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  1. Im using Window phone OS and the site still doesn't allow me to logn :-/
  2. I'm not sure. But my friend got an error message from that.
  3. Awesome! Thanks for the sneak peek.
  4. Thanks for the hard work, TJ.
  5. Does it count to egg limit?? I'm scroll-locked with 4 vampies already DX
  6. you have to log in to see the Wilderness page.
  7. Just posted to say Thank you for an awesome site.
  8. Again? I voted for can be disabled, since people wouldn't care to check them if they have more experience.
  9. Sorry, I won't. I don't think ones who don't take this oath are irresponsible breeders. Your point is not strong enough to convince me. No matter how you try to breed, you cannot avoid multiple clutch. That is the way this game is.