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  1. I have a pretty large collection of rares, as well as collections of hatchies in various breeds (black, nebula, nocturne, ridgewing, hellfire and dorsal). The hatchies are located about a third of the way through my scroll. My scroll I've included links below for the rares that might be easy to miss. I'm not going to link to all my metals/prizes/holidays, they are all at the beginning of my scroll and I have zillions of them. You should be able to find them easily. Black alt: Adult Male: x x x x x x x Adult Female: x x x x Sitting alt s2: x x Sitting alt s1: x Curled alt s2: x x x x x x x Curled alt s1: x Vine alt: Adult: x x x x x x Undead: Adult: x x x S2: x x x S1: x Neglected: x x x GoN: Adult: x x S2: x Frill: Adult: x x x x x S2: x x S1: x Bright Pink: Adult: x x x S2: x A few rares that are in other places of my scroll for various reasons: Silver Tinsel Silver Tinsel Bronze Tinsel Silver Silver Bronze Tinsel Bronze Tinsel Slver Silver Silver Shadow Walker Gold Vampire Gold Harvest Gold Harvest Harvest Holly Holly Edit: In case it helps, here is how my scroll is organized: Growing dragons/dragons waiting to be organized NDs Holidays Prizes Metals Alts Thuweds/Dorkfaces Fun codes Hatchie naming projects CBs Bred dragons Unbreedables
  2. Purple 3rd gen Thuwed, perfect checker! Claim my egg!
  3. I have a purple 3rd gen up for grabs. Perfect checker! Claim my eggs!
  4. Awww. It's good to see the lineage continuing, and I appreciate people continuing my surname, as well.
  5. That's an interesting thought, Wiz. I shall try to find some time to do that, this weekend.
  6. Hi all! I understand there has been some question relating to the authenticity of my Dorkface Split. I would like to clear up what happened and how he came to be. I had posted about him before in this thread (or perhaps the predecessor thread), but I shall repeat the account. Silmarillion Dorkface Uruloki was produced by a glitch. His mother, who has been deleted from his lineage by TJ, is Istelen Dorkface Uruloki. I will not go into the details of the glitch that made this breeding possible. I realised later that I should have told TJ about the glitch without taking advantage of it and confessed what happened to him. He allowed me to keep the dragon, but deleted the non-Split side of his lineage. The authenticity of his lineage can be attested by Duskspoken, ladiefare, arlymaye and LBD. In fact, one of his offspring resides on ladiefare's scroll. There were probably others who saw it before it was altered, as well, but this has been several years ago and I don't remember who all they were, now. I do take breeding requests for him, please PM me if you would like an egg from him.
  7. Woot, I have 33 Trick or Treats and 34 Haunted town items.
  8. My ND grew up! Hurrah, that is my 3rd ND. Funny story: it was actually bred by me, but was a tinselfail, so I abandoned it. Someone picked it up, turned it, and posted it in trades. When I saw it, I just had to get it back, so I traded for it. Now it's home again on my scroll!
  9. My goal is 2 CB male and 2 CB female of each breed (or 2nd gens, if it is a breed that must be obtained by breeding), 1 frozen hatchie of each gender and 1 ungendered hatchie. Eventually, I'd like to also have a male and female Thuwed in each breed and also a Dorkface. My CB wishlist is almost complete, I really just need CB golds at this point to complete my CB list. I also keep myself entertained with hatchie naming projects - I'm on my 6th project, currently.
  10. I got an adorable code in a trade the other day: Hetah. I'll be naming the little cutie just that!
  11. I have one horse, an American Paint Pony named Maker of Dreams. He's 5 years old and a super cute red roan with flaxen mane and tail. I've been riding since I was 9, and he is my second horse. I actually just sold my first horse (his mother) two weeks ago, that was one of the hardest things I have ever done! I owned her for nearly 12 years and trained her myself. At this point, I mainly ride dressage, though I do still throw a western saddle on a horse occasionally. I take lessons once a week on a lovely Oldenberg mare owned by my trainer, and then try to ride my gelding 2-3 times as well. I used to do 4H and open shows, but now I've switched to showing dressage pretty much exclusively. Here's a picture of my gelding from about two years ago when I first started him (I always start them in a western saddle, it's so much easier to hang on if they buck!). I need to take some new pictures of him, he's filled out really nicely since then. The picture almost makes him look like a dark palamino, but when you see him in real life, he has a really nice red roan coat, just like his mother.
  12. I really like the first book, and the second was quite good as well. However, I just couldn't quite like the last book as much. I think it was the shift from the Hunger Games to simply being a war book. And seeing how Katniss was used by everyone without any regard for her mental and physical well-being. Spoilers: I'm still upset that Prim died. Didn't Katniss suffer enough? It jsut doesn't seem fair when everything that she did was for her sister. Still, I'm glad that at least she killed Coin. I wish things had ended better for Katniss, but I suppose the point of these books are to be realistic, not to be a feel-good story. Yes, she was with Peeta, at least, but I wanted her to have a better ending. She deserved it after all she went through.
  13. Elorendil


    I just finally read the books about a month ago. I found the first one on clearance at a used bookstore and thought, "what the heck?" I started at midnight and had to make myself put it down and go to bed at 2:30. I had finished by 1 pm the next day. I tore through the other books pretty quickly, too, and loved them all. As for the movies, Kristen's acting brings them down. She's whiny and obnoxious and not a good actor. But, IMHO, the movies are worth watching simply for the gorgeous guys. I will admit to hitting the replay button on the scene where Carlisle first appears at the hospital more than once. Still, I just didn't care for the first Breaking Dawn movie all that much. I don't know, maybe it was just my mood that day. Still, I'm interested to see how they play out the last movie.
  14. I got a 40. Those things always make my eyes swim!
  15. Welcome back, ladiefare! I was worried when I never heard back from you some time ago. I hope life is settling back down for you, that much upheaval is always difficult to deal with. Speaking of Split Dorkfaces, if anyone is interested getting an egg from this lineage, the original Dorkface Split resides on my scroll, feel free to PM me and I will be happy to breed him for you.
  16. I finally summoned successfully and got my first GON!
  17. I have no problem with giving IOUs and I always fulfill them, even if it takes a very long time. I had two specific crosses that I had IOUd for two different people, and my CB metals just weren't cooperating to fulfill them. It took me around a year, but they both finally gave me eggs and I fulfilled both my outstanding IOUs earlier this week, even after one of my trading partners had even offered to release me from the trade since my metal was being so stubborn. As for taking them, I do accept IOUs as long as it is someone who I have seen around and seems to be trustworthy.
  18. I have a third gen Thuwed holly. I'm hoping to catch a second one this year, but we will see.
  19. It really is a great show! There are actually three movies at this point: the original Stargate movie, then they also made Stargate Continuum and Stargate Ark of Truth. With 10 seasons of the original series, 5 of Atlantis and 2 of Universe, you will have plenty to watch for a while!
  20. Welcome to the thread, TDO! Glad to hear you are a Gater. Stargateland sounds interesting, if I had time I would be tempted to join. I've been hanging out at GateWorld for about a year now, I love the forum! Very lively, lots of art making, and although it focuses on SG, it also has lively discussions about all sorts of other sci-fi shows. I thought they did a nice job with SGA. I'll actually be re-watching that at some point here, LBD and I have been watching through SG1 together and have plans to start on SGA once we finish. We're currently in Season 8, so it will be a while before we get to SGA...
  21. So, now that SG-U has wrapped up in a very disappointingly-short two seasons, what do you guys think of SG-U? Personally, I was very disappointed by the ending. It really wasn't any sort of ending at all. They just stuck everyone in stasis and ended the series? Seriously, what kind of ending is that?!? And we don't even know if they will ever get to make a movie to wrap it up. I was disappointed by the endings of SG-1 and SG-A, because they felt like the rushed endings that they were. But this one takes the cake. At least the other two seasons DID wrap things up, even if it felt like they were desperately trying to end the threat of the bad-guys in a slightly "wait, wut??" manner just as things were getting really interesting. SG-U didn't even get them home. They are still out there, floating between galaxies. There are so many questions left unanswered. I was just starting to really like the series and BAM, it's gone. MGM needs to get their heads examined. So, there's my SG-U ending rant. What do you guys think?
  22. Hmm, probably my Thuwed holly or one of my NDs. I'm still trying for the ever illusive GoN...
  23. @Kapanikos - There are 5, perhaps the fifth (an egg) was fogged when you looked at the progeny? And, I didn't say having 4 metallic offspring was a record, I know there are pairs who have produced more. The record is that all 5 metallic eggs have been laid in a row, without any commons in between. I do not know of any pairs who have ever laid 5 silver eggs in a row!
  24. Category: Offspring Title of Record: Pair producing the most metals consecutively Name of Submitant: Elorendil Proof for Record: http://dragcave.net/progeny/oZOp Reason for submitting new Record: This pair has produced 5 silvers in a row! That has to be a record of some sort.