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  1. I AM HERE. TO GET THIS SONG STUCK IN EVERYONE'S HEAD! Duck tales.... wooowoo. Also red solo cup by idk who, I HATE that song D:
  2. My number one pet peeve is when people rub styrofoam against ANYTHING, carboard against more cardboard, or markers against paper, it's worse than nails on a chalkboard to me... Another one is when I'm RPing (that's roleplaying for those not in the know) I'm a writer, I go all out, details, descriptions, you get like 3 paragraphs as an intro.... and all I get back is one or two sentences at a 2nd grade level. If you wanna write an epic fantasy with me, cool, but it'd help if they, y'know, WROTE something ^^; Not just "he took that (thing I just described) and did this with it. Aside from that I'm pretty nice ^^
  3. almost 26 (though I'm loathe to admit it) and I live in Maine ^^ I'm aaaaalllwaaayyys on DC so addictive ^^
  4. YES! Got all 55!! Woo! I can't wait to see the next event ^^
  5. Random ones appear literally anywhere on the DC site every fifteen minutes or so! Hope it helps!
  6. I have an iron man one :3 LOVE the air force egg! I got 24, 32 to go!
  7. I have so many... SO MANY.... pumpkin kite imma banana obsolete pinkness flying spagetty monster lookit me im orange abandoned poptart lightning werewolf ninja and "midnight thesaurus cupcakes" I saw one once named "nostril rice" that made me chuckle and go lolwut
  8. if anyone's hatched a few that they don't need or want I'd be happy to take'em ^^;
  9. Mad world - Gary jules Though about two seconds ago it was "I'm a f** car" by Negaren