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  1. Pokemon Platinum Pokemon Mystery Dngeon Explorers of the Sky And many other Pokemon games
  2. WARNING! MAJOR RANDOMNESS IN THIS POST! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! I was in a posh hotel dinner party.I soon got bored and wandered down a few hallways,when i see a guy,around 19,20 years old running through double glass doors.As soon as he rounded the hallway,i noticed a school friend,Charlie,hiding in the my right in between the door and the wal.With a VERY big portion of McDonald fries.On the other side of the doors,were 4 girls also carrying large portions of fries.One of them (i think she was asian),asked if i'd seen Charlie.I said no.They said thanks and ran off.Charlie said thanks for hiding her,and handed me the fries.I went outside,to find the sea,with two people in swimsuits.On killer whales.They started talking to jellyfish made of jewells,and the whales were yawning,and the boy and girl start singing something.I was then eaten by a jellyfish. I learnt nothing at all,and that wasn't one of the strangest,like the time i fell through a shed floor dressed in a Charmander costume.
  3. sorry,but im kind of a noob when it comes to banners and url codes and blarg,so please help me?
  4. Username: Grey Wolf Why:He reminds me of myself, such as eating loads,never being full,and being a pink blob with no apparent torso (but a MUCH cooler pink blob),as well as changing his whole body mass/structure thing. Basically,AWSOMENESS!