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  1. There's something strange today. There's a thick fog outside, and even inside the cave: the owner can't reach us, and she's not happy at all.

    She's worried for newbies, I suppose. I managed to find the eggs and tell her they're ok (the purple one has a big hole in it), but I can't find the hatchling. To be honest, I can't find Rav, or Alex, or Viktor...oh, Merlin's pants, I'm alone with the eggs! Oh, I'm getting nervous...I'm getting SO nervous...


    The eggs! Where are they?

  2. I can't believe it.

    After my unexpected egg the owner looked for another one to keep it company (new Guardian hatched this night) and the boys chose a purple egg which looked lonely. And...we dragons can feel it: it wasn't a new egg. This poor girl (because she must be a girl) was kept in a warm nest for her first two days and then left alone in a freezing place, until her lucky star brought us there.

    I'm personally taking care of her and raising her properly, with my own child.

    Ravenclaw Glory


    PS: Viktor actually made that weird poster. I wonder what's the meaning of it.

  3. Oh, other big surprise! Aunt Raven has just found her soulmate...and just imagine, it's David the Red! Another week and we'll have a Flying Burnt Strawberry here.


    I swear I've heard Vik mutter "Just what are you waiting for, you idiots!"





    Our little daughter is such a joy. And Rav will have a family too. Now we just have to wait for Rose's children, and for that two helpless Peter Pan. They're still fixed on Rose, I guess. Vik hates the idea of a feud disturbing his cave, and he's becoming a bit obsessed: he heard Rose telling Christy "Well, one of them could mate with my daughter" and he went on muttering about it all night long. I think he's still in the main hall planning to make a poster saying "This IS NOT Twilight"

    I go. Joy is calling.


  4. The owner is back. She was away some days and left us with another owner who's got lots of dragons with fantastic names...and silver ones too! Silver females were very kind, especially with David and Christy who were still a bit weak. Mum Ely had all the help she needed and finally her little daughter is born! Viktor is thrilled too: tries to pretend he doesn't care but last night he couldn't sleep, I saw him.

    We have just named her: we decided to take inspiration from our sitters' names but it was difficult, they're all so wonderful!

    Owner says it was a great birthday present for her. I don't know what "birthday" is, but I noticed she's got something new around her wrist. Something silver and shiny.

    I sometimes miss that cave: dragons are very nice, especially a Magi one...and I don't understand why Rani keeps saying he's "One Who Doubts" I will find a mate. He's so stupid. And becomes more and more stupid every day.

    I don't need a mate, you idiot. I've already found one: he's just too stupid.

    I'm happy to have Christy: I really needed a friend.



  5. Wow, who could imagine this. Good, old Viktor and Mummy Ely. Greatest pairing ever.

    Yes, Viktor has just become a daddy (four Mint eggs. What a shame for his Water pride). Ely says it's too eary for calling him so, since eggs are supposed to hatch in a week, but...well, Rani and me couldn't resist. He becomes...well, he can't blush, but I swear he becomes bluer (Rose says "bluer" isn't a word. Who cares) every time he hears this name.

    I wonder...who proposed to whom? Ely just smiles, while Vik threats to drown the prat who brings up the subject, so I suppose we'll never know.

    Rose is excited for the new little dragon (we could keep only one egg), but also for new hatchlings. They're well now: the red one is a male and BITES. And calls Rani "mummy".


    I'd like to write more, but paper hatchling isn't willing to co-operate.

    Alex the Great.




    Alex is just jealous.

    And you, red thing, stop stalking me.


    Rani the even greater.


    PS: I was right. Ice thing is a girl.



    OK, Death Note,

    I'm definitely doing it. Two giggling idiots desperately need some extra hits on their empty head.

    Or maybe I go, steal a pink or purple egg and raise a nice, good and bossy little female. Yes, we need another girl in this cave.

    EDIT: Rav told me the Winter baby gendered female. Very good.


    Viktor the Giant




    I still can't believe it. An egg. An egg all mine.

    How I want to see my little baby's face. Seven days are so long, and eggs are so delicate...but all the cave is helping me to cure it. Even Viktor...and I swear I saw him smile. Of course his fame of hatchlings hater is too important for him, so he pretends he's not happy at all.

    I hope it's a female, since I'm planning to find a mate for the two, and now three, little devils (I bet Alex has a crush on Rose, but she definitely prefers Rani. Obviously she won't admit it...she's so proud she could be Viktor's sister), but Vik declares he will never, ever give his daughter to the two biggest idiots in the whole dragon kingdom. I wish he was a bit more diplomatic with youngsters, they're not so bad.

    Winter egg has gifted us the cutest female I've ever seen. She tried to go hunting with Rav but she's still too weak.




  6. Uff. Boring day.

    The two new hosts are boring. The red thing is already ill (told Vik to choose an orange egg, but no, no, let's keep the warm one. Uff) and the Ice Egg Queen (or King, but I bet it's a girl. Girls are annoying) is ill too. How I want to play football with that stupid egg. Next time I want a black one.

    Viktor is in his Bad Scale Days. "Too many screaming babies in the cave" and he left to hide in his oh-so-darling lake. This means 3 females in the cave, chatting all the time, and no funny things to do for Alex and me. Uff.

    Alex said Rose is cute. Please, Random God of Dragons, not a sugary lover in my cave.

    At least, not for Rose.

    Maybe for Mum Ely and Rav, so they would stop looking after us all day.

    Alex keeps teasing me for maturing later, but Rose grew up before him so he's a loser too. Ha!

    Real Mum Star passed yesterday, to see me. Was happy to find me grown up.

    Really bad day. The scroll just bit me.


    "Rani, where did you take that paper hatchling?"


    Paper hatchling?

    Oh, sorry!