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  1. Accidentally abandoned a 2G shimmer. Organized an AP-hunting party. Stayed up until 5AM waiting for the egg's time to drop. Missed it anyway. Went to sleep. Woke up, checked on the egg, and it's dead from softshell sad.gif

    This belongs to a whole new level of Things that suck so much. Especially if it was done on purpose.

  2. Going to try and join that FB group too, hopefully we UF people get together again somehow wub.gif


    Though it won't bring back all the items I collected and bought over the years, makes me so angry that I stop myself thinking about it dry.gif

    I feel half robbed, half fallen victim of a fire that destroyed my house and everything I stored into it. Including my collection of stuffed animals and some Christmas gifts I never had a chance to use. dry.gif

  3. See the list under Have? See the second part? They're all the mates I discarded for this round of breeding because not one of them is female! mad.gif

    Mate finally found after 22 fails. Twenty-two. XXII. In a case the mate was already a proud dad of a male child.

    My dragons are first-class a.holes. mad.gif

  4. This is exactly why I stopped playing another adoptable game: Holiday sprites can be obtained only for one or two years (and there are a lot to get, so new players struggle to grab two sets), then they're retired and you'll never see them again - unless you can spend outrageous sums of in-game currency (and sometimes real money) in the market. Most of them can't breed true, either.

    It's like standing outside a candy shop and staring at all the pretty things you can't have.


    I took into consideration the migration idea, but then I realised how much trouble it would cause to my PB Stripes lineage - potential mates, where are you? Oh, joy, it's that time of the year! - and to all the other lineages that need caveborns to develop. So it's a no from me.

  5. Same for me. When I was down, before I found a Facebook group for introverts, that was the place to go to find comfort. Donating items to random users and making them happy was my favourite activity.


    I also bought a Cupid for every baby born in my circle - plus a couple wedding anniversaries - and was working on getting them a number of clicks matching the date.

  6. And another sad truth...


    A week of Holiday-catching fun will lead to months of mate-hunting frustration.

    ...And this won't keep you from grabbing Holiday eggs at any chance you get.


    I suspect artists draw Holiday eggs to make them as addictive as they can.

  7. Two days ago I sold part of my unused stuff for a ridiculously high total. Never got to confirm the trade and finally buy the Rococo Skirt that sat in my wishlist for years. dry.gif

  8. Last night I dreamed about a girl I know getting married and I could barely follow the ceremony (I don't even know who was the groom) because I was busy sweeping the floor, as the huge gift my friends made her was spreading glitter everywhere. Later I left the party with the bride's little brother and her cousin: we were thinking about taking a bath in a pool nearby when the sky went black and I woke up.


    It perfectly reflected what I did today: working hard while others merrily talked about the fun they had together and feeling totally left out. At least I took that bath.



    Melomancer, I don't know what an Evangelion is, but next time you have that dream please come and pick me up.

  9. I've got plenty of breeding projects to work on.. including a v'day line.. so that I'd be very happy WITHOUT a release in Janurary. I'd prefer a site update.. tabs.. hatchling incubate.. store.. one of those preferably.

    Me too. I'm horribly behind.