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  1. Happy birthday DC. I've been here for 11 years and 4 month, and still enjoy it.
  2. Not sure if I want to trade this one yet, but wanted to show it off. Just got the following - IlIIl
  3. HAVE : 2nd gen PB Alt Black 2nd gen PB Alt Dark Green WANT : Blood swaps or something good. offer on black offer on dark green
  4. 2nd gen Gaia (from Floral-crowned) grab it
  5. Have : 2nd Gen PB Alt Undine WANT : Bloodswap (must be another 2nd gen ALT) offer here
  6. The new holiday dragons are STUNNING.
  7. 3rd gen Wrapping Wing (checker from Undine) searching for a new home
  8. 3rd gen Ribbon Dancer (checker x sunstone) take this hatchie
  9. Thanks TJ and everybody involved. Another Xmas on dragon cave. Gee I've been here a long time lol
  10. ALL ARE NOW HATCHIES. WANT (for bundle of all four) ---> CB green copper, or low gen tinsel or shimmer, or 2nd gen PB alt black, or red dino ... may consider other nice offers, so give it a shot. Offer here
  11. All are still available and are now HATCHLINGS
  12. HAVE : 3rd gen Holly Checker from Leodon 3rd gen Yulebuck Checker from Gaia 3rd gen Yulebuck Checker from Neotropical 4th gen Snow Angel (gold wing) Checker from Fever Wyvern 3rd gen Ribbon Dancer Checker by Sunstone 3rd gen Wrapping Wing Checker from Undine 2nd gen Starsinger x Aeon Will give ALL of them for a neglected. But apart from that - happy to do deals for either CB gold, CB green copper, 2nd gen Prize, possibly 2nd gen SAs, etc Please message me
  13. How do you attack the zombies? Or what are you supposed to do?
  14. RoseRedAus

    Prize Central

    HAVE : 3rd gen Silver Tinsel (from Gaia Xenos) WANT: prize swap for same gen tinsel or shimmer offer here
  15. HAVE : 3rd gen Yulebuck x Neotropical checker WANT : offers
  16. HAVE : 3rd gen snow angel x fever checker WANT : Not sure. Offers? offer here
  17. Crazy. It just started working again for no reason. Computers 🙄
  18. It hasn't been working for me for 12 hours. Tried the Ctrl F5 and still not working. However, I just tried a different browser all together, and it works. So it doesn't work on Firefox, but does work on IE.
  19. I can access all other biomes but when I click on the jungle it comes up with a tombstone and says an error has occurred. I have tried logging out, opening new browser and logging back in, but still does the same thing. All other biomes are fine.
  20. You are so clever. That's exactly what the problem was. Egg has aD in it's code lol
  21. I went egg hunting and collected eight eggs, however one of these eggs, although I have it, I can't actually see it. Where the egg is is just a blank space, but you can see it's code number, actions, number of views etc. The only way I can actually see the egg itself it to click on actions, and then the egg (a red dorsal) is visible. I have tried hiding and unhiding, different browser, etc, but it will still not show up in my normal dragons page. It is the invisible egg between the deep sea hatchie, and the howler drake egg.
  22. Oh wow, so exciting. Happy birthday DC