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  1. saffy2yrs

    2018-03-25 - March Dragon Release

    Woo-Hoo! I checked in at just the right time!
  2. saffy2yrs

    2016-10-25 - Halloween Contagion

    should I try to breed all my halloweens?
  3. saffy2yrs

    2016-10-25 - Halloween Contagion

    main reason to play for the Cure...so you can Identify eggs in the AP!
  4. saffy2yrs

    2015-12-19 - Holiday Event Info

    My game is doing the same thing. I tried putting up the first garland, locked the game, tried the link at the bottom of the page, hit the hard refresh, tried putting the garland on a different lamp and froze again! Any ideas?
  5. saffy2yrs

    How many oldies (5+year accounts) Are still here?

    I joined in January of 2009, just missed the Yulebucks, so here is my oldest. I also found the forums then too.
  6. saffy2yrs

    2015-01-15 - Raffle Status

    I agree 100 percent!
  7. saffy2yrs

    2014-10-25 - Halloween Event

    I love the Bouncing Spider treat! it is so cute!
  8. saffy2yrs

    2014-10-25 - Halloween Event

    from what someone else said I missed going back to the book case between graveyard dragons and did not get that item. I have finished the quest, and the house is not available to click through.
  9. saffy2yrs

    2014-10-25 - Halloween Event

    If we end up with 22, is there any way to get the 2 we missed?
  10. saffy2yrs

    2014-10-25 - Halloween Event

    Yup, re-clicked everything, saw the battle again, still only 22, I guess I will wait to see the list of items that will show at some point with credit to artists to see what I am missing.
  11. saffy2yrs

    2014-10-25 - Halloween Event

    I have clicked all the links, no dragons left in the graveyard, and I have clicked all the forward and back links that are there. I hope I didn't miss something and then can't get it later!
  12. saffy2yrs

    2014-10-25 - Halloween Event

    I can only find 22, and don't have a place to go to find more items.
  13. saffy2yrs

    2014-04-20 - Festival of Eggs

    Until I found my own, I had not realized it was a Pinecone Egg! too cool!
  14. saffy2yrs

    2014-04-06 - April Release

    Please turn on the flood! I love that the 5 minute drop had more than 3 eggs, but This is horrible!
  15. saffy2yrs

    2014-02-14 - Happy Valentine's Day

    I never thought to do that! Thanks!
  16. saffy2yrs

    2014-02-14 - Happy Valentine's Day

    I really want to keep my mushrooms, but I am not sure if the plot will still be there to look at after the event ends. Would anyone be willing to exchange mushrooms with me? I currently have a mature purple, and a green that should grow up today.
  17. saffy2yrs

    2013-10-25 - Halloween Carnival

    They can show up on any Dragon cave page, but they show up 9-13 minutes apart.
  18. saffy2yrs

    2013-10-25 - Halloween Carnival

    Is it Possible to pick up treats on an Android device?
  19. saffy2yrs

    Halloween/13 Planning, Speculation, and Discussion

    What Halloween dragons are you hunting for this year, if you are? Just hunting the new ones What are you planning on breeding your Halloween dragons with? What lineages are they? I will be breeding mostly PB pairs, but I have a shadow walker/marrow pair to try and 2 unmatched dragons that I need ideas on what to pair with a shadow walker and a cave lurker Are you planning on gifting, trading, or dumping your bred Halloween eggs in the AP? I just breed to the AP to make others happy Planning on any vampire biting? I bite enough during the year I will not mess with it this year Are you going to make any zombies? If I remember to get zombie fodder I might, since I do not have any yet. What do you think this year’s dragon’s theme will be? What are you hoping to see in it? I enjoy all the themes, so whatever shows will be good! What are you hoping for event wise? Think you'll collect all the treats for the trick-or-treat? I have enjoyed the events even though I could not complete them without help from the boards. I love the trick or treat part, and so far have been able to collect them all each year. Edited to change fonts to make it easier to read
  20. saffy2yrs

    2013-05-23 - DC's 7th Birthday - Day 2

    luckily I like Identifying my dragons so I now have 'Johnlock CB' as a name
  21. saffy2yrs

    2013-05-23 - DC's 7th Birthday - Day 2

    I don't care about gender, after reading the descriptions I tried to name one Sherlock, but it was taken. so Johnlock and Mystrade it its!
  22. saffy2yrs

    2013-05-26 - DC's 7th Birthday - Day 5

    Boo to no flood! yay to accidental horse dragon click.
  23. saffy2yrs

    The Allure of Neglected Dragons

    They were in the Hatchling section at 7 days. I know of at least two by code after I posted here, since I opened their link in a new window.
  24. saffy2yrs

    The Allure of Neglected Dragons

    When giving views, please check to make sure the hatchlings in the ER should be there. Somehow I saw and removed 3 or 4 just now that had 7 days left before growing up. I only thought to look because I saw a couple of black caps and wanted to see how that worked! I do not know how people got around the filters, but keep an eye out please!