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  1. Not yet. Wym is planning on making one eventually, I think. Also, release incoming: https://protochroma.net/news/themes-index-update-upcoming-release-10-9-21/
  2. Because it's a sci-fi game with alien creatures and not everything has to conform to Earth's evolutionary standards.
  3. I getcha! I just felt it important to clarify, is all~
  4. The way this is worded makes it sound like one user wouldn't be able to use a name multiple times, so I'm just poking in to make sure the clarification is here: I want to be able to use the same name multiple times.
  5. I would think this would be a no, as she seems to leave us to discover those on our own.
  6. I was listing one reason beyond a couple already recently expressed. I did not say that that reason "on its own" was worth it-- I think it's worth it for many reasons, that being one of them, and a reason that not every issue would be solved by being able to take names from inactive scrolls.
  7. Unfortunately there's more big issues with name exclusivity than just "cool names stuck on inactive scrolls" or even "I want this cool name but it's taken". To restate an old point that I and others made (because I don't blame newcomers to the thread for not reading every single post) exclusivity makes lyrical lineages inconvenient at best and, for certain songs, impossible at worst. When the line "these trials make us who we are" appears eight times in one of my favorite songs, there's only so many ways I can rehash it.
  8. That's because they're category pages, and don't work like that.
  9. 1. Will these suffice? https://protochroma.miraheze.org/wiki/Category:Neutral_Attacks https://protochroma.miraheze.org/wiki/Category:Air_Attacks https://protochroma.miraheze.org/wiki/Category:Shadow_Attacks https://protochroma.miraheze.org/wiki/Category:Earth_Attacks https://protochroma.miraheze.org/wiki/Category:Fire_Attacks https://protochroma.miraheze.org/wiki/Category:Electric_Attacks https://protochroma.miraheze.org/wiki/Category:Water_Attacks https://protochroma.miraheze.org/wiki/Category:Solar_Attacks https://protochroma.miraheze.org/wiki/Category:Ice_Attacks 2. There was discussion about that and ultimately I decided Strategy should go near the top, because: a) it's generally going to be a shorter section than the enemy list and item drops, and you usually want short sections closer to the top so it's less to scroll through for a given piece of information, and b) most people who go to a delve page are doing so to help them beat that delve. While the enemy list serves that purpose, the Strategy section is a more condensed, summarized version of that which most people are going to prefer over puzzling it out themselves.
  10. As someone who has intentionally inbred lineages and also wants to avoid them sometimes, I do find an offsite inbred checker to be easier. This is a huge YMMV.
  11. Make sure you're not in an active delve. Simply clicking off the delve page won't work, as the game saves your progress; you have to actually win or be kicked out of the delve. Chroma is purely cosmetic and doesn't affect anything like stats. All creatures have two basic attacks that have varying base damage and potential elements, and otherwise currently all do the same thing. Tagalong behavior is determined only by Personality, which you can find on the help pages.
  12. Protochroma isn't like Pokemon-- one element isn't inherently weak or strong against another, and it's all determined by the creature's species. Not all creatures have an element; I don't know if Wym has this planned, but the wiki currently has most things up to date: https://protochroma.miraheze.org/wiki/Laboratory_Depths (each delve has its own page, with creature weaknesses listed, as do the individual creature pages) Might be a cool idea! Currently I just have the Tagalong selection screen in a separate tab from my delve, but that's trickier on mobile.
  13. Apologies if this idea has been brought up as I haven't followed the thread in a while and it is very late and I'm tired; Instead of view/n/(name)/(scrollname), what about view/n/(name)/(number)? Where (number) turns into what order the dragons were named, so like view/n/bob/1 for the first dragon to be named bob, /bob/2 for the second, etc. The numbers would start counting up from the time that exclusivity would be removed (thus starting all already-named dragons at /1) and would NOT be recycled as dragon names change, so if /bob/2 was renamed, the dragon after it would still be /bob/3 instead of taking the 2. This way links don't change and you don't have to know scrollname.
  14. The point behind me making this thread was to have an egg freezing suggestion that would NOT be complicated by the morality of whether or not the egg is dead, or justifying it in lore with some painted rock or remade shell, or what have you. It is JUST about freezing eggs the same way we freeze hatchlings. So yes, I would say that I cover how that should be facilitated. The whole GoN thing is secondary and was just an offshoot idea of how to make an already irritating mechanic no more irritating. Any suggestion or edit to how this suggestion works should go in its own thread, because it won't be what I'm suggesting.
  15. I suggest going to the Delving page and just clicking things at this point, tbh.
  16. It seems to be working for me again. Thanks!
  17. It's becoming near unusable for me. I have the site set to automatically recognize me, cookies are enabled, etc, but I'm getting Cloudflare checks every time I try to access the site. It honestly wouldn't be that big a deal if my slow connection didn't make actually getting through the captcha take five minutes. And unfortunately I am not in control of the wifi, so if it's a network configuration issue I can't do anything about it.
  18. No, you fight the creatures you can find on the site. I'm not sure what you mean. Via delving? You can take one of your adult creatures to help you fight. If you're asking if you get babies from delving, only as rewards from what are called "limited" delves which run over the course of the month before cycling out. No forum, but there is a discord server which you can access at the bottom of any page on the site. I also heavily recommend the wiki: https://protochroma.miraheze.org/wiki/Main_Page On a side note, if you're posting your creatures every post to get them clicks and views, you don't need to. Your creatures will grow regardless of if they get clicks and views, as long as you're online to mature them when Time Needed goes to 0.
  19. Do these help? https://protochroma.net/help/how-to-play/#delving-and-resources https://protochroma.net/delve/ I'm not entirely sure what you don't understand about the mechanic, so if you could shed some light on that I'd be happy to help.
  20. We've got a new feature~ https://protochroma.net/news/simulated-delving-9-15-21/
  21. Summer breeding season is ending after the 5th! If you haven't already gotten your fill, now if the time to make sure you do.
  22. Notably, not all creatures start as eggs! A lot do because I find them easier to draw and there isn't another interesting pose (and a lot of critters are logically egg-laying) but the official terms are Baby and Juvenile.
  23. That's because the share tab is on the creature's page, not the profile.
  24. You can find creatures you picked up on your Research Profile, then click them and go to the Share tab to find the code to post them! Also we have a new Delve released today~