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  1. There are lots of threads for people who want specific eggs: even gen, Purebred, stairstep, Holiday descendants... and then there are The Giving Tree and many other breeding services for people needing rares. But... if you need special eggs which don't fit in any of those threads (a mate for an uneven 5th gen mint x waterwalker, a dragon with white and pink breeds only in its lineage, dragons bred from Harry Potter named parents...) and can't trade to get what you want because the rarest thing you can breed is a 2nd gen pink, you can post here and hope someone will notice your message and have the dragon you need. Some suggestions: - If you only need a certain breed you can try here (but you must follow rules and can't ask for specific lineages) - If you need help with your stairstep project you can ask here - If you're working on an even gen, this is the thread for you. SOME RULES: - You can bump your post only once a day. - Please avoid spam. - Be polite and have patience. Members are usually generous and willing to help, but no-one likes being begged and flooded with PMs.
  2. Lizzyluna

    2018-02-14 - Happy Valentine's Day!

    ... I love Zombies. I really do. Them and the Colossus. A huge, destructive, adorable puppy. I came a bit late to the party, but this event is great.
  3. Lizzyluna

    List of Active Fansites

    Sad news indeed. I'm barely active on DC, but I still keep the code in my Valley of Unicorns signature: it was a great way to help fellow players and keep updated on the latest releases. I'm really upset for the loss of this valuable site that gave joy and help to so many players: I have nothing but contempt for the responsible of the destruction of all your hard work. Thank you for your efforts, I wish I could do more for your spirit.
  4. Lizzyluna

    A-Z Dragon names

    Post a name from your own scroll, following the alphabetic order. Codes work, too. At 21 Jump Street
  5. Lizzyluna

    The Star Wars Crawlers Lineage

    This is a lineage for all Star Wars fans, based on the most iconic thing of SW films after Vader's helmet and John Williams' music: the opening crawler scrolling into the space. * This will be a descending stairstep (bred males and CB females) made of Nebulas. Both variations are welcome, because miscolored eggs lead to anger, and anger leads straight to the Dark Side. * The starting pair of each crawler will be named Star Wars Episode x and [*insert subtitle*]. For example, Star Wars Episode I and his mate The Phantom Menace will start the first line. * Dragon names will obviously follow the text: so, the second couple of the lineage could be Turmoil has engulfed and the Galactic Republic. You are free to break the text as you please, but follow these general guidelines: - Don't break words into pieces. - Avoid adding prefixes and suffixes. - Remember names may be up to 32 characters long and can only contain apostrophes and dashes, so punctuation will be lost. - In case a name is taken, add spaces. - It would be wise to name the CB mate only after a successful breeding attempt proves the pairing is compatible (even if no eggs are produced). * Once you have an egg, pass it to another member. You can contact the next person on the waiting list or post the egg here for everyone to take. * You can also request an egg from a completed line for collection purposes, of course. In this case, you are free to continue - or not continue - the line as you see fit. RULES: * Please don't kill or rename lineage dragons. It would ruin all our work. * If your bred dragon misgenders, you're free to freeze it or use it for other projects. You can also bite or kill it, but that would be a Sith thing to do. * Keep track of who gave you lineage eggs: post in the thread quoting the breeder's post, keep the PM the breeder sent you, write the name on a post-it, record it in your faithful droid's memory... This way you'll know who to contact if something goes wrong (the dragon misgenders, dies of sickness, is stolen by imperial stormtroopers AKA a little brother seeking revenge for something you've done...). For extra nerdiness, when you ask for a replacement egg you should title the PM Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope. * Make sure to have at least a male and a female Pink to influence the eggs. * You can join even if you have no CB Nebulas available, but try to get one as soon as possible. * Always influence the egg you breed, even if you want to give it away, so you can continue the lineage in case the dragon has no takers. May the Force be with you!
  6. Lizzyluna

    2016-05-21 - Dragon Cave's 10th Birthday!

    The Frills. The Frills. I'm shamelessly going to cry.
  7. Lizzyluna

    Description Force!

    Seeing this thread gave me the Force, so I clicked the infamous link and bam:
  8. Lizzyluna

    ANSWERED:Holidays Breed True All Year Round

    I understand your problems - I was a student and I outright neglected books to hunt for '09 Valentines! - but I also like the fact holidays have a breeding season, because otherwise my scroll would be clogged for all eternity. I could support the idea if the rarity of the off-season egg was really, really, really high* (all the fails would be a feast for mate hunters) and multiclutches were kept, because I like holiday walls: such abundance fills me with joy and I spend hours checking all the pretty lines. * On Valley of Unicorns, horses from the Valentine after-event can breed true every 29th of the month, but the % of successful breedings is quite low.
  9. Lizzyluna

    The Star Wars Crawlers Lineage

    Insane luck was needed to catch them! We should really do something for May 4th.
  10. Lizzyluna

    The Star Wars Crawlers Lineage

    Very good! Did you remember to reinfluence? My dragons tend to be mischievous when it comes to gendering * Yes, CB Stripes, I AM looking at you! * On this theme, I've added another rule in case something goes wrong with the egg. It's quite obvious, I know... but I hadn't thought about the problem until I started typing the above message, so it probably isn't that obvious. May the Force be with me I'm on the list for Episode n° 2.
  11. Lizzyluna

    Emotional Support

    Being a good listener sucks. The amount of gossip I heard this weekend made sure I'll never be able to look some people in the eyes again, nor chat freely with others like I used to do for fear of hurting someone's feelings.
  12. Lizzyluna

    The Star Wars Crawlers Lineage

    Ep. I egg for you. The Force is strong with this one Episode: I Lineage link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/2DF2i Method of delivery: Teleport link [Claim my eggs/hatchlings!] Also, added something in the first post - something I should have done long ago, after two people asked about it.
  13. Lizzyluna

    The Star Wars Crawlers Lineage

    Last call for him. He grows up in 24 hours. Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  14. Lizzyluna

    Stripes of Hogwarts Lineage

    The things of evil keep gendering male. One egg and one refusal this time. REGISTER MY STUDENT Forum and Scroll Name: Lizzyluna Blood Status: PB Student’s Name: Kaa's Stare Slytherin Lineage Link: Kaa's Stare Slytherin Student’s Name: Fuoco Incantato Hufflepuff Lineage Link: Fuoco Incantato Hufflepuff
  15. Lizzyluna

    The Congrats Thread, V5

    Most dragons are AP catches and Holiday mates were deliberately chosen among messy dragons which would otherwise risk being killed. It represents everything you can find on DC: even gens, famous lines, spriter alts, breeding accidents and yes, it took lots of work since April '09. Many people helped me build this patchwork, newbies and experienced people, and I love every single tile of it. Thanks, Leaf_Blaziken! I still have to gather descendants of the latest breeds.
  16. Lizzyluna

    The Congrats Thread, V5

    Haters gonna hate 82 gens and counting for my Every Flavoured line.
  17. Lizzyluna

    The Star Wars Crawlers Lineage

    Claimed the egg. Meanwhile, the AP wall gave me this oddly coded fellow with a great lineage. And after two failed attempts, my pairing graced us with an egg. The Force is strong with this one Episode: V Lineage link: Here Method of delivery: Teleport link [Claim my egg!]
  18. Lizzyluna

    2016-02-14 - Happy Valentine's Day

    I'll miss the AP wall. I find Val eggs so endearing, I can't stop grabbing them. I regret not keeping a Rosebud/Shadow Walker even gen, but I have enough new eggs to pamper and find a mate for. And the new release has the most awesome personality ever. "Oh no, here he comes again! Quick, pretend to be my boyfriend!" "But I'm a ungendered Paper and you're a Magelight!" "Who cares!"
  19. Lizzyluna

    Valentine's Day~

    I was out with church folks, selling Easter eggs for charity. I missed a phone call from the boy I really, trurly, definitely don't have a crush on, got a marriage proposal from a 14-year-old boy and began reading an interesting horror story - all this during the egg sales.
  20. Lizzyluna

    The Dragon Cave Record Book!

    I would like to update my record! Link to Post: here Update: Cuor di Liquore Dolce counts 90 gens, 81 bearing the lineage name. Proof!
  21. Lizzyluna

    What is your current bad luck.

    You picked up a "nest sister": the dead egg was from Getting to Know You. Thanks for the sympathy. I still don't understand what's the point of forcing a fresh egg.
  22. Lizzyluna

    What is your current bad luck.

    One of the egg I dropped - a 2nd gen Rosebud - was killed by the undeserving person who got it.
  23. Lizzyluna

    The Congrats Thread, V5

    Considering what happened to one of his siblings, I was proud and relieved to see you also caught one of my babies.
  24. Lizzyluna

    2016-02-14 - Happy Valentine's Day

    Could it be an introvert dragon? I hope so! Its face looks like my Back off right now! expression. The color scheme is unexpected, I'm quite curious to see the result.
  25. Lizzyluna

    What is your current bad luck.

    Good, now I know what's going on. Someone has just joined the Dark Side of the Breeding List. Luckily the innocent third party was unharmed. We had the most civil exchange of PMs and are currently in very good terms.