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  1. Don't black marrows have a smell to them? *rereads breed description* "Despite their dreadful demeanour and often horrid stench, Black Marrows are devoted mates and parents." A filtered mask to help mitigate the stench? (It was mostly in jest anyhow) --- Accept: This makes me want to speak German or French to your dragon! Accept: Very nice! ~D Accept: Accept: I'm sure she'd love that! Accept: Accept: Very nice! ~c340 Accept: Haha, nice. ~D Glad someone got a laugh out of it!
  2. Just found that one of my Christmas dragon's offspring was named after the (so far only) named parent (which isn't the Christmas dragon). Mine was named for the code "epZD7" which got turned into Epzee Deisen. Looks like the name was liked as her offspring got named Deisen Magic Zam 2 And I did my part for such thing for another's pair recently; I hope Vaprrenon is tickled to find out what I named that horse dragon from her pair I found in the AP...
  3. Support bump! Love the idea of it being one of the filters too. I'm partial to this indicator,✎ But this ✍, which seems to be popular, works quite nice!
  4. Oh thank you, there's a place to check this stuff! I've been hesitant to name this pumpkin dragon for her code as "Vojay the [i haven't decided on this part yet]"... Is it too close to something inappropriate and my hesitance has been for good reason? Or have I just imagining things and should feel free to name her?
  5. User Comments Accept: awesome Accept: Accept: Accept: Accept: Accept: (Hehe, this dragon's code's in his name. I thought it looked like "Do it now!" so I made a description with that inspiration) User Comments Accept: Lovely job! :3 Accept: Accept: Accept: Accept: Cool. - Accept: Accept: Accept: More positive comments! A many thanks to those who actually write something on the accepts, it cheers me to know that you enjoyed reading enough to actually write something in response, even if it's simple! A little goes a long way.
  6. User Comments Accept: Accept: Accept: Accept: This reminded me of the Australian guy who discovers more new stars then computers have Accept: Accept: Accept: Ooh! I do not know of that person. Now my curiosity has been piqued, must find info... User Comments Accept: Accept: Well, she's the nicest vamp I've seen today. Accept: Accept: Finally, a good one. Accept: Accept: Heh, I've already described the meaner ones of mine Also, a good vamp, or a good description? Or both? User Comments Accept: Accept: Accept: Accept: Ooh catmint! Bet he's popular with the felines. Reject: Short Accept: Accept: Accept: ...What's wrong with short? If the dragon can be described adequately or effectively in few words, where's the problem? I've dragons with much shorter ones, and seen some great, elegant yet short descriptions produced by others as well.
  7. User Comments Accept: Accept: Accept: Ooh catmint! Bet he's popular with the felines. Accept: Accept: Accept: Indeed! I did think of that, but didn't really find a way to incorporate it in a manner with which I was pleased. (And thanks to whomever corrected my spelling on the name from the first iteration, that's what happens when I retype the name rather than copy/paste.)
  8. I feel so honored to find that Klytos name was carried on for not just the child of a pair of mine, but for 4 more generations! And then there's this dragon from the same pair of mine, adding to that. Many thanks to the owner(s) and glad you liked the name!
  9. You mean like this? I'd be glad to breed ya one. (Assuming you're still wanting it. heh...been a while since you posted.)
  10. @libby2999: I would suggest posting in the description proofreading thread to help iron that out. This thread is more for comments received on the descriptions. And yes, there may be a feature implemented later on that helps us keep track of which dragons have descriptions. I lose track as well!
  11. This could have gone in the Naming, after parents thread, but... ...content makes me think it belongs here. The name says it all... I found an egg I bred while looking through my dragons that someone else picked up, raised, and named... This egg was bred on the equinox, following the same pattern of breeding I've been going with for the grandmother, Last Winter Girl (inspired by her now-unnamed mother, Last Spring Girl), and the subsequent generations. So a name could have come from there. On the other side of the lineage, I've got another small pattern flowing: Loamcrawler to Leosscreeper, both names starting with a form of dirt, befitting a dark green, grassy dragon. Likewise, a nice source for a name. So what did they name this offspring? I REFUSE TO NAME U PROPERLY I don't know whether to laugh or be mildly insulted. *awkward chuckle*
  12. User Comments * Accept: * Accept: * Accept: * Accept: * Accept: this dragon is kinda ugly. Uhm, 'kay? I didn't say anything about her physical description.... User Comments * Accept: * Accept: Lovely --SF * Accept: * Accept: * Reject: Whythankyou!
  13. I just bumped into this beauty, and this lovely continuation from the same pair of mine. I own both Aadonis Vyrifson and Perdita Klytos, (and Perdita's parents). Awesome to see the names being continued down, and I'll be even more glad when Perdita's description gets approved so that the reason behind her name can be seen. whee! *happydance* Also: a descendant of one of my dragons is in an even-gen Dorkface lineage? wows. Amazing, I say!
  14. Is that a good thing? It was intended to be so. I didn't know what else to make of it at the time. I made the most out of trying to read through a difficult name, and iirc, it was late at night, so humor was multiplied. On to write more descriptions for my dragons! *whooosh*
  15. * Accept: * Accept: * Accept: * Accept: * Accept: A dancing dragon? Coolest thing in my opinion! good description! I love it when people say why they accept, it makes it feel like it's so much more than "Eh, this is okay. *click*"
  16. *bump* * Accept: * Abstain: get her a mate that will stomp the bullies ad it onto your discription and THEN i will approve. Ahaha! That's great. I'll have to think about that one! It's more playful teasing than bullying...hrm, Maybe I need to make that more clear?
  17. Off the top of my head... I love the little smirk that the deep sea dragons seem to have on their faces. It's cute. Oh, and the lil' deep-sea fish lure on their heads...nice! I love the silly detail symbol on the black alt sweetlings (no, it's not a heart like the rest,) and it reminds me of this post on cakewrecks. I love how the balloon dragons look so playfully buoyant. I must say I adore the color choices for the split dragons... And the texture on the Sunsong Amphipteres is absolutely amazing. Unbelievably pulled off very well for a surely challenging breed.
  18. This sounds good, much like how the "view children" in the prodigy page gets turned into a link... So maybe if you clicked the "+" or whatever was used, it would bring you to that dragon's lineage page to follow it further back. ...on that note....why not going the other direction, with a link at the current dragon's image to hop over to the prodigy page?
  19. Oh I thought to check this before, and I was terribly amused to find that not only was a dragon unknowingly named after me, it was the same color as the avatar dragon I use online. (note user avatar here). Albeit an albino rather than a true white...but hey. Oddly all caps in the name, though. And no lineage/children... ....Why does that also work with that character's definition? Arg, creepy but cool at the same time. *holds head to keep it from exploding*
  20. What about Terrae dragon + Mint dragon?
  21. Oh hey a whole page dedicated to that? Now that's an idea. I like that option. Why didn't I think of that? Musta been trying to think of the least amount of change...but on the coding side, that might be the least change.
  22. I believe it would be beneficial to be able to tell when someone has reviewed one of my dragons' descriptions without having to hunt down into each "Describe" action looking for constructive criticism. A small notification symbol could be used for this, either on the scroll itself (only on your "/account" page), on the page for each dragon (only visible to you like the "Actions" link), or on the "Actions" page for each dragon. Ideally this would only appear if and only if a description review contains any comments. I haven't gotten a description rejected that I know of so I don't know what happens to the comments if the description is rejected, but I do know that if approved, the review comments that I haven't seen, along with those I have, disappear. If one is notified that they're there in the first place, corrections might be made sooner, and the moderator(s) might not have to sort through as many rejects. Another idea: Other possibilities: -Choose mod-only notification or user and mod -Ability to have the notification e-mailed to you, at the top of your scroll, or both
  23. Oh hey, I remember typing that. Glad it helped. I always try to offer something to help whatever description I'm reviewing. Btw, I looked the dragon up again and I like how you fixed it. Much more clear. * Accept: * Accept: sadist Heh, I guess she is a little sadistic! * Accept: * Accept: True to his breed but still sets how he is. Flows nicely as well. Hey! Thanks for pointing out the strength in the description rather than just saying how you like it. That helps me identify what I can use to strengthen other, weaker descriptions.
  24. *squee!* I just found two more! Sha Frondleaf ( Sha'nalla x Delkyr Frondleaf) and Deepsea Silverfin (after father, Deepsilver Longtail ) I don't know whose the first one is, but for the second, thanks darkfire11! Very nice!
  25. I actually honored both discontinued dragons with their offspring... I named this dragon, a cross between bright pink and frill, "Perdita Klytos." Trying for "Lost Legend" as the meaning. ...come to think of it, does anybody have a lineage going to honor these discontinued dragons? That'd be kinda neat. I wouldn't mind if someone else wanted to have one of their offspring to try making one. If anybody does pick up that idea (or already has it started) and wants an egg from those two, shoot me a PM.