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  1. Had lots of fun decorating my fort. Noticed this small clipping issue though. I cleared my cache and it's still there.
  2. You can repair stuff, nothing is permanently destroyed. You can even hang on to resources until the last day to build. Plus repairing stuff gives you xp. Also at the end of the event all the damage is wiped away.
  3. How is it a "war on christmas" snowball fights are fun, it's not this is an actual war??? Anyways, can't wait to build up a cool looking ice fort, since I wasn't around for the first snow wars. Thanks to TJ and everyone who worked on the game, it's really cute and fun. Also the eggs and hatchlings look stunning, really looking forward to seeing the adults.
  4. Ahhh thanks so much ❤️ and grats to all the winners
  5. Caveborn. An egg from the biomes and not bred.
  6. Sorry you seem to lack taste.
  7. The anchor necklace is worn by Jaina Proudmoore in World of Warcraft.
  8. I get this every time I try to grab a treat.
  9. Is there a bug with getting the treats? I keep getting the tombstone "an error has occurred" page when I click one. I've clicked like 4-5 dif ones now, and now I can't see my page that shows all my treats either.
  10. Not sure, I only have 1,112 dragons and still have the issue myself.
  11. Ah so it's not just me. I'm using Chrome, if that matters.
  12. I generally don't mind sprite updates like the Silvers and Reds. But on the other hand I really miss the old golds 😕 But nah man, the black dragons are perfectly fine as they are, they've always been nice and I really don't see any glaring problems with them like at all.... "they look weird" ????? I don't understand lol
  13. I know the dragons you re talking about, and if the greek one is the one I'm thinking of.... Yeah it's tragic what happened to them, I was looking forward to those so much, not anymore. 😕 Fully agree with you on DR. It's honestly insane the ridiculously high standards in there. Also just feels like if you aren't one of the "regulars" who always crits in there your opinion isn't welcome. It's why I just end up lurking instead of posting.
  14. I think it might be the different element types is one (broader) category, but like if it pops up it can be any of the elements, same for body type, since wyrms are a body type, so maybe we'll get raise 3 pygmies in the future etc.
  15. Thanks whoever bred and tossed this baby in the AP. There's nothing really special about the lineage, but I own the grandparents so that makes it special to me :')
  16. Wow this is such a lovely thing you are doing (and everyone who donated eggs <3) Entered for a few lovely babes, good luck everyone ❤️
  17. So glad the site is back up ❤️
  18. Spitfires and Deep Seas are fine. Honestly Dorsal is the only dragon imo that really needs a rework, besides Guardian. I'd honestly love it if Dorsals had a different pose, as unlikely as that is.
  19. Haha oh congrats. Raw broccoli is where it's at. I'm all about that crunch.
  20. Oh I really love the blue spotted egg hatchling
  21. No, turns out I didn't need it after all, thanks though ❤️
  22. Just caught a red fire gem. I was kind of surprised I got it, since I did a double take when I saw the description lol
  23. I unfogged a siyat that was supposed to be purple and it hatched into blue :((((( I influenced a tinsel that had a step lineage into the wrong gender............ I want to kick myself lol
  24. I need: to erase an influence If you can take my egg, and teleport it back, please reply here - thanks!
  25. I joined in 2007. I stopped playing in 2011. Don't even remember why, and remember the site about a week ago so now I'm back. Pretty crazy how much has changed, I have a lot to learn again lol