idiots.
  10. I am a full blown carnivore who is dating a dedicated vegetarian. He really does not care when I eat meat and aside from harmless, playful teasing on both sides ("Wouldn't you rather have this fried squash instead?" "Wouldn't you rather have this big juicy steak"?") there is no pressure or drama from either side. I will admit to eating more tofu and various "prey food" than I would like but I also get plenty of opportunity to feed my inner dragon. I have not met face to face with any obnoxious vegetarian but I have seen comments and rants from many, and frankly the lengths that some veggies will go to push their beliefs on other people and even their own pets (I'm sorry but a strictly vegetarian diet is not healthy for dogs and cats) sets a negative precedence for the rest of them. But if my boyfriend and half of his family are any proof, there are some cool ones out there.
  11. Why is it so hard to just have them available all day?
  12. 2g Magi dragons from all the Prizes... and for the Magician Magi sprite from Halloween to be in cave.
  13. A few people have gotten me into Spiral Knights. I used to play Ragnarok Online and Trickster so this game is kinda nostalgic for me, and I enjoy it.
  14. Got a skin through Mystery Gift that I really wanted, and when I gifted back to the person, they got one they really wanted too. Good luck all around
  15. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: Flamingo
  16. Can't tell you how relieved I am that they do NOT have dimorphism. I was getting sick of that x_x
  17. Hmm on second thought, yeah I'll trade you two 3IV Gibles for both of those, since I have so many. Also if you are still wanting a Noibat I can give you one of those too. I will add your FC, and you can find mine on the first page of the wishlist thread
  18. Thanks for the offer, but I would not use any of the Nuzleaf evolutions in my team.. and a 3IV for a 4-5 IV? o.O
  19. So I finally hatched my IV'd Gible, and thought I'd ask if anyone here wanted any Gibles that have 3-4 IVs? I don't expect anything for them other than trade fodder (I like Goomies/Sliggoos so I can put Pokerus on them). There are several 3 IVs (box and a half), but only half a box with 4 IVs. I also have a couple extra 5 IV Gibles that I am looking to trade for other certain 5 IV Pokemon. Not sure what I'm looking for in exchange but I'll know it when I see it. (One thing I am looking for is a 5 IV Noibat) Edit: I should mention that they are all of Jolly nature and have Sand Veil.
  20. I am extremely arachnophobic (as in, I freeze, panic and hyperventilate at the sight of spiders) but I understand that these are pixels and they cannot hurt me.
  21. Just caught a shiny Sliggoo with Modest nature, 3 perfect IVs and 3 near perfect IVs in a friend safari. I can scarcely contain my glee
  22. >_> Say goodbye to your free time
  23. Is anyone not using their Destiny Knot item? I sold mine for cash some time ago but now I want one, and I just can't find that girl in Lumiose City that gives you one when you beat her (Beauty Aimee, she doesn't appear for me where she is supposed to).
  24. Thanks! Masuda, I heard there was a bigger chance that way. plus I just like breeding and hatching eggs for some reason. I feel like a mommy when it hatches
  25. Congrats! My hunt for a shiny Noibat continues.