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  1. Exactly this. [Ignoring the fact that names are exclusive right now] I'm proud that a lot of my dragons have really unique names that I've not even see variants of (be it capitalization, spacing. Etc) My biggest reasoning for wanting exclusivity remove is simply time based. I don't have a lot of time to sit down and figure out how to pronounce codes like 4wAUq and turn them into a name. Or take the time to type out names like F l a m e t h r o w e r. I just want the option to be able to click on a dragon and name it something quick and easy (such as Bucket, Bromangelon, Purple Horse, Sonicboom, Etcetera). Especially if it's a dragon I've no intention on using for anything and only have for sprite/encyclopedia/raffle reasons.
  2. Didn't realize this one was a Saltkin when I hatched it. Debating breeding it to a Pitfire when it's grown now... https://dragcave.net/lineage/nTKJD
  3. H: 3g Black Marrow x (non-alt) Dark Green hatchling (Precog'd Male) W: Female dark green hatchling (any lineage) - also willing to take an influence able egg
  4. These adults are beautiful. The Scrymrian's remind me of the Valentine's dragon in color - which should work well with a lot of the other pygmy breeds. And the Mirisias are just such a wonderfully soft looking breed. I'm much more a fan of soft colors than vibrant. Thank you TJ and spriters for another simple yet beautiful release.
  5. I thought I got then from different biomes, but looking at mine, I've got 3 Jungle and 1 Forest. Anyhow, I'm getting really excited to see the adults of these babies. My eggs should be hatched sometime today, so I can start preparing name ideas.
  6. After Mint but before Misfit - meaning their name has to be between MINTA to MISA In thinking of names, I recalled the name Minthe - who was a nymph turned into a mint plant by Persephone (which could explain the smell of the egg) Another thing I recalled though is Mirabelle brandy (which is a dry, white plum brandy) - and some alcohols do have an aroma. Though Mirin (a Japanese cooking wine) also works... But that's just me guessing, I'm content to wait and see.
  7. I'll try not to but he's just too cute!
  8. He's got little whiskers! Or some spaghetti on his nose. I love him, and this might be the first hatchling I want to hoard.
  9. Stunned Electric hatchling - free to good home: Gone!
  10. Got 3 of the Pygmy and 4 of the other I'm content
  11. Was looking through some of my Prize dragon's descendants and came across one with other prize parents that made me (temporarily) remove my Prize dragon's name for the purpose of this screenshot
  12. Either there's not a lot Warframe players on DC or no one likes this character but I just got both: Onkko Quill Onkko Primary
  13. On another website, same name is handled with the oldest one being displayed first and descending from there (sorted by date) For example, say I've 4 dragons with the same name but different breed: Riven (gold) - Stolen on: 1/2/13 Riven (silver) - stolen on: 2/4/12 Riven (white) - stolen on: 5/5/13 Riven (black) - stolen on: 5/5/13* I use view/n/Riven/Shorahnagi They would display as follows: Riven (silver) Riven (gold) Riven (black)* Riven (white)* *In the case of same name/date, it would default to breed sort OR it could go by time the egg was caught/bred Honestly, if view/n/ is one of the major hang ups, I'm okay with the addition of adding the username to see (as it seems most use this on their own scroll as opposed to searching others)
  14. Reasons why to have this: Players who dislike seeing 'wrong breed', zombified, neglected, frozen, etc. Hatchlings in their dragon's offspring don't have to see it Reasons why not to have this: *if not limited to personal scroll-view only* No way to fully view all offspring from a parent [ex. I find a 2g Bronze tinsel I like, I want to check the tinsel parent to see what other lineages they might have done/be willing to do for a blood swap. All I get to see is tinsel offspring Newer players may get confused seeing dragons who have 'bred true' [meaning always produced the same egg type] and wonder why their own haven't (yes, people can already 'manipulate' this by killing eggs of the wrong breed but you get the idea) It's another way to 'control' an abandoned egg [ex. A 2g prize I bred gets auto-AP'd. I just 'remove' that egg from view of my prize's offspring, thus while someone now owns a 2g prize from me, anyone who looks at the prize parent wouldn't see it] Could potentially be a coding nightmare. TL/DR: I'm neutral to it provided that, if added, it is limited to personal view only (ex. I look at my Bronze Tinsel and only see her tinsel offspring. You look at her and see everything)
  15. 8 Pink Sapphires of various lineages have been bred and sent to the AP between 9:27am to 9:41am EST.
  16. If memory serves, Dohaerys said they based the resulting color on the sprites themselves (hence why Water Dragons are the only one to douse the flames because their sprite is in water) and also the color certain things burn (copper burns green, sulfur [Brimstones] burns blue, etc.). As such, a breed with no visible flames/water would default to Orange...Not to mention, some breeds we have now might have been added after Doha decided on what caused what [no idea when Pyropellis were first conceived]. Though because of that, I'm willing to agree that a "review" of a few breeds wouldn't be a bad thing - but it's entirely up to TJ and Doha on that one.
  17. I will admit, I forgot Hybrid dragons were a thing when I suggested CB only freezing See? Proof we have too many dragons that players forget about some of them.
  18. It does. Any breed that changes a Pyropellis flame color will reignite the Bald to the corresponding color [so Copper x Bald = relit green. Red fire gem x Bald = relit Aqua/Cyan]
  19. That is a concern for some that I can understand. Though what of a compromise then that only CB eggs can be frozen? Or also make it so that people could buy Frozen Eggs from the Market? Before anyone says it, I'm NOT saying making Frozen Eggs a market exclusive thing. I'm saying (if frozen eggs are added) give players the option of buying either a regular egg at market price OR a frozen egg (at maybe a reduced cost [ex. If its 600 for a Red, a Frozen Red Egg would be 300]) - again, this does NOT stop players from catching wild eggs to freeze
  20. Inadvertently, I sent 8 Greens to the AP on Sunday (along with 2 Geodes and 2 Celestials) Not sure how often I'll remeber to do these breedings but I'll help when I I remeber
  21. @Myoukin Thank you. Went ahead and bred my remaining Colored Pyropellis to some of the mates listed: Aqua Pyropellis x Pink Zyu = No change https://dragcave.net/lineage/AqDul Blue Pyropellis x Spirit Ward = No change https://dragcave.net/lineage/cgRtf Purple Pyropellis x Sinomorph = No change The dragons don’t really show much interest in each other. So yeah, all three cases had the colored Pyropellis remain its color as opposed to reverting it back to Orange
  22. Nope, both of my colored Pyropellis stayed their respective colors when bred together: https://dragcave.net/lineage/sHZ1Y Also, what breed(s) do we still have to check if they turn a flame back to orange? I've three colored-flame Pyropellis able to breed at the moment
  23. I don't use it all that often, but reasons I've seen people say they use it is: *Easy way to check if a name's been taken before trying to use the name *Easy way to find a dragon on your scroll (ex. I know I have a horse dragon named QuiDuck...I know he's in a group with 100+ other horse dragons [on a scroll with 3,000+ dragons] By using view/n/QuiDuck - I can quickly call up his page)
  24. And I feel that is why people want an additional use for them. I've used my shards in the past to buy breeds I was having a hard time getting CB ones of - but now that I have them, my shards are just sitting there...waiting for the next time I'm having trouble finding a certain egg. BSA spells would be beneficial to all because: 1. Gives newer players access to BSAs they might not have a lot of 2. Gives veteran players a back up if they run out of BSA dragons (ex. I have 6 Aeons, last release I used them all up) 3. Makes shards have a greater purpose Also, I agree with others that - when there's a limit you can theoretically hit in less than a day's time...its not really a grind.
  25. Spells I would like to see: *BSA's- excluding Bite/Teleport *Remove Influence (solves the issue of needing to 'bounce' eggs) *'Reset' Refusal (would cost a couple thousand shards, but would allow you to undo a refusal [does not guarantee they wouldn't refuse a second time]) Spells I would not like to see: *reduce cooldown *additional kill/freeze slots *'reset' kill/freeze slots Spells I'm neutral on: *Increase chance of an alt. I don't mind this one IF it's limited to breeds that have breed only alts (so Black, Dark Green/Vine, and Undine) but it should not affect BSA-based alts. It's an interesting concept, but at the end of the day, I'm neutral on the whole thing.