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  1. I want to participate! Forum name: RoseRedAus Scroll name: RoseRedAus Wishlist: 1. CB Copper (any colour) or Tinsel/Shimmer (up to 4th gen) 2. CB Blusang 3. 2nd gen PB Vine or 2nd gen PB Black egg 4. 2nd gen Hybrid (any kind except hellhorse) 5. Any CB Hatchy 6. Any neglected
  2. Just summoned my 2nd GON. Used a male Ice (CB) at 12.36am I had actually just been grabbing eggs from the cave and had collected six, was going to grab a 7th and then thought "Hang on, maybe should give summon a try". I tend to forget all about the summon action, so probably only do it every two or three months (rather than every two or three weeks). Don't know if any of the details I gave are any help to others ... but good luck
  3. I managed to catch two in the last couple of weeks (traded them for other stuff) , so they are definitely around more than they used to be, coz I am hopeless at catching stuff lol.
  4. Australian born and bred. Wouldn't want to live anywhere else
  5. Holiday Breeder Forum Name: RoseRedAus What I want: I wouldn't mind a 2nd gen Marrow x Bleeding Moon or Gray (fog) or female Hellfire or Red or Royal Blue or Royal Crimson or Sunstone WHAT I CAN BREED : Just listing my halloweens for now ... but I can breed from the following - 2nd gen Pumpkin (x pygmy) 2nd gen Pumpkin (x nilia pygmy) 3rd gen Pumpkin (x pygmy) 3rd gen Pumpkin (x mixed pymgys) 2nd gen Marrow (x ember) 2nd gen Marrow (x flamingo) 2nd gen Marrow (x moonstone) Three CB Shadow Walkers 2nd gen Shadow Walker (x lumina) 2nd gen Shadow Walker (x ridgewing) Four CB Cavern Lurkers I Will Be Gifting, Trading, or Both: Both PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...ODE=4&MID=27987 Scroll Link http://dragcave.net/user/RoseRedAus
  6. I have been playing for four or five years, and have only just managed to get my first CB gold and CB silver. Yay
  7. I have been planning to start a particular lineage, but had to wait until I could get a CB gold (which I finally did). I bred the gold with the mate I wanted, and got a gold egg, which then AUTO ABANDONED because I was egglocked. Aaaargh. I can't believe I was so stupid If anybody happened to grab a 2nd gen gold (x green) egg, I would really love it back (as I would have liked to keep the first born from this lineage. I promise you the next gold egg from this pair in exchange. Or, if you really don't want to give it up, can you at least contact me, and I would just ask that you name it in a certain way.
  8. I just saw one, but wasn't quick enough to catch it. Think I was in shock. It was in either the Forest or Jungle
  9. My eldest daughter just dropped over for a visit, and I was showing her some of the offers I got for a CB copper. She asked me "Why such good offers?" And I replied "Umm coz so many people are trying to get one. They're rare." She goes "You're kidding. I thought they were common so I abandoned one that I caught the other day." D'oh !!!!! Poor girl was almost in tears when she realised what she'd done lol
  10. I've got two. Not the greatest lineages .... but it took me long enough just to get them
  11. RoseRedAus

    Scroll Goals

    I have given a gift! Giftee: HawktalonOfRiverClan Gift: 2nd gen PB Black Stripe egg
  12. RoseRedAus

    Scroll Goals

    Forum Name: RoseRedAus Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/RoseRedAus Goal(s): To get a CB Gold and a CB Silver (will settle for a CB Gold as have a lineage project in mind) To get a Neglected To collect one more Purple Dino To get a Green Nebula To get a couple of low gen tinsels What you need to achieve your goal(s): Any of the above Receive eggs and/or hatchlings to help towards your goal(s) from others?: Yes PM link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...ODE=4&MID=27987
  13. I love the new Christmas dragons, so beautiful. And I think I have finished my gingerbread house, but it doesn't hold a candle to some of the amazing ones I have seen on here. Some people (me not included) are so talented
  14. I think I'm going to cry (laughs and pulls a sad face all at the same time) I had just finished decorating my house and was going to show it off, but somehow clicked on and moved the paint colour for the entire house, which has now covered up ALL the decorations, which means I have to start all over .... aaargh Edit - Phew, it's ok I got it back. It's pretty lame compared to everybody else's but I'm not very creative. http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/RoseRedAus
  15. For christmas I would like ANYTHING from my wishlist (on my profile) **Received** a 2nd gen Vine from Vakarian and a 2nd gen Black from Fire-Ice. Thank you both so much. Love the vine's code h4oLY (almost Holy or Holly lol)
  16. What Christmas dragons do you need to catch this year? Looking for any particular lineage? Like a lot of people, I'd still like to snag myself a Holly. I also wouldn't mind one other Yulebuck (because I can't provide a suitable partner for one of the 2nd gen Yulebucks that I have). What are you planning on breeding your Christmas dragons with ? What lineages are they? Winter Magis: 2 CB WinterMagis, will see if any requests .... if not, might go for ridgewing and lumina Ribbon Dancers: a 2nd gen with a skywing and a 2nd gen with a purple nebula Snowangels: I have 2 CB gold wing Snowangels so will see if I get any requests ... If not, I'm thinking of trying with a neotropical Yulebucks: I'll be breeding a 2nd gen yulebuck with a red Are you planning on gifting, trading, or dumping your bred Xmas eggs in the AP? Probably a combination of the three ... not sure yet. What do you think this year’s event will be? My psychic abilities are pretty lousy What do you think this year’s dragon’s theme will be? What are you hoping to see in it? A Candle dragon sounds lovely. Or maybe a Star Dragon Which is your favorite Xmas breed? Probably a tie between Snow Angels and Ribbon Dancers How difficult do you think the holly hunt will be this year? Not too hard (I hope)
  17. I've been on dragon cave since 2009 and finally got a Leetle Tree
  18. Seeing as we can only summon two of the guardians of nature, what will you do with yours once you are lucky enough to get them? I have got my first one (which is now an adult), but I'm really not sure what I will do when I eventually get my second.
  19. Just got my first GoN. Used a male magma (CB and named)
  20. OMG OMG OMG ... nah ... I got nothing lol But grats to sfts and Magatha and the other 6 new winners
  21. No win for me either .... such a shame as I already had a name picked out for him/her But gratz to all the winners. And thanks to TJ and all involved for an enjoyable Xmas/New Year event
  22. I can't believe how good so many of these wreaths are!!!! You talented, talented bunch of people Unfortunately Santa has never given me artistic talent lol ... but here is mine anyway wreath
  23. Yay, got my two, so I'm happy Hope everybody is having (or had, or is going to have) a wonderful Xmas day
  24. All the Christmas stuff has been fantastic. Thanks to everybody who was involved And getting excited now ... biting nails in anticipation of the new dragons
  25. To those who can't move the decorations onto the wreath .... I don't think it works on IE (if that's what you are using). Mine wouldn't work on IE, but works on Firefox