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  1. The dragon xmas costumes are sooooo cool. Love them
  2. Ummm just a correction. You have me on the list of people who want help, but you have put my name as RedRoseAus .... but it should be RoseRedAus. Just nobody would be able to find me with the wrong name lol
  3. 6 attempts 5 disintergrated 1 revived back as normal dragon No zombies for me
  4. Being from Australia, I always forgot Halloween, so haven't got any of the past Halloween eggs, but I'm trying to keep focused this year lol
  5. I thought that when you got the haunted house badge you would be able to click on it and see all your items, but mine doesn't do anything
  6. Thanks WaterScorpion, I found him like half a second before I read your post lol
  7. I'm confused. I have 39 items, and I have the haunted house badge thing. I think the only thing I don't have is the chicken. Any ideas? IGNORE - I found him