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  1. hello here are two freebies: honey dragon and one of the new 'faint markings' type Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Enjoy!
  2. wonderful! And I love the evolution egg
  3. Thank You Beautiful eggs!
  4. nothing happening with game no matter what key is pressed. so what browser was it designed for?
  5. Happy Halloween! I have to say this is the best event yet and I have enjoyed this more than any previous Halloween events thus far Thank you to everyone who made this possible.
  6. So four eggs at least four moon phases. Waning gibbous is golden, the white egg might be Full Moon, and the blue might be the New Moon, and the tan one the waxing gibbous? Will be interesting to see, but now I have way too many waning gibbous eggs!
  7. OK good. though I was seriously not getting this.
  8. OK thanks, and I got that wrong, the gold one is under the waning gibbous.
  9. Can anyone explain about the Moon phase? I found the time check page but it does not explain what egg goes with which phase. There are two moons, gold and blue, and both say waxing gibbous. So far I only have gold eggs, but other people seem to have found other colors. SO what is the answer? Waxing Gibbous seems ot be for the golden one, but again other people here reporting other colors now.
  10. I have a problem. I have a magma egg that I have not added to ANY click sites, and I do NOT have the box checked to accept help from others, but the egg is accumulating views anyway. I have fogged it but I need to know who is doing this and how to stop them from accessing my scroll. I have not given anyone permission to monkey around with the eggs on my scroll and I am not happy about it. What do I do?
  11. wow these are beautiful eggs! Thank You
  12. Happy Birthday! What a nice thing to do, give us a gift on your birthday
  13. I wasn't expecting this after the lovely festival of eggs! Thank you.
  14. wow beautiful eggs Thank You
  15. Excellent! What beautiful eggs and the game looks like fun, too Thanks for another great event!
  16. Beautiful Eggs and the gift giving is a wonderful idea
  17. Happy Halloween! Just want to say I enjoyed this Halloween event tremendously. Usually I have trouble getting new eggs because I have to depend on public internet, which tends to be slow. This time, I was able to catch the new Halloween eggs painlessly even though I'm stuck in a mcdonalds using their wayport wifi. The carnival was great fun, too, and I managed to collect all the treats! Hope everyone out there is having as much fun as I am
  18. has anyone else found that the trick or treats have stopped popping up suddenly?
  19. I want to give a huge thank you to those who have offered to help those who do not have the trio to try for summoning, especially LibbyLishly Thank you!!!!!! People like you make this game worth it. You are very much appreciated
  20. Happy Birthday Dragon Cave. oh well. missing one of the trio and cannot get it. Thought of breeding what i have so to trade for what i do not, but no luck there either. So, those of you who have the trio and no GoN, at least you can try for it until you get it. those who have the GoN and have not produced the new eggs, at least you can try again in future. For those few, a happy event. every body else is sol, unless we go begging to those who have. me, i despise begging; it is demeaning. So i will be content with whatever i can find.