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  1. Personally, I like this option better. I feel it would put less pressure on people making offers, and as you said - could help those who might not have a lot of breeding spots decide if they want to gamble on breeding the wanted egg or not. It might also keep people from canceling their offer if they don't immediately get an accepted/decline - as now they know the trader is looking at other offers too. The first suggestion I feel has too much room for abuse, and could give some users a false idea* or what an egg/hatchling is worth* OR intimidate some from making an offer at all. TL/DR: Support for option 2 *Everyone values everything differently, and while the majority agree a (example) CB gold is very high value - we might not agree on just what that value is.
  2. I'm on mobile (Samsung Internet) and I have this problem persisting even after updating browser, clearing cache/cookies, etc. I rarely use fertility, but it is annoying to have to delete my name (though I do have a dragon that has my scroll name on it) when I do want to use it.
  3. My scroll says I joined in 2009, the oldest dragons on my scroll have a stolen on/laid on date of: Jan 08, 2009 So I think I joined sometime around then. I pop on almost daily now and am still going strong
  4. I put this one up for a specific trade but have received no offers. I've no use for it, but maybe someone here does: 2g Female Pink Alstroemeria Floret from Pink Alstro floret father and Purple Iris Floret mother Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! *Just offer any egg to claim
  5. This is my thoughts on it. I don't have a lot of Holiday lineages, but I will admit I don't have the space to do them all (even with 8 spots, and breeding on the first day and using incubate to have them hatch in time to allow for a second round of 8). The other benefit to this is time. I work retail and the Holidays are exceptionally busy, which leaves me even less time for DC. Having that extra window would take some of the pressure off.
  6. There was no new Halloween egg wall (that I saw) - though I did see some NR eggs scattered about...and some NR hatchies when the hatchie wall started (didn't catch any of them, sad because I wanted a few more)
  7. Wall is pure hatchlings now as of 9:37am
  8. Thank you unknown breeder: https://dragcave.net/lineage/CHMs2 Can't believe I found someone else who bred the same lineage as I did...I forgot to work on it this Halloween but now I can at least breed the non-holiday mate and take it to 4 generations
  9. I don't think the time on the eggs is affected by Daylight Savings to be honest. Eggs go on a set time from when they are bred for the time remaining...which is why an egg bred at 10am on the 1st will time out at 10am on the 8th and not sooner *barring any action that kills it and going by time vs. Views* Daylight Savings ended at 2am this morning (11/7) - now given that all this actually affects is the time the clocks display [no time is truly gained or lost] Egg bred on 11/6 11pm - 7 days 11/7 12am - 6d 23h 11/7 1am - 6d 22h 11/7 2am* = clocks go back, so now the time shown is 11/7 1am again* = 6d 21h That aside, I'm seeing a few 14h starting to mix in ***EDIT: Wall has been solid 14h for the last few minutes since 8:57 est
  10. 11:59:59 pm is the latest a Halloween egg could have been bred. 11/6 11:59:59 - 24h remaining 11/7 12:59:59 - 23h remaining ... 11/7 7:59:59 am - 15h remaining If there's a lot of eggs in the way that were bred late, the wall could last as late at 10pm dragon cave time by my calculations However, I suspect the end will come sooner given that Halloween was a Sunday and many of us had to go to work/school the next day and probably didnt stay up that late
  11. Well, there goes any reason for me to remain awake to watch for the end of the wall (it's midnight for me) Still fun though to see the eggs go by
  12. Her code is Riven (named her Rivenese Bronze) - but yes, that game is why I picked it for her custom code
  13. 1d 1h on Halloween wall with the non-holiday row at 15h I'm on DC time, so the time shown matches cave time
  14. Actively abandoning a Blue Sapphire egg - turns pink *not sure about abandoning a hatchling* Actively abandoning a Yellow or Pink Sapphire - stays Yellow/Pink Auto-abandoned Blue Sapphire egg - Stays blue It's just really rare to see Yellow eggs in general on the AP/Scrolls (seen more yellow hatchlings on the AP than eggs) and Blue eggs are dependent on accidental over breeds/multi-clutch of Celestials. The only Sapphire that won't be seen on the AP anymore is CB Blue as they can't be auto-abandoned (unless some weird glitch happens)
  15. *a few others have said the same but I'm quoting this one because it was easiest to quote on mobile A possible improvement (if implemented) to the exclusivity would be a page that lists ALL your named dragons (unnamed would not be shown) and has the box next to the same [think like the trade hub page when setting up a trade]. There could be an uncheck all option that wipes the system.** Then it's just a matter of going back and checking the ones you want to remain exclusive [in my case, I have somewhere around 3,500 named dragons - of those names, I think maybe there's somewhere around 30 names I'd make exclusive...and I can find them all quickly via ctrl-F. **Using uncheck all/unchecking a name would not automatically make it free. There would be a confirmation box like most of the BSA's** Also, the reason I said the default name option is exclusive as opposed to 'free to use' is because of time zones. While I would HOPE there would be a delay before being implemented (if this idea was to be done) - this safe guards those in different time zones who may not be on in time to "reserve" a name they want kept exclusive [ex. I would be upset if I logged in and tried to exclusify Rivenese Bronze- only to find I can't as there's now a few additionals]
  16. After rereading the various suggestions, the only way I see a middle ground of sorts working would be a coding nightmare to implement (I suspect, I know very little of coding) - and that is: Let the User who holds the name *currently* decide if the name should be exclusive. *I have a long explanation but I suspect this will be unpopular and will only give the short explanation Say I own the names Riven, Iron Man and Guardian of Nature. A lot of people love the Avengers and want their names, I got it first but I'll be nice and share. I unchecked the box making the name exclusive, allowing everyone to name a dragon Iron Man [I can't change the exclusivity back UNLESS my Iron Man goes back to being the only one as I had the name first] I don't want to share Riven because that name is very special to me, so I make sure the box under 'Actions' that locks her name from use is still checked. I do the same for Guardian of Nature because - yes, it's the name of a breed and I'm sure a lot of players would love to name a dragon that...But I got it first and want to keep it as mine. Thus, there's now a bunch of Iron Man's, but still only one Guardian of Nature and one Riven. If implemented names would be checked exclusive by default to 'protect' players who may be on a hiatus for reasons (ex. A player in the hospital) and would need to manually be changed.
  17. Thanks. I know there is really no way of knowing, was just looking for a ball park idea of time. Knowing your eggs bred time, that now gives me a rough idea of when to check back.
  18. Anyone have an idea when the current Halloween wall might end? I know the eggs currently dropping there are from the 31st so near the end of the line before the potential New Release wall...but I'm itching to go back to AP hunting other breeds (yes, that one line of non Holiday eggs is nice, but I'm having no luck finding what I want XD)
  19. 4x Pumpkin hatchlings Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  20. An assorted batch ofHalloween hatchlings Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! *same as above, just offer a random egg
  21. I'll agree with others that I get less of a Halloween vibe and more of a Day of the Dead vibe from these [the colors are making me think of sugar skulls] That aside, these are a beautiful breed of dragon. There's an odd muscular elegance surrounding them, and the colors of the wings really make the grayish-blue tones of the body pop. I suppose if I had to make one complaint, the golden yellow horns seem a bit of a clash to the rest of the dragon (would have preferred a softer yellow but that's just my preference) but they do make a nice focal point. All in all, I need a few more of these now...
  22. A pair of sibling Arcanas and two unrelated Graves: Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! *just offer any egg to claim
  23. 4 Caligene hatchlings Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Gone! 4 Grave Hatchlings Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Gone! *Just offer any egg to claim
  24. Depends what you mean. The data to edit the farm is removed [only TJ knows if he archives it somewhere inaccessible for later reuse *seems likely given the return of past events* or if its outright deleted] However, if you harvested at least one item - you can still view your farm through the badge on your scroll [or via the view link of: https://dragcave.net/halloween21/*scroll name here* That aside, I can't wait to see the adults. I'm hoping they keep the gray bodies and faintly lit wings [already thinking they may look great with Stratos, Mistras, or Glysteres if they do]
  25. Correct, killing a named dragon causes the name to be lost forever. Theres a thread somewhere in this forum calling for allowing dead dragons to be unnamed (by the owner as an optional thing so as to not upset deadlines) *Edit: Found the most recent variant of it, second post has links to similar requests *Lineage preference and 'creativity' aside* I think the problem with this is that some people feel a sense of pride in having gotten a certain name [ex. The pride you felt over having originally gotten Doctor Nefarious Tropy]. Or that some names have special meaning (somewhere in this thread was a person with a dragon named after a deceased relative, and they stated they'd be a little upset if someone else had the name) That being said, I think Fuzzbucket summed up the whole of the situation quite well that - no matter what is decided - one side WILL be unhappy about it.