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  1. Silvatales is where rare species of foxes live in the Misty Woods. We're going to be adding more features so please feel free to check it out
  2. Thanks for signing up I hope you enjoy it. We are changing the sprites to digital adopts
  3. We're back with a few old foxes (Art by Kristhasirah) and brand new foxes soon to be released! Come and take a peek at ~Removed~ lots of new stuff coming soon ~Removed~ We are currently converting all pixel images to digital and will not be using the pixel images. We want to do something a little different this time. Still bringing you the foxes you love but making them more awesome ! Hope you all enjoy!
  4. Just caught several and a cave born black <3
  5. I let my daughter fix up my gingerbread house. I think it's the most beautiful one I've ever seen! She's 6 http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/SilverDragonTears
  6. Ooooh. Fun stuffs to do while I'm in bed with the flu
  7. Wow. I think I forgot about this thread :I'll see what I can do but no promises! Getting a new puppy today so I'm thinking I'll be very busy!
  8. I have a main coon cat named Dexter And Saturday we're going to get our first Siberian Husky. She is my anniversary present from my husband. Snowflake (Snow)
  9. This is cute You should consider using the Mysidia script. Less down time and more options. Just a thought!
  10. I will forever be kicking myself I didn't request my own dragon :/ LOVE the deer splat, LOL!
  11. Ohhh it's wonderful!!! Thank you so much
  12. I thought I was breeding it with a cb :/ Oh well.... http://dragcave.net/lineage/q66mR GW x Turp - First try ETA: http://dragcave.net/lineage/AYPSo
  13. I hope this is right? Now that DS's is done? i would like an avatar Forum Name: SilverDragonTears Which Dragon: Silver Female What do you want it doing (be specific): Flying Any Text? (font): No Background (can also be animated): Maybe a nice background for flying... you can pick? Border y/n: no Payment: Anything from my scroll. I have a nice black x gold wyvern even gen line or ghost walker x silver
  14. I got an email but no invite code. Real or not... it's starting to get annoying. Just sayin...
  15. So tempted to apply. Just so much going on right now. Good luck to all though
  16. Oohh! Could I have a sibling of the partner you're using. I kept the first one I bred and it has no mate so far.
  17. Failed offspring breed. Black x Shimmer - Needed black :/ Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Please let me know if you take it.
  18. Took this egg I had not decided what to breed my heartseekers with... until now Thank you Will continue the line!