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  1. I need: to find someone who doesn't have PM

    {Thier name on dragcave is: ideunatty.

    The following message is what I am trying to get to them>> I think there was a mistake.


    ~Trade removed~


    Just offer up some random hatchling OR PM me for a oneway trade.


    Or do you want me to trade it back to you in another oneway trade?


    Thanks, I really was not trying to take advantage of a mistake.


    - Citlali erie




    I immediately tried to PM them to find that they do not receive PMs on this forum. I was really chagrined to find out that in the process of trying to respond with a trade offer, I accidentally got given the female Gaia Hatchling.


    I really do not want to take advantage (they do not have PM with this forum) so I am desperately trying to get a hold of Ideunatty to offer a proper trade or return the hatchling.}


    If you are this person, please contact me, or if you know who the person is, please reply here - thanks!

  2. Was trying to breed goldfish dragons, but got magi instead (name says it all): sucKe


    I also picked up a dragon that thinks quite a lot of itself: GoDTm

    [God of Trademarks much?]


    And this Gem I might name Blaise: PCSAL


    Has a spring cold?: ornks


    Oh really?: wlbEZ


    Guardian does not like:Yickk


    Carmine is very crazy: Cz8zy


    Rude egg: FEQuw


    Despis is not sure: LhmTk


    Dismay?: ODiNO


    or this one: nOewZ


    It left the cracker box open again: stAil


    And last but not least (I can't remember if I mentioned this one before)- A purple [heart]: WaRs1


  3. user posted image


    Unfortunately all I seem to be able to attract is an ember. I like embers well enough but that's not what I want to attract.

    How did you get such variety? All I have to choose from is magic shines (mostly mana crystals)...


    Beautiful setup you have though...