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  1. A little help. Does the breed limit for the eggs only apply to cb eggs?
  2. Their website if anyone is interested is www.thedragonskeep.net
  3. Hello, a local store near me has been using sprites from dragcave as their logo and on their marketing. I have told them several times they belong to this site but they continue to say it’s not my business and they like the art. How do I report them? Their arrogance towards art theft I admit has struck a cord with me, but as an artist myself I can’t just let them use stolen art.
  4. I'm stuck at the tree in the path edit! Now I'm stuck at the horse and cliff
  5. 2nd Gen With cool code parent! Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  6. is there a guide anywhere for the game?
  7. How do you get followers? I couldn't do the event last year so I'm confused^^"
  8. Forum Name: X-Acidic Pixie Stick-X Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/X-acidic%20pixie%20stick-X Pm Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...ODE=4&MID=27976 Speacial: Seahorses~ What are you willing to breed: Anything except low gen rares Not willing to breed: Metallics under 4 generations & Shimmers
  9. My first was the Alt. Black sprite. It also happened to be my first dragon ever so I was fairly confused for a while until I learned what alt.s were.
  10. I want to bite/gift Forum Name: X-Acidic Pixie Stick-X PM Link: PM Link I don't mind being contacted? Yes/No: Nope~ Special requirements about your gifts? Please Don't Kill
  11. I' give anything for a shimmerscale, but currently I'm hunting the shimmerkin aswell but Congrats the find, gistofeverything^^
  12. Well if someone does get an actual invite my offer still stands, invite me and you get a silver baby~
  13. I wish Tj would have handed out more invites xP
  14. I'll send a silver hatchy to whomever invites me~ its on my scroll right now~
  15. I reallly want ti snatch that light blue egg could someone invite me please? ;3
  16. The video isn't playing ;/ and I personally think Bill needs to shave the beard...I'm not a fan of facial hair
  17. I promise to avoid breeding blacks and if one is produced from my two metallic pairs, I'll bite it^^ ps I semi recentally got a CB black aswell~
  18. I lost all my favorite eggies ;.;
  19. Metal, Rock and Scream. Just about anything with a decent guitar really^^' I don't like Country or Rap.
  20. I like how it sounds like waves in the background. Though I don't recognize any words^^'
  21. Lol Everyone at my old school knows who they are. The German teacher plays their German music during class. Now Everyone either loves them or hates them^^'
  22. I pre-ordered mine so I got it pretty quickly. I'm in love with 'Pain of love' and 'human connect to human' I had a couple other favorites from the live DVD, but for the most part, I liked them all. (Mainly the guitar )