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Rules of DCF:

-- If there's no option to disable something, it will never be approved by the userbase. Ever. People might even start asking for an option to remove the option to not do things.

-- If something changes, people will throw a hissy fit. Sprite gets a shading fix? BUT MUH NOSTALGIA

I deadline long or messy rares and holidays.

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The foxes will take you to my pages. The Pokémon logo will take you to my fangame.

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    -- Get more Reds and female Pinks
    -- BSA pack to Timber-K

    Strongly against forum censorship. If something major happened, the public deserves to know what exactly happened. Especially if something is sitewide.

    Full wishlist linked in signature.

    ----- <GDoc coming soon> -----
    A basic explanation of characters and happenings in my various dragons' descriptions:

    Kiryu is an obvious self-insert, though he's actually just one of my roleplaying characters and doesn't represent me in any manner aside from personality and the fact that he keeps dragons. He is a Euthoran Shapeshifter with the ability to become a wolf, human, or even another dragon (in this case, consider his dragon form an alt Black). He is also a dracomancer- someone with a psychic affinity for dragons. This is mostly telepathic communication, but could also be used to control dragons based on willpower. However, he is unable to use this to get out of his current situation, because the Vampires have completely broken his will to fight back.

    --- The Coven ---
    Aszalia'xai: http://dragcave.net/view/vdoML
    Akilatrai: http://dragcave.net/view/UqejF
    The leading Vampire pair of the territory, they have amassed the Vampires, Blacks, and most of the Halloween dragons (notable exceptions being the Pumpkins and Shadow Walkers, though the former are just cowards and the latter are merely neutral) as well as a Zombie to their side. The occasional stray of another species- notably dragons like Reds and Magi- may come to their side out of fear or the hope of being repaid. It is assumed that these Vampires regularly feed off of their former keeper, due to Kiryu's inexplicable submissiveness even with his obvious fear of them.

    Darkmaw: http://dragcave.net/view/jvUX
    Darkmaw was originally a female Black, killed by Aszalia'xai and subjected to a rogue Magus's reviving magic to become undead. It is a tool used mostly to keep Kiryu and weak dragons in line.

    Tyr Taluis: http://dragcave.net/view/2LWIS
    Taluis's role is currently undeveloped, but he is the leader of the Cavern Lurkers.

    Flarevirus VC321xb47: http://dragcave.net/view/DnrFo
    (And other Fever Wyverns)

    --- Nightstalker Resistance---


    Starburst Elegy:

    Domare Soul:

    --- Currently Neutral---
    Fading Requiem:

    Generous Fortune:

    Shadow Version 27:



    --- Stance Unknown ---
    Draco Primaethereus:
    Ending Sign - Phantasmal Emperor:


    --- Incapacitated ---
    Shyr Tiirenkari:

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