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  1. ... I love Zombies. I really do. Them and the Colossus. A huge, destructive, adorable puppy. I came a bit late to the party, but this event is great.
  2. Sad news indeed. I'm barely active on DC, but I still keep the code in my Valley of Unicorns signature: it was a great way to help fellow players and keep updated on the latest releases. I'm really upset for the loss of this valuable site that gave joy and help to so many players: I have nothing but contempt for the responsible of the destruction of all your hard work. Thank you for your efforts, I wish I could do more for your spirit.
  3. The Frills. The Frills. I'm shamelessly going to cry.
  4. Seeing this thread gave me the Force, so I clicked the infamous link and bam:
  5. I understand your problems - I was a student and I outright neglected books to hunt for '09 Valentines! - but I also like the fact holidays have a breeding season, because otherwise my scroll would be clogged for all eternity. I could support the idea if the rarity of the off-season egg was really, really, really high* (all the fails would be a feast for mate hunters) and multiclutches were kept, because I like holiday walls: such abundance fills me with joy and I spend hours checking all the pretty lines. * On Valley of Unicorns, horses from the Valentine after-event can breed true every 29th of the month, but the % of successful breedings is quite low.
  6. Insane luck was needed to catch them! We should really do something for May 4th.
  7. Very good! Did you remember to reinfluence? My dragons tend to be mischievous when it comes to gendering * Yes, CB Stripes, I AM looking at you! * On this theme, I've added another rule in case something goes wrong with the egg. It's quite obvious, I know... but I hadn't thought about the problem until I started typing the above message, so it probably isn't that obvious. May the Force be with me I'm on the list for Episode n° 2.
  8. Being a good listener sucks. The amount of gossip I heard this weekend made sure I'll never be able to look some people in the eyes again, nor chat freely with others like I used to do for fear of hurting someone's feelings.
  9. Ep. I egg for you. The Force is strong with this one Episode: I Lineage link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/2DF2i Method of delivery: Teleport link [Claim my eggs/hatchlings!] Also, added something in the first post - something I should have done long ago, after two people asked about it.
  10. Last call for him. He grows up in 24 hours. Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  11. Most dragons are AP catches and Holiday mates were deliberately chosen among messy dragons which would otherwise risk being killed. It represents everything you can find on DC: even gens, famous lines, spriter alts, breeding accidents and yes, it took lots of work since April '09. Many people helped me build this patchwork, newbies and experienced people, and I love every single tile of it. Thanks, Leaf_Blaziken! I still have to gather descendants of the latest breeds.
  12. Haters gonna hate 82 gens and counting for my Every Flavoured line.
  13. Claimed the egg. Meanwhile, the AP wall gave me this oddly coded fellow with a great lineage. And after two failed attempts, my pairing graced us with an egg. The Force is strong with this one Episode: V Lineage link: Here Method of delivery: Teleport link [Claim my egg!]
  14. I'll miss the AP wall. I find Val eggs so endearing, I can't stop grabbing them. I regret not keeping a Rosebud/Shadow Walker even gen, but I have enough new eggs to pamper and find a mate for. And the new release has the most awesome personality ever. "Oh no, here he comes again! Quick, pretend to be my boyfriend!" "But I'm a ungendered Paper and you're a Magelight!" "Who cares!"
  15. I was out with church folks, selling Easter eggs for charity. I missed a phone call from the boy I really, trurly, definitely don't have a crush on, got a marriage proposal from a 14-year-old boy and began reading an interesting horror story - all this during the egg sales.
  16. I would like to update my record! Link to Post: here Update: Cuor di Liquore Dolce counts 90 gens, 81 bearing the lineage name. Proof!
  17. You picked up a "nest sister": the dead egg was from Getting to Know You. Thanks for the sympathy. I still don't understand what's the point of forcing a fresh egg.
  18. One of the egg I dropped - a 2nd gen Rosebud - was killed by the undeserving person who got it.
  19. Considering what happened to one of his siblings, I was proud and relieved to see you also caught one of my babies.
  20. Could it be an introvert dragon? I hope so! Its face looks like my Back off right now! expression. The color scheme is unexpected, I'm quite curious to see the result.
  21. Good, now I know what's going on. Someone has just joined the Dark Side of the Breeding List. Luckily the innocent third party was unharmed. We had the most civil exchange of PMs and are currently in very good terms.
  22. Yay, can hunt! But now the wall is over. I hate my life. Also, either I have had a mental blackout - and in this case I need a trip to the doctor - or the egg I have bred and kept for days, depriving myself of a precious egg slot, was dumped by the intended receiver, because it's now on a completely different scroll. I PMed the owner for explanations: if it turns out I didn't post the wrong link on the Dep board or something like that, I will be, to put it mildly, unhappy. Kylo Ren style unhappy.
  23. I am! But I'm totally locking my scroll with Valentines, so I can wait.
  24. The egg is now a hatchling. No interest? Fine, I'll keep it! Claim my eggs/hatchlings!