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  1. Two Hollies flashed through the Shelter. I missed them.
  2. It looks like half of the christmas treat this year is catching up on previous years.
  3. Crap! I totally missed this drop, and on top of all that I'm still trying to get a Brine dragon!
  4. I caught five. Maybe I should grab a couple more. Just to be safe. Nah, I'm full...
  5. Man but that was so EASY. I've got my five eggs already!
  6. I think I must have all the treats because I'm not picking up any more.
  7. Bugger! I have college on Wednesday! Oh well, I'll just have to put up with being on late.
  8. I so badly want to be able to list my eggs as well on my scroll. It would also help me remember what eggs I've got and what they'll become.
  9. Curse all things! I just found out about this release!
  10. I found one, but I don't see any others showing up...
  11. I figure, Thuban, that the reason you are the only CB person on here is because the game isn't easy for CB people to play.
  12. I'm afraid that I don't like Armies all that much... At least not while I haven't completed my primary goal. I think what would ease up the egg circulation would be the freezing of eggs. Then we'd have a reason to pick up more commons again. Plus with the Freeze limit it wouldn't be something that would be finished overnight.
  13. We're coming up to Easter! When is a better time to release a MALE chicken? Breedable or not, now's the time for it.
  14. While I think the AP block could be shortened (possibly) the fact is that the more dragons you have, the more eggs you can pick up anyway. Fast clickers would have even more of an advantage over slow clickers and slow connections. We NEED the 5-hour-wait.
  15. The trouble is that colourblind people are still at a disadvantage. They need to remember the names of the dragons, and read them, and that all takes time.
  16. Oooh, chocolate eggs! I got two easily! And cards! Shame I don't know many people on this forum... I'll pick some random people instead.
  17. People really should pay more attention to the AP - I saw some Vampires pass through, some Goldfish eggs, and Magma eggs, as well as quite the number of eggs you don't usually see in the AP.
  18. Yeah, but there's also no frantic hurry to get them.
  19. Remember, these new eggs are permanent editions, not holiday editions. The rush isn't as frantic as you think...
  20. If you're a day or two late for releases (but not too late), the AP can be a surprisingly good place to catch your new egg if you can't make it to the Cave. And it will probably still be CB. Plus all the other eggs we haven't seen in a while pass through.
  21. I just bagged two moonlight eggs right off the AP! Now for Gold ones! (preferably)
  22. Crap! New eggs! When did I stop paying attention?!
  23. You see how a lot of the names on that list seem to have nothing to do with Piracy on the net, but they may well be owned by much larger companies which have more influence in the Senate and have a lot to gain from being able to basically shut down anybody who says a bad word against them. Various sites have paid their fines. Big fines too. Which basically should show how much revenue they bring into the economy. If you wanted to boycott the companies that support SOPA, basically you shouldn't buy anything at all. But it's a warning as to just how comercialised and privatised th