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  1. This. It probably looks like a horrible mess to any reasonable breeder, but building this lineage took time, hard work, hunting and a bit of luck. I've received gifts, found spriters' alts descendants in the AP, even obtained a Summer with Split ancestors (no longer visible, TJ himself fixed the glitch), lost an egg to the Datamonster and turned a simple CB Magi into the matriarch of 75 gens of dragons. And the adventure will continue until all the breeds are represented... then I'll wait for new releases.
  2. Personal experience again... I'm sure you all relate. 27. Law of reverse availability: When you're locked with fresh CBs, the egg you've been chasing fruitlessly for hours will magically gain the status of "cave blocker". 28. Your favourite breed (or breed combination, if you're into lineages) will either be too popular (everyone grabs the eggs) or too unpopular (no-one ever breeds the eggs you need).
  3. Post a name from your own scroll, following the alphabetic order. Codes work, too. At 21 Jump Street
  4. You wouldn't label this dragon as snobbish and picky, right? Well, he isn't. His intended CB Fever mate, on the other hand, is.
  5. I'm slowly recovering from the egg overload and getting ready for another egg overload. Do I want two-three more dragons to name and sort? Of course not.
  6. Number of free egg spots: 7! Number of growing things on my scroll: 21.
  7. My favourite Holidays in general are the Valentines: the eggs are too tempting. My favourite breed is Rosebud, even if for some odd reason I feel compelled to grab every Arsani egg I can reach. Of the Halloween eggs, my favourites are the Graves - see my scroll for proof! - and the Pumpkins, but once again I have cravings for Shadow Walkers and picked up a ton this year (probably because they flooded the AP much more than the Graves. Also, odd cracking sequence). Christmas will hopefully bring me more Solstices - because I'm in love with the dawn ones, egg and everything - and a couple sparkly Mistletoes; the recent updates to the Holly adult will make me actively hunt for more, as well. Favourite hatchling is, of course, the Sweetling. Seriously, look at it.
  8. I'm hatchie-locked for a whole day and this is probably a good thing. I feel like a kid stuffed with candies and ready for the bellyache of the year.
  9. One of my Halloween babies fell in the hands of a caring owner - I can tell from the number of views - but it has a day left and hasn't gendered yet. I'm afraid it won't make it. I'm trying to help it for the owner's sake, s/he doesn't deserve to lose it.
  10. I'm speechless. They look like mythological beasts yay no spiders! and less creepy than I thought. Great, Infinis. I should've kept all the eggs for myself... but no, I can always do so next year!
  11. A 2 days and 10 hours egg gets more views than a 2 days and 7 hours one. What sorcery is this?
  12. I'm fishing CBs to move the wall. Lineaged eggs lack the ancestors I need.
  13. I have the horrible suspect it increases the chances of a refusal. *Death glare for her dragons*
  14. On my first Halloween here I got the grand total of 1 (one) Pumpkin, and I had another user catch it for me. I'm still trying to repay my debt with the karma. The fact we traditionally celebrate All Saints Day and not Halloween must have something to do with this. Saints tend to be givers rather than hoarders.
  15. My Halloween eggs went from 7 to 3 because I keep taking pity on people who missed the drop. I'm either too kind or too stupid.
  16. Oooh, it's fantastic! Thanks a lot for gifting me your time! I loved Ghostbusters when I was a child, so this made my day
  17. Unfortunately I couldn't try all the potions (Eucalyptus flowers kept eluding me) but I loved the various effects, especially the one for Blacks. I liked this event!
  18. I found a messy lineage with two pretty tombstones that could look wonderful in my Flavoured lineage... ...and dropped it to get some boring 2nd gens. Shame on me.
  19. Edited it a bit. Also: 12. If you arrange a trade for Holiday dragons months in advance, the breeder/catcher will either forget or be inactive when the breeding season comes. _12a. If you wait until the very last time, you won't be able to get what you want.
  20. I abandoned a new egg and already put another in a Teleport for people who have none. I could add another one to the gifting pile.
  21. Welcome to the Jungle. Nothing but Sticky Palms for miles and miles.
  22. It all started when Treat decided to divorce after 9 children and I was all «What the hell, guys???» until I unlocked this gem: [Wrapping Wings] can and will drink fermenting fruit if they find it. This is a bad things as they can’t steer when flying like this. And suddenly everything was clear.
  23. This is on a whole new level of suck. I'm sorry.
  24. Now I'm quite tempted to ask for a graphic rendition of this post, but you already had an idea for my request and so I confirm. I'm also quite afraid of the possible result for that one.