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  1. I got the Ember thanks. I'll name it well
  2. My pumpkins are named after Harry Potter and halloween treats. Males: Butterbeer, Jack of the Lantern, Pumpkin Cakes, Rumkin Tart Females: Cauldron Cakes, Elderflower Wine, Honeydukes, Gingerwine, PumpKin Juice. My marrows have no specific theme, but are dark and suiting to the breed I think. Males: Aramis, D'Artagnan, Deathmark Legacy, Lionheart Maverick, Samhain Haunting, Toxic Treat. Female: Bitterheart Witch, Emery, Merle, Scorched Rusilk My shadow walkers are Milady/Milord [shadow/Ghost/Spirit in a different Language or meaning of a name] Males: Milord Donovan, Milord Ombra, Milord Scath, Milord Schatten, Milord Vari Females: Milady Aave, Milady Autumn, Milady Fantasma, Milady Rajani, Milady Sjena All names are followed by da Noite.
  3. CB Gold and Silver I never see them let alone attempt to catch them. In the almost 3 years Ive been here I've seen a CB gold thrice and a CB silver twice missed everytime >.< I really want one of each for lineage purposes Ugh darn elusive CB metallics. I use to see and catch CB stripes and blacks all the time not so much anymore, but I don't really need any either. CB Embers and Tan ridgewings are also giving me hard time, I'll probably get them ten times over though before I ever get one CB metallic
  4. I make Holiday IOUs and Tinsel IOUs, but I only take partial IOUs or Holly IOUs [i really want a Holly, but who doesn't]. I will always fulfill an IOU, but I am not always that trustworthy of the person I am trading with so I want to see the egg on their scroll first or know I will get my half first. If I trust/know the user then I will take any kind of IOU.
  5. I love Vamps, so I am for biting eggies of all sorts. I had a failed bite today though, sadly haven't had much success lately. Will have to trade and hunt the AP for them till I reach my goal of a 100, 50 females 50 males. Have 18 of both right now
  6. Stupidest thing....missed the Holly Egg i traded for last year so mad couldn't believe I missed it. Now I have to trade for another one this year ugh. >.<
  7. Now have 5 lovely eggs thanks to some help >.< want more...now trading for IOUs YAY! One pumpkin to trade for a ghost I cute S1 Zombie want an adult so bad but my attempts have failed thus far I love Halloween here!
  8. Haven't had any luck I think I used it all up this past week
  9. Can't stop catching off the AP have 3 more pumpkin eggs that need to be traded, and a 4th PB a friend gave me that is going to block me from getting 6 new halloween eggs ah...what to do what to do? EDIT: have offers to trade an incubate for one of the other pumpkins YAY! Now just 2 more that need to be given away/traded
  10. Just caught another PB pumpkin and PB Marrow. Love it! *Squee*
  11. Hatched 4 now. Have to wait 1-3 hours for 3 more to hatch. Caught 2 2nd gen Marrows and 1 2nd gen Pumpkin egg. Trying to trade one marrow for a 7-11 gen marrow hatchie and I am gifting the other marrow and pumpkin to a new person who has none once I am unlocked back to catching and maybe gifting, have to make sure I have no eggs for the 31st. Still have one pumpkin to breed but I have to wait till one of the PB hatchies grow up Have 2 Inbred adults waiting to be revived and a hatchie that just needs to run out of time. Hopefully it works.
  12. FINALLY Rainbow Chicken! Yes! I love Halloween on here
  13. Thank you now all i need is to find the chicken, I have the badge
  14. where did you get the skull, the last item on your parchment?
  15. 38 items, in the basement and I cannot get whatever is in the hidden room I have checked everywhere else for the 39th item. Let me through >.<
  16. original pygmys or another pumpkin I have been seeing a lot of those combinations SolarCat
  17. Breed all my halloween dragons Incubated and influenced them, caught the last PB Marrow I needed after like 2 hours of catching everyother marrow. And has a very nice friend who was willing to breed and is now holding onto the last PB pumpkin I need until I am unlocked I can't wait for the rest of the halloween events
  18. Males: Abaddon the Unlikely Bruja Night Castiel Collins Damion Nathaniel Emperor of The Night Grigori the Watcher Hayyel Dorkface Leliel Ruler of the Night Metatron of Thought Michael Pure of Heart Raziel of Mysteries The Angel of Destruction The Destroyer of Nations Females: Azraeil of Death Baroness of The Night Cassiel of Temperance Dimidium Cognatus Gabrielle the Uncorrupted Isabella Hood Ivory Mortumi Lupus Theliel of Love Mercy Nora Ice