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You can call me Shad. Sometimes I am abducted by life and absent from DC for a couple months, but I always return eventually. I have a few dragons I could use help breeding mates for. My wishlist is in my profile. 2ch45xy.pngdcscro10.pngb4thechange.gif

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    In front of my computer, obviously
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    Regarding IOUs-
    I don't mind them, I know how fickle dragons can be when it comes to breeding, and I've taken a while to breed specific eggs for people just because the pair kept popping out the wrong breed. As long as you eventually hold up your side of the bargain, and keep me posted on any delays I'll accept IOUs in most occasions.
    But for those occasional bad apples who try to rip me off, do so at your own risk. I will make sure to warn anyone else I see doing business with you about your shady behavior. That's karma for you~

    ~My Wants and Wish List~
    -*-In order of priority from greatest to least-*-

    Egg/Hatchling codes I will give just about anything for (Not picky about letters/numbers variation unless otherwise specified, I don't really care what breed these things are.):
    * I wouldn't object to a code with "Loki" in it.
    * nihon, japan - family related reason for wanting this
    * 92190 - significant date to me
    * any code with 211 or 0211
    * a code that spells "Emily" - in honor of a friend, caps do not matter


    Things I have none of on my scroll (AKA, stuff most likely to make me auto-accept your trade offer):
    *CB Gold (M & F)
    *CB Red Copper (M)
    *CB Brown Copper (M)
    *CB Silver (M)
    *CB Thunder (M)
    *CB Pyralspite (Alpine and Coast varieties)
    *Neglected (ANY) (Yeah, I get they're rare, but they're lower priority for me because they're so dang HARD to make! So these are more like... "I want it, but I'm not freaking out over it. If the opportunity comes along, I'll take it.")
    Things I Want (but that won't kill me if I don't get 'em):
    *Anything listed from the Dragon Mates section
    *2nd gen Tsunami from alt Radiant Angel
    *2nd/3rd gen Tinsel
    *2nd/3rd gen Shimmer
    *2nd/3rd gen Holly
    *Low Gen anything with an Alt lineage
    *4 M/F pairs of CB Metals (Need: Silver F x3, Green Copper M & F x3, Red Copper F x3, Brown Copper F x2, all other Metals x4)
    *CB Nebula (Need: Red x2, Purple x2, Green x1)
    *4 CB M/F pairs of Seasonals, each season (Need: Spring F x1, M x3, Summer F x3, M x4, Autumn F/M x2, Winter F x2)
    *Low gen Alt Vines
    *Low gen Alt Blacks
    *4 M/F pairs of CB Trio [Need: Ice (M x2, F x3), Thunder (M x4), Magma (M x1, F x2)]


    ~Dragon Mates~
    --Currently archiving my dragons to see who needs mates! Any dragons I need help creating a mate for will be listed here!--
    mirror lineage (as in shape, not necessarily breeds) as a mate for: lineage/QatwZ (Ideally with names that complement the lineage)
    5EG mate for: lineage/4MIKL
    6EG mate for: lineage/5OyXa
    3G gold-holly checker mate for: lineage/mjO4y
    Halloween Mates
    4EG mate for: lineage/Uviqz
    PB Lunar Harald mate for: lineage/RUb6B
    2G avatar mate for: lineage/YSn7w
    2G Cassare mate for: lineage/So2zK
    3EG avatar mate for: lineage/l8TKX
    3G silver checker mate for: lineage/mRmwU
    2G mate with epic named parents for: lineage/V0kRO
    Christmas Mates
    2G silver mate for: lineage/Z5Nlr
    3EG mate with alt sweetlings for: lineage/LMZsc
    5EG mate for: lineage/9lXYd
    5EG mate for: lineage/yS1Y2
    2G avatar mate for: lineage/kd8Xk
    5EG mate for: lineage/dj1s4
    2G avatar mate for: lineage/yA0nr
    2G avatar mate for: lineage/6igWC

    ~Misc. info~

    *You are always welcome to PM me, my timezone is GMT-6, so I'm one hour behind the Cave's server.
    *I do have one of my Yahoo! Instant Messenger aliases registered on my profile. IF you contact me via YIM, please please PLEASE specify that you're contacting me from Dragon Cave within your first three posts!! Otherwise you'll probably have me thinking "Who the heck are you, how do you know me, and why are you talking to me!?"
    *I can't speak for other people, but I was raised with the knowledge that it's common courtesy to keep people updated if they're waiting on you for something. For this reason I often send updates to, or check up with, people I'm organizing stuff with, such as breeding IOUs.
    **For example, if you're running late to meet a friend, I feel the polite thing to do is call and give them a head's up.
    *I may get confused sometimes, though I try to be polite. The only times I might not be polite is the rare occasion if you catch me at a bad time, or if I perceive that I have been wronged first.
    **Or perhaps if I get caught up in a topic I'm really passionate about....but then, who doesn't get a little unreasonable when it comes to certain topics?

    *I am not opposed to breeding on request, and while some of my dragons have set mates I understand that everyone has unique tastes. Therefor I will breed whichever pairs of my dragons you like if need be.

    Dragon Naming-
    *I generally tend to name my dragons. If I notice a particular lineage or name pattern in its ancestors, I will try to honor that in some form about 75% of the time.
    **Thuwed, Dusk, or Dorkface lineages I always honor
    *I will name dragons based on codes if applicable.
    *I have recently begun trying to add a common surname to all my CBs of a particular breed, to help distinguish them.
    **All my CB Tsunamis, for instance, share the surname "Mizushima"
    **Exceptions are if the name holds significance in another way, such as honoring something/someone from real life, or if the name is to match up with a mate's name.
    *If I have not yet named a dragon, it is most likely because I have not yet decided on a name.

    Accepting IOUs-
    *I consider IOUs, and generally accept them as long as the other person doesn't have a flaky reputation. Most folks I've spoken with on DC are rather nice, but one must be wary of the occasional bad apple.
    Giving IOUs-
    *If I owe YOU something, I will do my best to breed it for you. But please understand my dragons aren't always cooperative. It took me nearly 2 months to breed someone a Gold egg once >_>'