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  1. ...21a. If it does have a nice lineage, it will be an accidental autoabandon that someone is desperately searching for. ...21b. And even if it isn't, you'll torture yourself for days, wondering if you have snatched an egg intended for someone else*. * In the Good Old Days, AP rares were almost always snatched trades. Some feelings are hard to shake off.
  2. They were already named and ready for my project Dragons of the World, so I took it as a sign. They're happier that way.
  3. Hello, LumosSeeker! HP fan? Go on and start the episode: we'll have something to work on, in case our babies decide to be picky with their mates. And the egg is safe on my scroll. Two potential mates are also growing. My pair of CB Nebulas showed no interest, so I'll keep them for another personal project and wait for my new CBs to grow.
  4. I started a new lineage and caught the grand total of three Nebulas to carry it on!
  5. I'd avoid prefixes because they disturb the flowing of the Force text. The z' prefix is quite modest and could be left, but justice would require rules to also allow other prefixes and a Ruthless Sith Lord Putzmuffin (actual suffix from the Prefix-Suffix list) would probably kill the mood. EDIT: So it begins. Running to add my name. May the Force be with me I'm watching Episode n° VI
  6. You can now post. I have two eligible CBs for a starting pair, but I won't breed until some members are around.
  7. Lineage tools Crawler text Waiting list Remember to post the form after you add your name. Forms: If you want an egg: [SIZE=7][COLOR=purple]May the Force be with me[/COLOR][/SIZE] I'm on the list for Episode n°... If you have a new egg: [SIZE=7][COLOR=blue] The Force is strong with this one[/COLOR][/SIZE] Episode: Lineage link: Method of delivery: PM listers / Teleport link [[I]insert link[/I]] If you have CB nebulas to donate: [SIZE=7][COLOR=green]This is the droid you're looking for[/COLOR][/SIZE] Lineage status: Episode I: Coming soon/ In progress / Completed! Episode II: Coming soon / In progress / Completed! Episode III: Coming soon / In progress / Completed! Episode IV: Coming soon/ In progress / Completed! Episode V: Coming soon / In progress / Completed! Episode VI: Coming soon / In progress / Completed! Episode VII: Coming soon/ In progress / Completed! Starting pairs Episode I: Star Wars Episode I and The Phantom Menace Episode II: Star Wars Episode II and Attack of the Clones Episode III: Star Wars Episode lll and Revenge of the Sith Episode IV: Star Wars Episode IV and A New Hope Episode V: Star Wars Episode V and The Empire Strikes Back Episode VI: Star Wars Episode VI and Return of the Jedi Episode VII: Star Wars Episode VII and The Force Awakens
  8. This is a lineage for all Star Wars fans, based on the most iconic thing of SW films after Vader's helmet and John Williams' music: the opening crawler scrolling into the space. * This will be a descending stairstep (bred males and CB females) made of Nebulas. Both variations are welcome, because miscolored eggs lead to anger, and anger leads straight to the Dark Side. * The starting pair of each crawler will be named Star Wars Episode x and [*insert subtitle*]. For example, Star Wars Episode I and his mate The Phantom Menace will start the first line. * Dragon names will obviously follow the text: so, the second couple of the lineage could be Turmoil has engulfed and the Galactic Republic. You are free to break the text as you please, but follow these general guidelines: - Don't break words into pieces. - Avoid adding prefixes and suffixes. - Remember names may be up to 32 characters long and can only contain apostrophes and dashes, so punctuation will be lost. - In case a name is taken, add spaces. - It would be wise to name the CB mate only after a successful breeding attempt proves the pairing is compatible (even if no eggs are produced). * Once you have an egg, pass it to another member. You can contact the next person on the waiting list or post the egg here for everyone to take. * You can also request an egg from a completed line for collection purposes, of course. In this case, you are free to continue - or not continue - the line as you see fit. RULES: * Please don't kill or rename lineage dragons. It would ruin all our work. * If your bred dragon misgenders, you're free to freeze it or use it for other projects. You can also bite or kill it, but that would be a Sith thing to do. * Keep track of who gave you lineage eggs: post in the thread quoting the breeder's post, keep the PM the breeder sent you, write the name on a post-it, record it in your faithful droid's memory... This way you'll know who to contact if something goes wrong (the dragon misgenders, dies of sickness, is stolen by imperial stormtroopers AKA a little brother seeking revenge for something you've done...). For extra nerdiness, when you ask for a replacement egg you should title the PM Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope. * Make sure to have at least a male and a female Pink to influence the eggs. * You can join even if you have no CB Nebulas available, but try to get one as soon as possible. * Always influence the egg you breed, even if you want to give it away, so you can continue the lineage in case the dragon has no takers. May the Force be with you!
  9. FI-NAL-LY! Third time is the charm.
  10. I spent various minutes to check all my 3rd gen Harlequin boys, looking for a nice mate for my Arsani instead of selecting a random mate as I usually do. You get no points for guessing how it ended.
  11. I'm happy to have found "one of us" out there anyway.
  12. I need: to find someone whose name I don't know Because I fell in love with this lineage and need to fangirl. http://dragcave.net/lineage/4EEBG
  13. Welcome Elia IV For my friend's son's birthday.
  14. These three eggs aren't what I was looking for in the AP, but a glance at the lineage and I couldn't put them back. I'm sure some of my future Valentine catches will appreciate them.
  15. I didn't influence them because come on, what are the odds of five dragons all gendering male? Evidently I didn't pay enough attention during the Statistics class. The best part is my only available female flat-out refused her mate.
  16. I grabbed five (5) CB Stripes for my lineage. All of them gendered male. Their intended mates are also males. I'm starting to hate my dragons.
  17. Time for the Mental Movie. «Oh, pretty egg!» *crack* «Sh...immer» *Cue Mommy Dragon's irritated growl*
  18. So much truth. b. If you decide to drop an egg to make room, the egg will be taken while you type the password.
  19. Rule 1 strikes again... 1. And over time you will forget and try to breed them again, only to get heartbroken a second time. 14. Your giftee/trading partner will take forever to grab their dragon, leaving your scroll clogged. ...14a. Especially during holiday breeding seasons or releases. ...14b. Especially if the trade involves more than one egg/hatchling. ...9a. If you drop the offspring of a dragon that has a great value for you (first dragon, caught on a special day, named after a loved one...), it will be left to die, killed, bitten, released or given an awful name. ...9b. If you drop an egg from a lineage that took months or even years of hard work, it will be randomly bred to a messy mutt.
  20. I like it. My scroll is sorted by breed, but I keep alt descendants and Holidays in the first pages and this means having to manually sort all the new dragons.
  21. I used to play on Unicreatures and Unifaction. Emphasis on used to. But there's a nice quiz site called Sporcle I visit almost every day to improve my knowledge of stuff. Geography in particular.
  22. This gives me a lot of hope about my latest Shimmer.
  23. Second mate refused. I chose not to use fertility.
  24. I've caught the third and hopefully final mate - from the Coast, even. I should probably get a backup in case there's a third refusal.