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  1. Is there any limit on how many valentines you can receive withing a certain time frame?
  2. I had one incubate that was useable so one hatched last night exactly at 2 days but I was forced off the computer so I couldn't fog it luckily he was fine this morning and he is happily named Mousse Chocolate. Darn the rest of you incubates on cooldown. I do have a name picked out for the other one though. I cannot wait to see the adults.
  3. I can't wait to see the adult I love the egg esp LadyLyzar's alt egg beautiful coloring. The hatchie is adorable I love the colors. I send out anonymous cards whenever I remember and don't get distracted. I have received 4 styles and 5 messages. Can't wait to send/receive more. Thanks to everyone who put this together To anyone who didn't get an egg I have seen at least 7 go through the AP today I even refreshed over the same one a few times so you still have a chance to get one
  4. Just missed two CB Black because it didn't register in my head till it was too late >.<
  5. To friends: Message: "Thank you for all you’ve done. I hope your Valentine’s Day is lots of fun." Style: Tall Black w/ Pygmies To Random people Random messages and styles
  6. I have 14 frozen hatchlings. My first was a CB Ballon I don't like the adults. I froze a vine in celebration of my dads birthday. 2 Papers because I wanted a complete set, a chick because I don't like the adults, 3 sitting alt black because I wanted a set of gendered and ungendered plus they were inbred. 1 curled alt because he was cute and I was impatient he was taking forever to grow up and I need the space. A pink because I didn't like his lineage but I loved his code. A deep sea because I thought they were cute. The last 3 were a gold, autumn, and blue nebula because they were inbred.
  7. If the Rosebuds are a glitch can it be reversed so we could breed are gifts to people? Edit: I am starting to see the other valentine eggs in the ap random in the pile unlike the christmas dragons that were all listed first
  8. Just bred one of my Rosebuds and got a refusal, I thought that wasn't suppose to happen. Whats the deal?
  9. 11 Golds (4 offsprings, 1 gift, the others trades) 1 fronzen Gold hatchie. 13 Silvers (3 inbred, 2 gifts, 7 trades, 1 offspring) No CBs yet been hunting for 3 years
  10. I say go with the sneaky cunning face, it seems for fun then flat out aggression. I do not think the day/night cycle is necessary though, besides that's just more sprites and updates and opinions you have to deal with. However, I am sure what ever updates or enhancements you decide to do will turn out Spectacularly fantastic. Just remember to keep yourself happy with your art work
  11. I like your plan it is well thought out and phrased perfectly it covers everything that needs to be covered when it comes to improving a sprite. Plus you are the artist you should have say so on what goes on with the sprite. As for nature physically males are usually brighter, bigger, flashier, and more intimidating this is because they are the ones fighting for territory, and for mates. These displays often gets them killed and targeted more than females, but so long as they have mated and past on their genes that doesn't matter. Females hardly fight for mates or for a future mates attention. But I do agree with you behavioral wise females especially mothers have to be very aggressive, and they have to be able to hold their own. I don't see how dimorphism cannot show that in females. I think dimorphism can work well in showing all the characteristics that are observed in nature.
  12. It took me a month to get a Black alt and after that I collected around 90% of my black alts in the 8 months that followed (this was is 2009, joined dec 2008). I now have 30 including 4 frozen hatchies at varying stages, type, and gender; also 4 inbred. It took me 7 months to get my first vine alt, even now I only have 3 and 1 is inbred, another I barely got a few days before christmas.
  13. I think it depends on the user. For me ND is the rarest, I have no idea how to obtain one besides in trade and even then I still cannot get one. Hollies follow second it took me 3 years to obtain one. However I was able to summon 2 GoN in a relatively short amount of time so they were not very rare for me. I understand how they can be the rarest for other users though, because you have to obtain 3 other breeds before you can even try to summon one.
  14. Holly: -Yuleberry (in the spirit of yule and node to its ancestors) Yulebuck: -William Yule -Gawain Yule (Medieval names, and another node to the season) Snow Angel: -Niamh Yule (Niamh means Bright) -Muirne Yule (Muirne means Festive) Ribbon Dancer: -Milady Winter -Milady Snow (Proper titles in medieval times and a node to the season and weather in which Christmas falls) Winter Magis: -Sothis Orion -Sirius Orion (Sothis (Egyptian)/Sirius (Greek) is Orion's dog in the Greek Myths. Orion is one of the most dramatic constellations worldwide during Winter)
  15. My '09 Vday was my first /view/uAlU[/url], had a second CB but traded it or gifted it can't remember which anymore. I was here for the original release of the yulebucks but didn't catch one for me caught one for my friend but never got lucky enough to catch one myself. She friend me one the next year though ~Dragon spam Removed~ Please only use lineage links.
  16. I caught my first one from the cave a week after the release it was a thunder. I then caught 90% of the legendary's I have in the month after their release, all from the cave. The rest were bred, gifted or caught months later.
  17. http://dragcave.net/wreath/Bloodyrose13 Didn't get to finish that wings on the silver but I still like how it came out
  18. I have one of the most awesome friends ever. He won me one in a Lotto he was entered into <3 It's 6th gen but its still a Holly now hopefully I can get a second lower gen *fingers crossed*
  19. Just missed 3 3d gen Hollies because I clicked on a Holiday I already had >.< I just about cried, stupid clicking.
  20. just missed a holly because i was so in shock that it was there grr
  21. have this female white hatchie http://dragcave.net/lineage/JH3D9 up for adoption Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  22. hey guys I have this 5th gen Dusk Dorkface Ember Egg up for adoption. Claim my eggs/hatchlings!