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  1. Archdeacon Frollo, my Hellfire Wyvern with the perfectly ironic code GoVow I couldn't be happier with my twisted priest as I belt "Hellfire" to my heart's content =D tEAL, the Black dragon fAquu the Lumina POOPd the Daydream 4Navi the Khusa u0uHi the Harvest NPC91 the Siyat TEn06 the Purple dOggS the Carina RlPcz the vamp 1sJam the Black Truffle mBUU3 the purple lotrC the Ash BunWu the celestial CtHOT the Pipio FaRkd the Hellfire HITmm the Cobalt aUFAN the Aria oFmyB the Mint Just to name a few lol
  2. I have a public trade posted, but I wanted to post here and maybe get some more publicity, since its at about 5 days, 1 hour until grow up. Red is the last color I need to complete my set of CB nebs, and hopefully someone needs a blue. I would prefer to directly swap colors, but will also accept a CB egg that has time to influence. Thanks!
  3. I received a gift via TGT Gift report: Imzadi83 -> bloodyvalor Nebula Hatchie Am I on that list? No Do I need/wish to be removed? No How was the gift offered? In the thread on page 34
  4. 2g Chrono Xeno from Chrono x Aeon. Powercouple of Time. Claim my egg.
  5. That's good news. I thought it was some crazy weird glitch, haha.
  6. Yesterday, I bred my Red Zyumorph here with this Caligene here. They produced a red Zyumorph egg with the code . I dropped the egg into a Teleport and stuck the link in the Giving Tree, and when I came back home, the egg has completely vanished. It's not even listed in the "children" under the dragons it was bred to. The only proof I have now that this egg ever existed is in a screenshot. (Removed to hide code to growing egg) What happened? If someone picked it up and killed it, wouldn't it still be listed for two weeks?
  7. Red Zyumorph from Zyu x Caligene. Claim my egg! 2g purebred Aeon. Claim my egg!
  8. Thalassa Xeno egg from my personal breeding project. Thalassa x Caligene from every biome. The end result of my Thalassa Lineage project. Lineage Claim my egg!
  9. Claim my egg! Long lineage Thalassa Xeno x Caligene from every Biome.