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  1. How cool! I'd assume it has to do with this : https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=171173&st=0 ?
  2. Katzyn

    Final Fantasy

    I can't wait to play XV soon! It's waiting for me at my new home...I'm a semi-regular player of XIV though, so that's holding me over for now.
  3. Isn't it? Love that game <3 I'm playing Rimworld now! Enjoying it so far!
  4. Thank you! I've only had one blue, so far, so this makes me happy
  5. I think I may have posted in this thread ages ago...but I still have cockatiels <3 Used to have betta fish and crested geckos and panther geckos, but not anymore. I would really love to get some geckos, but I'm moving soon and wouldn't be able to take them (I'm having to leave my birds with my family, but that's good because my family would miss them anyway AND it would stress them, I would think, to move them away from the only home they've known). I hope to get another tiel when I settle in, and maybe see what kinds of geckos I might be able to acquire in Australia.
  6. I could see myself being much like my avatar - a white dragon with kittens...soooo many kittens. Maybe books, too.
  7. I'm moving to Australia soon and have joined a couple of Birding Facebook pages, so I am SO excited to get out there and see some birds! It'll definitely just be a casual hobby, but I would love to get a good camera to photograph them with.
  8. Katzyn

    2014-05-03 - May Release

    Got one of each and I am happy! TY to TJ and spriters/concept people! You folks are fabulous <3
  9. I love that original couple! I have two dragons from them, lol.
  10. Amazing Day/Night Glory. http://dragcave.net/lineage/T6V6J I need name suggestions LOL
  11. As Sonata and Astras headed out of the village gates, they heard another roar, and in the distance, saw Drago rising from where he'd crashed. "Drago!" Sonata called out, unsure if he could hear her from so far away. "Oh, I hope he's okay..." she said softly, only Astras around to hear her soft prayer.
  12. http://dragcave.net/lineage/9wmYN White and Heartseeker...*drool* <3 http://dragcave.net/lineage/ap3gY This stripe-only line is pretty too <3
  13. ((Meh, I'll just continue without Enya then =<)) Sonata had asked Enya what she thought they should do, but when she turned the look for the Mage, she was no longer there. "...Enya?" she whispered, then shook her head. "Drago needs us. We have to go to him!" Swiftly, she reached down, scooped up Astras, and took off running in the direction Drago had flown off before. As she ran, she was concerned that she wasn't going the right way; he could have turned off his path and crashed elsewhere, but hopefully as she ran, she would hear something to lead her along the way...
  14. Definitely a good episode to come back to <3 Loved Arya's happy little smile at the end LOL
  15. One more hour to go, WOO!
  16. Katzyn


    Grats on shinies! Now that I have failed the SWSH, I've back to hunting for my shiny Purrloin, lol.
  17. I got one of each and I am happy now. Thanks again, TJ and spriters!
  18. Next season starts tonight! Who's excited?! MEMEMEMEMEME
  19. Yeah, I can't wait to see how the group will get out of this mess...and I hope we see where Beth is and how she is doing =( And I really want to see what happens when Carol and Tyreese (and you know who) meet up with Rick and Carl.
  20. Got a jungle egg =) Thanks for the different time for drop, and thank you for sacrificing some sleep for us! <3
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    I think it's safe to assume I'll not be getting a shiny this month T_T
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    This is just my first for the SWSH =/ Sucks.
  23. Katzyn


    I'm going for Barboach, lol.
  24. Katzyn


    I know your pain; I'm on 342-347 atm. =_=
  25. Even from her place in the town square, Sonata could hear Drago's roar, and turned toward the terrible sound. "Drago...? she whispered, not knowing if she should try to run to him. He sounded quite far away...and now that the roar was over, she wasn't quite sure which direction to look. "I'll try to see if I can spot him from the air, Sonata," Astras said hurriedly, and Sonata nodded in agreement. "Gimme a boost?" She blinked at him for a moment, then it dawned on her. "Oh, alright." She leaned down, picked him up, thinking, Man, he's getting heavy..., and then tossed him straight up as high as she could, and he flapped his growing wings as furiously as possible, gaining some height. As he came down, he glided in a small circle, landing gently on the ground. "I couldn't see him," Astras said sadly in response to Sonata's questioning stare. "I either couldn't get high enough, or he's too far away." Sonata slumped slightly, and looked over at Enya. "What do we do...?"