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  1. Its okay 4 years on here and I have never been able to catch one I always miss
  2. Hello I need a 2nd gen Autumn w/ Black Marrow Father have 2nd PB Autumns, a 2nd gen Ice, and 2nd gen Nilia w/ Pumpkin father to give to you if you want.
  3. Hello all, I am looking for a mate for this lovely Gold Lady. Either silver or Regular Black would work. If you could breed her a mate I would be so grateful, and I can try and breed you something in return (depending on what you need/want). PM me if you can help.
  4. Is there anyway to tell how many times you've splashed?
  5. My plans are developing nicely I went from needing 3 pumpkins, 4 which turned into 6 Marrows, 4 Shadow Walkers, and 9 2012 Hatchie IOUs to ONLY needing 1 Female Marrow Hatchie IOU and 6 2012 Hatchie IOUs now. Being able to collect some IOUs has been amazing for planning purposes I love trading IOUs for the CB and 2nd gen Halloween dragons I have. Have 5 more Halloween IOUs that I can make to finish of what I need. Then I can begin to polish off my breeding schedule, And make sure I have a few Zombie Fodders set aside. Have 1 hatchie just need an adult and other hatchie stage and I will be satisfied (If you need halloweens I have some to breed )
  6. Trying to make plans for IOUs and swaps. I have made a trade fo a 2nd gen Marrow x Red, and 2nd gen PB SW Hatchie already, and I am gifting a PB Marrow to a friend. All I need now are IOUs for: (1) 2nd gen Male PB Pumpkin (2) 3rd gen PB Pumpkins (2) 3rd gen PB Marrows (1) 2nd gen Marrow x ? (3) 2nd gen PB Shadow Walkers (9) 2012 Hatchie IOUs I have 18 pairs of holidays and scroll ready to trade so numbers match, all I have to do is find people willing to trade and swap. I'm hoping to catch 7 new eggs on my own, and make 1 adult Zombie. Grabbing IOUs is the utmost important thing to make the timeline fit when halloween breeding comes.
  7. Catching these is a lot harder then I thought, darn you F5 button for not working. hopefully the hourly drop will be easier
  8. thank you, now I must go try and catch or trade for some
  9. So i just found out about the drop today. ekk I saw that Musties drop in the forest biome, where can I find brine and rancid eggs? Thanks for any help given
  10. I have 68 and still collecting want a 100 of both genders
  11. Caught 4 waves, 1 shiny light, and got locked with a skywing...need to get a purple so I can breed a hybrid that may take some time >.< Yay Dragcave Birthday Release!
  12. I have 2 one July 8th 2010 the other Sep 3 2010. I don't remember how many times I had tried though
  13. Turp x GW = 1 refusal, 1 Turp Egg
  14. Finally got 4 more to lock me and the last hourly. Happily at 6 with 4 influenced and incubated
  15. yeah its kind of making me sad that I haven't seen any. And bad that I didn't get the silver since I have no CB metals >.<
  16. Just went hunting for the new dragons that were released and saw a cb silver but just stared at it because it wasn't the right description, and it didn't register what it was until it was to late. Worst part, didn't even see any of the new turpentine eggs
  17. Thanks to the sitting alt explosion I have 67 alts including 4 frozen and 5 inbred. I am glad the curled alts are coming back but a little sad I didn't get further along in my PB project while the alts were overly abundant
  18. No that is fine he was free to anyone
  19. http://dragcave.net/lineage/rS00O Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  20. Just saw a CB gold in the cave and stared and the description stupidly until it hit me to clicked it and of course missed it ughh could've been my first CB gold too after hunting for years
  21. Have: 2nd gen PB Green Tigris Stripe http://dragcave.net/lineage/VFbBT Need: 2nd gen PB Black (female) or Blue (Male) Stripe eggs ok if hatchies respective genders in (*) Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  22. I love the names I picked, but I think I will have to change Mousse Chocolate to Moose Chocolate just because of the antlers on the adults I think I shall breed Velvet Truffle with my CB White female, and Moose Chocolate with one of my CB red females and make a checker pattern from that
  23. *Squee* Love it, these are gorgeous dragons. The coloring is just fantastic, magnificent job LadyLyzar! I absolutely love that you inspiration came from "UP" truly it is a sweet movie, but also sad makes me cry every time. *Runs of to eat chocolate and watch "UP"*
  24. I finally got an incubate off cooldown and incubated my second egg, and he now safely named Velvet Truffle on my scroll his code started vlv so I thought Velvet was appropriate