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  1. When I left my home and saw the crowd, I totally tried to flee to the mountains and hide in the temple. It didn't work. [#Diehardintrovert #Ohnoparties #AtleastIhaveacat]
  2. I really wanted some more Hollies because the updated sprites look great, but I couldn't grab a single egg, let alone one with a nice lineage. I adopted a messy one I'll use for my lineage, and that's all.
  3. So I'm the only one who thought Steve was wandering naked all the time. Colors surely look odd on this monitor.
  4. I was told refusals reset after holiday season. I tried. No way.
  5. It manages to look old, wise and friendly at the same time. Love it!
  6. I successfully completed today's task, but checking my inventory I found a letter for Perl that shouldn't be there. The facts: one day I found Ansel, accepted the letters, delivered them to Joe and Janus but not to Perl because I got stuck in a house. The following day I played again, refused to help with the letters and so didn't complete the task I tried to deliver the letter, but Perl wasn't home.
  7. The egg promises a great dragon. Congrats everyone for it.
  8. The snowballs keep breaking when the game restarts. I give up.
  9. I accidentally declined to delivery the letters (yesterday I accepted and was blocked by a glitch in a random house) and I regret nothing. Today it took four attempts to move a certain stone out of my way and I'm sick and tired of having to do everything while the others don't lift a finger.
  10. Me too. Now I can mindlessly grab lineaged things and only leave a couple slots for the new egg. Besides, if I get 8 eggs, it means at least 3 more people who would normally get their 2 eggs are left empty handed. Sure, more 2nd gens for them next year... but they'll be forced to continue MY 2nd gen lineages, instead of starting their own.
  11. Even if the message has been read. So many people would kill for a 2nd gen, and here I have one the intended owner doesn't want to take. Duh. Meanwhile, someone has bitten (read: tried to kill) my autoabandoned Every Flavoured offspring. It's an 87th gen, messy and inbred all the way, but would've been great freezing material - had it fallen in caring hands.
  12. And I thought I had found a nice mate for my second Mistletoe... people these days are impossible to please.
  13. I, for one, have decided to only bother posting 2nd gens on the Departure board and drop the others. I retrieved an Alt Desipis grandchild there, so it's worth a visit.
  14. Why does everyone get messies but me, who would actually need some? (I already have the Holly, though). And the person who PMed me in October asking for a Solstice hasn't picked it up yet.
  15. So you can access the Pillow's home? Awesome!
  16. I was about to ragequit the cat hunt, until I saw a Pillow knitting his own wool. Then life was bright again. Not yet, but I'm working on this goal. Harder than it sounds.
  17. I've been a very good girl: my scroll is completely free for Christmas breeding!
  18. My CB Stripes refuse to spontaneously become females.
  19. They shine! Great! The male looks very thin now, a bit more like the Eastern he's supposed to be: I don't hate him, I just have to get used to the new look. The female's face is a big improvement, I like her a lot more. The Splits are fantastic! The heads are much more draconic.
  20. Hello, I'm Lizzyluna and I'm sick of getting Blacktips off my lineage breeding.
  21. Oh lookie, my old thread. I've found this beautiful Angel in the AP and I'd like to breed him to a suitable mate. The lady I have in mind is Red Stripe from Holly x Stripe or Crimson from Radiant Angel x Crimson.
  22. I have all CB Holidays from Valentine '09, except for the Cavern Lurker. I have a Leetle Tree. I have a Zombie, whose creation produced no "collateral damages" as the other two adults dodged the blade. My only frozen hatchlings are Papers. I was here for Frills and Bright Pinks. In fact, I witnessed the formers' release. I have a huge collection of CB and PB Whites and an even huger collection of Stripes: I'm working on two PB lines. I also have two "encyclopedia" lineages that should feature all the possible breeds. Said lineages promoted my small collection of Spriters' alts descendants. My scroll is sorted by breed, with some exceptions: my first 10 dragons (starting from the Leetle Tree), Alt descendants, Holidays and Vampires are placed before the others, in this order.