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~My Scroll: 6zuzie66zuzie6.pngCurrent Quick Wish List: CB Spitfires, will trade multiples for desired/rare breeds. Depending on what I'm hunting for - I may only accept 2 - 4 eggs total at a time, or up to 7 eggs total on free weeks.Some CB Golden Wyverns & CB Royal Blues for a personal lineage project - can also trade.

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    In the G.S.
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    Yu-Gi-Oh!, Fire Emblem, Shaman King, other assortments of old shounen manga & random anime/manga/games.

    Ancient Egypt & Egyptology is an interest/hobby I'm very passionate about, as seen with my [Egyptian] Spitfire dragon hoards on my scroll intended for Egyptian-eqsue lineages. The Royal House/Pharaohs line, the Egyptian Gods family tree lineage, and my personal Pharaoh Atem Generations lineage.