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  1. I picked this up from the AP, and adore it... im (hopefully) getting a gold in the (near?) future, but its not CB, and i dont have a CB white... ~Please use lineage links~/view/q7q4[/url]
  2. If you want to join, please post here -your forum name ---peace*out -your scroll name ---peace*out -and whether you take part in the failbluna or failshallow lineage projects. ---both when i get the right dragons
  3. Id love to be a member!!! this is horrable...i once read a story in a magazine about one of micheal vicks pitbulls being nursed to health, and now the dog is a childrens therapist (ill post the link to the story if i can find it online).
  4. You can breed it to a dragon of any breed, right? When you breed it, does it have to be caveborn dragon, and can you only breed it to one dragon? Id love to get one later this week maybe if theres one available. gold preferably.