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  1. Made a deal with a person to breed them one 2nd gen of each holiday, with their choice mates. They already gave me their part. I bred the Halloween, and Christmas ones for them, no prob. But now, I'm sitting on 6 eggs, for 2 days now, preventing me from enjoying my own Valentine gathering, I've been tracking the trade msg.


    They haven't posted since Dec 28. Tomorrow is the third day, and per my policy, that's it my half is done. But it's just not fair. I can't hunt for myself. sigh. And if they come in after wards, they'll probably give me hell for "not keeping MY end" and stuff like that. sigh.

    I feel your pain, anger and disappointment. dry.gif

  2. My personal project reached gen 81 - and the overall count is 90 gens! - with an Heartseeker. I was worried for the other two eggs of the batch, but I was able to catch and gift one to a trusted person and the other one was apparently taken by a caring user who's doing their best to make it hatch. smile.gif

  3. This is an AWESOME project. How do I sign up? Just the google doc?

    I'd love to claim a spot for all seven movies. Eventually.

    I have plenty of cb nebs smile.gif



    And hopefully you'll not mind me dropping a completely unrelated teleport link. The egg's daddy has Kylo code smile.gif



    I was wondering when you'd stumble upon this thread...

    Yes, join the waiting list and cross your fingers for a successful breeding. Welcome to the lineage.


    And thanks for the egg, I'm sure LumosSeeker appreciates it. smile.gif

  4. Hello, new padawans! I'm glad to see new eggs. Remember to influence them, we need males.


    I'd love to join! (Except all of the movies I've seen are taken already... I think. I've only seen the second two in the first trilogy (as in the first produced) and the new one that just came out.)


    Welcome! Don't worry, you can request an egg from these lines and continue the stairstep with a CB female (remember to influence the bred egg!)


  5. My first contact with SW was a comic version published on a children's magazine called Il Giornalino and I clearly remember one scene: You are in command now... Admiral Piett

    . In loving memory of a cool man who chose the wrong job, here are my dragons.


    Who had absolutely no interest for mundane tasks like reproducing (the way of the Force needs no distractions). laugh.gif Sorry.



    I wish to reserve Episode II. if I shouldn't, then feel free to quote me on it. I'm currently egglocked and would like to be a part of it soon. An egg headaches in an hour, so if you have an egg, would you mind popping it into my inbox? Thanks!

    "headaches", huh?

    Welcome! Episode II still needs a starting pair, so if you have an eligible pairing go on and breed it!

  6. Luke showed no interest for his mate (a real Jedi, the boy is. Females he chases not. More important his mission is). At least it's not a refusal.

    I'm waiting for a fiery Sith lady to grow up and start a new line.


    Have you ever thought Nebulas are the ultimate Jedi breed? You don't know what version you're getting until the little rebel genders and you have no way to control the outcome... building lineages with them requires a megaton of patience and self control, it's almost a personality test (that Kylo Ren would fail in the most magnificent way).

  7. Used Fertility on one half of a CB silver pair I'd influenced to be mates (and even named to be mates) and of course they refuse. dry.gif


    I think instead of increasing chance of egg, Fertility increases chance of refusal.

    Welcome to Rule 5.5. Please take a chair and enjoy the massacre. dry.gif


    5. Using Fertility for a very important breeding will likely trigger a refusal.

  8. I have a unhealthy fondness for Harrison Ford, disapproved even by my mother (who loves Sean Connery, but whatever). I went to see Star Wars VII partially for him - and anyone who has watched it knows how well it turned out.