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  1. Where is the new "Market"/in-game currency? I didn't see any new links anywhere except for the Trading Hub...
  2. I am LOVING the green Bolt dragons.
  3. Sending to the two above me here, and all others on this page!
  4. Sending to Evolutary and the 2 above. Scroll name same as here
  5. Is this year's event just some tetris puzzles and some text?
  6. I'll be honest, I miss the days of wreath decorating.
  7. I think volcano, alpine and forest?
  8. I had a ferret for 6 1/2 years, but he passed away 2 years ago (seemed to be liver cancer). He was an old man so it was not unexpected. After he was gone, I considered getting another ferret but as I live alone and have a small apartment, it is hard to give them the exercise they really need/the space to run around and monitor their activity enough. My last ferret was a VERY good, very smart boy, and even when he did typical naughty ferret things like stealing dangerous stuff to chew on, he never managed to swallow anything stupid or deadly. This is rare for ferrets, as many/most of them will swallow very bad things (plastic, foam, fabric, rubber, chocolate) and need very expensive surgery. So after a year of mourning I decided to fulfill a childhood dream and get a snake. I decided on a baby Ball Python. 6 months later I bought another (an adult this time). The second snake is an absolute dream, a well-behaved, placid, easily manageable boy. My young female is one of those occasional individuals that are very shy, very anxious, very defensive, and huffy/bitey. She's also a huge princess that won't eat rats, won't eat mice under 44 degrees C, happily eats 2 mice at a time in the winter but won't eat 2 in the spring, etc. She's a real headache. But she is growing like a weed and getting calmer slowly. lol
  9. Another vote for "favorite Xmas dragon yet". These really look great!
  10. I think it's just a glitch! Or literally, it's a glitch. It's supposed to look like that.
  11. I completely agree, particularly with: Whites (one of my favorites) Balloons (I .... really dislike these) Vines Guardians (Another I really dislike) Seasonals (they look kind of plasticky) Whiptails (flat..) and Dorsals, poor things.
  12. Just 9 more hours. They'll be grown up by the time I get off work. Looking forward to these! Judging solely by LadyLyzar's other work, I expect these adults will be: - solid colored body without much texture or variation - some bright highlight or shine across rounded areas - smooth, rounded limbs with a 'plasticky' texture - Color gradation - Unlikely to have hair - A slim, slinky body These might look amazing with sunrise dragons, from what I've seen so far!
  13. They're in Alpine, Desert and Volcano. The description says "This metallic egg shows faint iridescence in moonlight."
  14. Alpine, Coast and Volcano.
  15. Huh, those are the first two-headed dragons I really like. Nice ones~!
  16. Ahh, there's just not enough time for this event. :/ I have work and such.
  17. I STILL have old friends finding me on FB and referring to me by my old pronouns, to my face. I'm not only out on FB but IRL, i've also transitioned medically. But it's absolutely amazing what lengths people will go to to avoid realizing that someone has changed their gender in some way. They will do LITERALLY ANY kind of stupid mental gymnastics to rationalize that you have changed your pronouns, FB gender, photos, dress, hair, name, etc, and still BELIEVE that you haven't really. There's one guy I've come out to literally four times on FB and I KEEP correcting him-- No, my name is my ACTUAL CHANGED NAME IN REAL LIFE, the pronouns you see here ARE REAL--and he keeps going ooh sorry! I'm happy for you! And a year later he's like HAAAYYY GURLLL YOU LOOK SO GOOD >< come on man
  18. I missed it too, I somehow screwed up my back and today had my 2nd ambulance ride and my first ever MRI! Oh spine, you're so funny! Happy April Fool's day to me. Anyway, wanted to give some support to the thread as a late-transitioning transitioned adult. I knew I was gender-something, but never had the chance to transition until way after college. It's still perfectly good if you can't transition at 14, guys, despite the prevalence of very active trans kids on tumblr, not everybody has a safe family where you can come out. If you have to wait, it's OKAY TO WAIT UNTIL ITS SAFE. And it's just as good.
  19. I've been working on Black and White Stripes but it is VERY HARD! lol