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  1. The new dragons are absolutely gorgeous! Like others said, dragons from previous years were all beautiful, but having a bright, red colored dragon is a pleasant change. :D As for the cooking game, I'm lacking on sugar too. XD
  2. Is the cave down for other? Or just me? Because it seems it's down, my Christmas eggs are fogged and I can't get to them to unfog them and put them in a hatchery. I'm starting to go worried. It's been down for me since yesterday. No probs, apparently I was able to get in the cave.
  3. I think this is a really beautiful dragon, and by far one of my favorites. It looks peaceful and calm and it fits completely with Christmas.
  4. I feel a bit sad that we still don't have a "werewolf" dragon. We got zombies, vampires, ghosts, pumpkins and witches, and even dark, creepy things, yet no wolfies. Still, I love that these are based on Lovecraft. The design looks very interesting and I can't wait to see the adults. Thanks a bunch, spriters and TJ.
  5. Good evening. I wanted to be on the sure side with a name. I don't think it will be much of a problem but to be sure. The Drunken Von Elegance would be an inappropriate name? Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. Well, those are some pretty nice surprises. I was thinking the other day about how cool it would be if I could have a way to organise my almost 4000 dragons with tags. Seems like I wasn't the only once who had had the idea. And the 8 slots... THANK YOU. My mild OCD was suffering a lot from that. But what's with the eggs? I haven't even seen them dropping. :/
  7. You seem to be going through depression. I'm not going to tell you all will be flowers and roses, and that you'll find super nice people here because, while that's true, it is not important. What you need is not super nice people. You need professional help. Depression is not just being sad or going through a rough patch, It's a very real clinical condition, and as long as you don't take care of that, you won't be able to see things positively because you can't. Do search for help. I've been through depression myself and I know how incapacitating it is.
  8. Ooooh, more drama! What would DC be without drama? Anyways, how are these guys dropping? I saw one today, although I haven't been hunting for long, and yesterday I spent 4 hours only to see two of these guys fly by. I was afraid they would be user-rare. Should have dropped one of the others to focus on them.
  9. Ok. Corteo, you did an amazing job with these guys. They look fantastic. Even in their static pose they look natural and relaxed. I really like these guys. The firegems are stunningly beautiful as well. They are so dynamic and the concept is really cool. I feel a bit irked that I'm having to fight my way through 80 people to get the only blue one I'm missing for a complete collection. Great job, spriters. What a lovely release.
  10. I'm really intrigued about the three colorful ones. I'm guessing a mana based theme there, so it'll be interesting to try them out with GoN and see what they breed. The faint ones are just so cute. I wonder what they'll look like once adults.
  11. Maybe you're striving for some Martin Luther King achievement but fictional stories make people like me very happy. It might not seem like much to you but for me it means the world. I'm the sort of person who struggles to survive in a world not made for them. Everything affects me a lot, I have a hard time trying to accept this is the place we live in. A normal day for someone else means emotional overload for me. Reading for me is escapism. I value simple, fun, adventure stories where the good guys struggle through troubles to ultimately win. So by all means, write. No matter how small an action might seem, if you're making someone happy or their life a little more bearable, it was worth it.
  12. Years ago, when I worked at a pizza place (I was delivery service) a client asked for one of our specialities which is the Four Cheese. The Four Cheese contains blue cheese amongst other types. After the client had received her order she called back claiming we had given her a pizza with MOLD.
  13. We're a rotten society when we stop considering women as people to start treating them a vessels because a still non viable embryo has more personhood than the woman who is, at this very moment, alive. A woman dies in El Salvador because the extreme anti-abortion laws in that country forbade the doctors to treat her cancer (which ultimately killed her and the fetus). They could only treat her with inefficient, mild, non toxic medication because if the little critter was damaged they could be seen as having provoked the abortion and thus could go to jail. A woman in Ireland dies from sepsis due to a non viable fetus they refused to extract. A 13 year old girl who was raped was denied the right to abort in Mexico, because making a 13 year old child go through pregnancy is just lovely. Women who die because the fetus was developing in the fallopian tubes and, even though that's a medical school 101 NON VIABLE fetus and a HUGE LIFE RISK for the potential mother, who gives a damn about the vessel? I know I'm going to ignite a few flames here but, in all my life (and I've been debating this topic for nearly 15 years, and have gone from anti to pro choice), absolutely ALL pro-life I've spoken with don't give a damn about the mother OR the fetus. The only thing they care about is their own, personal ethics, and for such ethics to be imposed upon the rest because that's what they ultimately believe is the right thing. The only thing they care is their peace of mind, their perception of right and wrong, and to force their unquestionable truth upon the heretics who would defy them. It's all about them, them and ultimately THEM and their huge planet sized ego. I've never, ever seen a single pro-life talking about the woman as nothing more than a vessel (or to insult her, because she's either a simple vessel with no personhood or personality, or evil incarnate, it's not like she's a real human being, a person, with her own problems, thoughts, emotions and personal situation). I've never ever seen a single pro-life give a damn about the little kid once it is out of their own personal faceless incubator. Actually just today my country passed on a law where orphans due to gender violence just lost part of their rights... that was the same political party shouting like zealots about the rights of the unborn child. That's how much they actually care about the children. Because it was never about the kids, it was about them, their ethics, and forcing their ethics upon the rest of society. In days like these, when I remember how each and every country is legislating female reproductive rights in a room FULL OF MEN. When out opinion IS NEVER ASKED. In days like this I realise that if men gave birth, abortion would be a universal right. You guys know who else never has a choice over their reproductive rights? Pets.
  14. Bright Breasted Wyvern Happy Birthday to Me! Scroll: DragonNighthowler Forum name: DragonNighthowler Birthday: March 16 List: 1. CB Gold 2. CB Chrono Xenowyrm 3a. Beautiful lineages like this or this. 3b. Beautiful lineages like this or this. 4a. Beautiful lineages like this or this. 4b. Beautiful lineages like this or this.
  15. Ok? That was positively awesome. I got stuck in a couple of spots, but I had a lot of fun with this game.
  16. This is exactly what I love about DC. This is the reason I've been here since 2009. I just don't have time to spend all day in a petsite.
  17. The dragons are lovely! Well done, Infinis. It's a pity the game is so buggy this year. I loved the game last year with each quest being totally different. Repeating the same menial tasks each day to get new furniture is not something I'm enjoying. The house editing tool is terribly buggy. The only thing I'm looking forward is towards the story, but that isn't working properly either, forcing me to clear my cache. I'm sorry, guys. I know you worked hard enough and the furniture is really, really cool. I just wish I didn't have to spend so much time in unfulfilling, boring, repetitive tasks only so I could get it.
  18. I was really excited about the event. I hope nothing special is given out because I haven't won a single minesweeper game in my over 30 years of life. I know adventures might be a bit harder to do but... I would have really liked another carnival adventure, or haunted house, or something of the sort. I love science and scientific research but... I just can't relate. Sorry, this year's Halloween seems a bit half baked.
  19. I agree, Odeen. We used to have some awesome debates back in the book forum years ago. Then I got some unwarranted warnings out of the blue and I stopped debating altogether. Well, you all can see how interesting the book forum is today.
  20. My boyfriend passed me this article and I thought, maybe, you guys would like to read it. It analyzes the Brexit vote by different collectives which is always interesting. http://lordashcroftpolls.com/2016/06/how-t...-voted-and-why/ Do you guys know what's going to happen to the large population of retired britons in Spain? I've read something about them loosing health care and stuff, but I really don't have much information about this issue.
  21. I don't know if this's been mentioned before but something I'd love to see implemented is some sort of way to execute an action in several eggs at the same time. For example, incubate a whole batch of eggs without having to click one red by one and enter the password 7 times. I don't know how that could be done. Maybe selecting 7 reds from an available list and then 7 eggs, enter the password once and done. It would be nice to have it.
  22. Now I'm halfway through The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice. I don't like it very much. It's less about the story and more about the way Rice writes. I admit I never really read anything about her because vampires never interested me much, but she's considered like the best writer out there in vampire fiction. I don't know any other vampire fiction aside from Rice's and Meyer's so I wonder whether she's really the "best" or simply the most well known. She spent like 20% of the book describing a friggin house. Sure, a couple other things happened in between but the book starts describing the house, the main character gets bitten (talk about originality, Rice), and a short while latter she's still describing the house. The main character is as obsessed as she is with the house and, really, it's an important element, but I don't need to have every single room described in excruciating detail.
  23. They are all beautiful, I'm having a tough time choosing my favourite of them all.
  24. Happy 10th birthday, DC. I was expecting some new breeds. What I wasn't expecting was all this. What a surprise, what a pleasant, lovely surprise. Thank you TJ, and spriters, and everyone aboard the DC team.
  25. Exhausted. Had a Thermomix presentation this morning, went to bed rather late last night and this afternoon I had Ring training with the dog. So yeah... exhausted. Oh, and I've driven back and forth over 150 km in a rather nice but not the most comfortable car.