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  1. I would like this for "random but equal chance" variants like Nebulae, Gemshards, and Alcedines, but not for the 1/6-chance alts like Blacks/Vines/Undines. The former is a die roll; the latter is meant to be rare.
  2. Aquilo, Garland, and Elux seem the best so far to my aesthetic tastes.
  3. While I understand the sentiment I don't support treating eggs/breedings differently just because they have a certain lineage. You can make an argument for CB pairs to be the only things to multiclutch, but then what about those higher-gen SAltkin or checker lines? Make an exception for them? But when you start fine-tuning the suggestion to make an exception for "pretty" or "desirable" lineages, you're effectively implying the game should encourage one type of lineage over another, or discourages things that are messy/inbred, which it doesn't, shouldn't, and TJ has more or less said never will. I don't think that we're going to see the scenario of "so many high-gens bred they drown out the 2Gs" any time soon. Eventually down the line? Maybe, but the majority of players are unlikely to keep massbreeding literally every holiday dragon they have when we get to the point where that would be a concern. The only concern I really have, personally, with the increasing holiday population is that eventually the post-holiday walls will be big enough to get the AP to timer death, but even that isn't a pressing concern because the more dragons you have the less likely you are to breed them all.I already know people who only breed their CBs and projects on the holidays; the only reason I still breed messies to the AP is because people want freeze fodder.
  4. Can we get @Firefury Amahira in here with her Blacktip stats? There's a very clear shift in the ratios and it doesn't JUST benefit her, it benefits anyone who's struggling to get anything rarer than a Blacktip out of said Blacktips.
  5. Keileon

    cookie broke

    Two of the cookies I sent broke overnight: https://dragcave.net/holidays20/cookie/5855 https://dragcave.net/holidays20/cookie/6732
  6. Support. Literally the only problem I can foresee is that yeah, the Holly Dragon is actually the Noel Dragon (as seen by the name of TJ's Holly Thuwed) and that would cause some confusion for older players, but that shouldn't be a reason to not implement this.
  7. I'd be absolutely okay with this, though I would perhaps make it so that view/n leads to the list, not to the starred dragon. Or, potentially, make a new link like list/n or something. For the record, I don't really care what happens to the view/n link and think that it's causing more issues than it's worth, but for those who want to keep it, I think this is fair.
  8. While I think I understand the sentiment of this post, this line in particular is strange to me. Comparing a massbreed to a DDOS is apples to oranges, imo, because a DDOS is an actively malicious action with malicious intent while massbreeding is, in fact, usually done for overall beneficial reasons. Also, the resources required to stage a DDOS aren't part of the game, aren't sanctioned by the game, and would likely take the entire site down while a massbreed is just the AP.
  9. I don't mean to nitpick but this comes across as finding offense where there is none. Calling a viewpoint selfish does not equate to calling the person who holds it selfish. I feel like this thread is teetering on the edge of being uncivil and taking things personally when a personal slight wasn't intended is going to help get this thread locked faster. On the note of compromises, I feel like beyond the (imo very reasonable) suggestions of minor display changes ("name taken" indicators, a new view/n page, even a star on the name of the dragon who had a name first), any true compromise is going to be too convoluted to really be worth it. Ultimately I do feel like aegagrusScholarship and Tinibree have a point in that name exclusivity favors the older players who've been here for years and limits the opportunities of new players. It doesn't matter that there are infinite unique names to use for your dragons if none of them are the ones you want to use. I just don't feel as if exclusivity adds anything to the game aside from people being able to brag and flex that they got whatever popular fandom name and maybe trade that name for a CB Gold (which, again, is not sanctioned and there is no guarantee that the trade will go through. Remember all the headaches of AP trading before we got Teleport? Anyone can snipe a traded name by pure luck.)
  10. A big trend I'm seeing with arguments in favor of exclusivity is "I'm fine with not having the things I want so you should be too". Yeah, sure, whatever, there are infinite options for naming dragons, but just because you're okay naming something with some way of getting around unique names doesn't mean everyone is. I have the name, for example, Vector; some people might be willing to use V e c t o r or xVectorx or Vector123 but frankly dragon names shouldn't have to go through the same hoops that usernames and email addresses do to stay unique.
  11. From what I understand of coding in general the logic for this would be pretty simple, as long as tying the group functionality to scroll display works... personally while I support the suggestion as a whole, I don't think it should be tied to the Group system. For much the same reason as LadyLoki I don't necessarily support the second part of the suggestion; it's better, imo, to just have what dragons you want to put on display in a highlighted group and hide your adults entirely.
  12. Yeah, I have also posted in that name thread and want to get rid of name exclusivity. Is it nice being the only person to have some Pokemon names, some real words, several names from various fandoms, things that just generally sound cool? Yes, it is. But as HeatherMarie said, I would much rather support a suggestion that benefits the majority of players even if it slightly inconveniences me or makes my dragons less special. My enjoyment isn't more important than that of the userbase as a whole.
  13. You might like seeing it, but for a lot of those of us who have to do it (particularly for lyrical lineages, though it's not the only time it's come up for me) it's just an added annoyance, an eyesore in a lineage, and a reminder that we can't have the name we want.
  14. Support, if only because there are those of us who have code goals. Some people like name-like codes, some people like z-codes, some people like all-caps codes... I'm trying to get a "fox" code of every breed...
  15. As someone who has holiday-based lineages (some being holiday x holiday, and I'm potentially looking at a halloween x halloween)... I don't see why "holidays are supposed to be special" is an argument against breeding a second time in the same year. That doesn't make them any less special. The only "negative" impact it would have is extending the holiday wall, which is going to happen every year anyway so I don't really see much of a problem with it. I thought I posted in this thread before! I guess not. I support letting newly-grown holidays breed immediately, obviously. In context to that I'm not sure about extending the breeding period, though I support it on its own.
  16. Overall neutral. I find the price fluctuation to be annoying, personally, and wouldn't mind it slowing down, but the prices are tied to the population ratios which almost everyone already knows need fixing.
  17. Right, basically, that second type of view "refreshes" the dragon to make it check whether it should grow up, which actually recently caused some issues during the HalloWall where things were growing up wild when caught because loading the sprite caused the dragon to grow up before the site realized that it belonged to the person who caught it. That's a glitch though, and not really an issue outside of a holiday because it was most likely caused by traffic-induced lag. tl;dr: outside of extreme cases like holidays, multi-day walls, and high-profile offspring like Thuweds and Spriter alts that get added to hatcheries, hatchlings growing up wild is not a widespread issue and should not normally be a concern.
  18. That's not quite how it works-- it grew up as soon as it got a view, which it got by landing on your scroll and being viewed by you.
  19. Gonna agree with Tinibree, worrying about hatchlings growing up behind a wall is pretty much a nonissue outside of the holidays and holiday aftermath. You don't see any concern when the AP hits below 4d without a wall, so it's just an excuse to argue against walls imo.
  20. I disagree, listing "offers" as a want is very helpful if they actually decline things they don't want. Sometimes people don't know what they want and just throw their line out to see what they get.
  21. Neutral to this with no reason to be against, so consider it support.
  22. Aeons are notoriously bad breeders and already rare-- this might be something you just have to keep trying.