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  1. I haven't reset. So the reindeer just came to me (because I had the reindeer treats). Maybe you need to get the treats again
  2. I've got the reindeer, but can't figure out how to get back. I get that you don't have to go back over the ice, but where do you go? I can't seem to get through anywhere to get to where the snow drifts are.
  3. I want to sign up! Forum name: RoseRedAus Scroll name: RoseRedAus Wishlist: 1.CB gold OR CB silver OR Neglected OR 3rd gen prize OR 2nd gen from any spriters alt 2.CB Copper OR Alt black 3.CB Trio OR CB Xenowyrms 4.2g Avatar 5.Any 2nd gen hybrid or just surprise me with something nice. 6.Any CB hatchy Breeding abilities: I have CB snow angel (goldwing) winter magis, wrapping wing, solstice, mistletoe, shadowwalker, cavern lurker, grave, desipis, caligene, all valentines (except rosebud). Have quite a few tinsels and shimmers, so can breed from 3rd gens up to 7th. Catching abilities: Not great. Trading abilities: ?
  4. Happy Birthday Dragon Cave. Thanks for all the years of fun
  5. I go away for a couple of days, and NEW DRAGONS. I really, really like these ones ... beautiful work by the spriters
  6. Things to do before next year's raffle - Bake TJ some cookies -Wear an "I Love TJ" t-shirt -Dress up as a dragon and sing TJ's favourite song for him -Get a TJ tattoo -Send a large sack of money to TJ
  7. New colours would be awesome. Would give me something else to cry over when I miss out lol
  8. Yeah, it's a pretty harmless threat lol.
  9. I am thinking I must have a really, really unlucky username. Been playing for 6 years, entered every raffle, and not a sausage. Nada. Zilch. So I can't understand why anybody could be unhappy with whichever raffle prize they ended up with. Are you kidding me? YOU WON. Who cares if it's a tinsel when you were hoping for a shimmer. Or it's a bronze when you were hoping for a silver. Prize dragons on here are like the Holy Grail. People dream of getting one .... ANY one. If I catch anybody complaining about winning a prize, I will cyber slap them
  10. HAVE : 2nd gen Avatar of Creation (GON x male silver) WANT : One or two of the following - 2nd gen Waterhorse from Val09 2nd gen Horse from Val09 2nd gen Frostbite from Val09 2nd gen Moonstone from Sweetling 2nd gen Tan Ridgewing from Sweetling 2nd gen Nocturne from Rosebud 2nd gen Waterhorse from Rosebud 2nd gen Red Finned Tidal from Heartseeker 2nd gen Horse from Heartseeker 2nd gen Undine from Heartseeker 2nd gen Blusang from Arsani 2nd gen Sunstone from Radiant Angel 2nd gen Fever from Radiant Angel offer here
  11. Wow, so many prizes. Shame about the no HMs. Good about the no trading (of the prize dragon itself). All in all ... I like it
  12. Just got my third. Used a magma (female I think)
  13. Awesome. I like it Thanks TJ and Happy Birthday DC
  14. All of the eggs are fantastic. I was going to list my favourites, but the more I look at them, the more of them become new faves lol Good job to all the spriters
  15. No luck here. But congrats to the winners (you lucky so and so's)
  16. So they don't have to be CB? I mean if you can collect them from the AP, they can either be CB or bred ones, because you say you can also breed them?
  17. So it has been over 12 hours since my giftee collected their gifts. No response to my message .... not even a simple "Thank you". And I admit that makes me feel a little disappointed. However, when I look at the entire secret santa event and so many people giving out multiple gifts, and others helping people to get what they need for their giftee, that makes me happy to see the spirit of the event. There are some awesome DCers out there. Oh and big thumbs up to PointofOrigin and Oasis for organising the whole thing. Thanks guys
  18. Oh, and my giftee has finally appeared and collected their gifts
  19. I have offered a 2nd gen magma (from magma x red) to help out Candythekitty
  20. I received some lovely gifts from Rascal1414 (four speckle throat hatchies and a 4th gen bronze tinsel egg). So Santa was very nice to me Unfortunately my giftee seems to be MIA. Haven't heard back from them yet
  21. Have sent off a PM to my giftee. Hope they like what I gave them
  22. If I won a Prize Dragon - I would rule the world lol Actually I would try and make some nice lineages, trade some offspring for good stuff that I have no chance of getting otherwise ... but I would also like to give a couple of offspring away in a way that people who usually miss out, also get a chance.
  23. Merry Christmas everybody. Here's to a fantastic 2014
  24. Fairly basic, but I'm not very creative lol my fort