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  1. On 6/22/2019 at 10:32 PM, RoseRedAus said:

    Have :  Gold_egg.gif      2nd gen Gold egg (gold x green)

    WANT : Just for the person who gets it to give it a name that contains the word "Aussie"

    You can offer a dummy egg from the AP. I will probably check scrolls and would prefer to give this egg to somebody who doesn't have heaps of low gen golds.


  2. I can access all other biomes but when I click on the jungle it comes up with a tombstone and says an error has occurred.

    I have tried logging out, opening new browser and logging back in, but still does the same thing. All other biomes are fine.

  3. I went egg hunting and collected eight eggs, however one of these eggs, although I have it, I can't actually see it.
    Where the egg is is just a blank space, but you can see it's code number, actions, number of views etc. The only way I can actually see the egg itself it to click on actions, and then the egg (a red dorsal) is visible.
    I have tried hiding and unhiding, different browser, etc, but it will still not show up in my normal dragons page.
    It is the invisible egg between the deep sea hatchie, and the howler drake egg.

    invisible egg.png

  4. Thanks everybody for your thoughts so far.


    I was a little worried that when I posted this thread people might think I was being ungrateful or whatever. It's just that I have always loved Dragon Cave (have been here since 2009).


    I know a lot of people didn't like the raffles (or more so, didn't like that they never won anything lol).

    I know how they feel because I've never won either ... however, the excitement and anticipation leading up to the raffles always seemed to bring the place to life. I mean, in my head, I KNEW it was extremely unlikely I'd ever win a prize dragon ... but just that tiniest little chance had me sucked in every time lol.


    Hopefully (as some have suggested) it might just be a bit of a lull, because of Go and Summer, etc.

  5. Yeah, I believe TJ has probably got to a point of having a lot of other stuff going on in his life ... work, etc. So I do understand that.


    But yes, I agree with your comments.


    I just wish it would liven up a bit.

  6. I have noticed the game seems to have lost a lot of players. The trading forum always used to move so quickly. For example you could check the dragon trading thread just before bed, and then when you woke up and checked it again ... there were probably 4 new pages of trades available.

    Not that I necessarily want it that busy again ... but it just seems so "dead" on there now.

    I'm just wondering how other people feel? Are you happy with having less people around, or would you like to see the place perk up a bit again?

    I'm just a bit worried that the game will end up dying out sad.gif

    So, what can we do to lure new players in?

  7. Although I have never been lucky enough to win one, and never had healthy enough body organs to trade for a 2nd gen .... I still dream of winning a prize dragon (or even a HM).

    I know it's a bit of a letdown when we check our emails and realise it's not our year, but I can't understand the people that turn it into a drama. I have also never harrassed anybody who did win a prize (to me, that is just ridiculous).

    To me it is something you would love to win, maybe something you daydream about, but if it doesn't happen, you just wipe away the tears (kidding) and try again next year.


  8. Trying to rescue Ansel and stuck on the 3rd rock in the cave. Have let it go and moved to different positions to push it again, but although I have tried from several different points, it won't move any further. I've gotten it to the point where I am so close to getting passed it, but I just can't get it to go that little bit extra.


    Nevermind, finally got through lol