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flamingodance.gif group.pngAre you looking for a specific 3g checker using Magi? I might have it, PM me to find out!

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    Nice Lineages I Can Breed

    Various 3g checkers with Magi
    3g male Greenwing x female Daydream checker
    5g male Dark Myst x female Crimson Flare checker
    4g PB Golden Wyvern
    4g PB Magi
    3g male Thunder x female Electric checker
    3g PB Swallowtail
    6g PB BBW stairstep (male CBs)
    3g 09 Valentine x White checker
    6g PB Shallow Water
    4g PB Geode
    3g PB UV
    3g Mint x Yulebuck checker
    3g White Stripe x Yulebuck checker
    13g PB Magi stair

    Will breed any of the completed pairs by request.

    4% of teens would "stand up for God". If you grew out of your imaginary friends, put this in your profile.