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  1. Another Alt x grave added to my collection Yay http://dragcave.net/lineage/122Ji
  2. I filled my scroll with 2nd gen Blacks x F Graves *fingers-crossed* for at least a few alting I know I have months before Halloween to prepare but I just love alts. I also bred a bunch of PB stripes ranging in gen and released them to the AP, along with Shimmers and Shimmerkins so good luck to those AP hunting for shinnies
  3. 2 of 7 is better than 0 of 7 http://dragcave.net/lineage/tpw1z http://dragcave.net/lineage/IT5Bn
  4. I love your Solstice's code. Congrats
  5. Caught this a few minutes ago so Pretty!
  6. http://www.coup-detat.info/NDER/Lineage.ph...en=2&mate=iQ9uF So excited to be able to breed this for every Christmas and Valentine after this!!!!
  7. Oh I re-abandoned that one so happy you caught it. Finally after catching about 10 Heartseekers I finally find one that is mated to a white Oh and the only 09 I have caught was 2nd gen, plus I bred some so they are out there good luck hunting for them
  8. That's awesome congrats very pretty
  9. Best Night I've had in weeks first got to facetime with the boy now THIS!! not as good but hes cute too http://dragcave.net/lineage/POXr3
  10. Yay must start planning. Need all the heart seekers x whites oh and I get a special heart seeker so excited omg ekk! most sleep then plan
  11. Just traded for a much need CB brown copper making my horrible week a little better. Thanks again for such a generous trade (you know who you are )
  12. Hey guys, I've decided instead of trading all alts and gifting all regular blacks for both Marshmallow and Shadow's that I will stick with trading Marshmallow Alts but gifting Shadows as eggs so you guys can play the alt lotto and not having to do trades for those who want to do Shadow lines. (hope that made sense) ETA:Dumped to AP before they grew up
  13. When coppers first came out I froze a Male CB Brown to make more room on my scroll and now I really need a CB Male Brown and cannot seem to catch one ughh!
  14. Was going through my holidays to see what mates I need and remembered I had this Holly http://dragcave.net/lineage/nFCKo . Finding a mate may be a little difficult
  15. here are some fun ones Fly, bad word, KFC, Cozy, Um Give, Leo, Bar, Copy/Copied, Emo, Lace, Leyon, Due, Hot, Toxins, Teto, Mix, Lit
  16. Traded for Her Caught this Egg in the AP (I needed more yay lowish time and incubate)
  17. Love it so pretty love the spriters alt Finally caught a cb tan ridgewing have had to trade for the ones I have now
  18. Was able to successfully breed a 3rd gen shimmer (list is finally moving)
  19. I have a CB winter hatchie, and CB green opal egg for anyone who may need it PM me
  20. It all depends on if TJ lifts the limits. No matter what I have a full vday set I am breeding for someone so they are picking the mates. If we get to collect more than I will breed my heartseeker with a white to keep, then a 3rd gen 09 stairstep with something that matches spring, sweetling x black, and a rosebud x lurker to trade in for 2nd gen heartseekers x white. I will also need to catch a heartseeker or sweetling with a holly mother. If we still have limits then I will try and gift or trade with what people pick as their lineages
  21. _English only please- ! Congrats to all the winners! Hope more are brave enough to come out.
  22. Wish I was Trekkie and knew Klingon but instead I'm a Star Wars fan and know a little bit of mando'a
  23. Just bred http://dragcave.net/lineage/Foazr and a 3rd gen PB Gold egg