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  1. ...Somehow just managed to summon my second GoN...I was just using my Summon for the heck of it, not expecting results and almost fell out of my recliner when I noticed the successful summon
  2. Last night I snagged a CB magma (trio dragon) and today, a CB Spessartine...this is why I cave trawl during the first blast of holiday breeding. Everybody's either holiday locked or in the AP chasing hollies
  3. *sees Leetle tree* *spazz clicks* *Nearly faints* ...I got my Leetle Tree! Six years of DragCave I finally caught a Leetle Tree!
  4. Disappear for a few months...come back and find out I finally got the gold trophy somehow or another. But don't realize this until I pick up my seventh egg and go to see why it let me pick up one too many. Whoopee I finally surpassed 500 dragons!
  5. As a newbie, I killed so many eggs because I had no idea what to do with them... I would have been entirely too annoyed if I had racked up the points for a "special store dragon" and it died before I knew it was worth something/what to do with it and found out I had wasted months' worth of these -incredibly- time consuming to build up enough for anything useful points... Well let's simply say I agree with you.
  6. I spazz clicked...a Lunar Herald in the Volcano. Best. Spazz click. EVER.
  7. 1 Celestial refused, 1 Celestial had no interest in her mate...at least I got full 4-egg clutches from the other 2...Shame I didn't want them to breed true this time, I was aiming for Celestial-kin. My first attempt to give a crap about lineages you know.
  8. Aang

    2016-04-01 - April Release

    These are lovely as adults, I want so many of them...but I also want more dark colored skins for the site so they will show up properly.
  9. Aang

    2016-04-01 - April Release

    >How do people already have cracking/hatched eggs? >Checks time on eggs >almost five days left .... .... .... >OH CRUD I CAN INCUBATE! *facepalm*
  10. Aang

    2016-04-01 - April Release

    Holy crap I caught one! I'm eternally shocked and very much hoping these are real and not some prank.
  11. Your magma, thunder, and ice dragons combine their powers, summoning a mysterious egg. ...This time I didn't misread or glitch, I got to keep my egg
  12. Used Summon last month. Skimmed the message. Unsuccessful. Come back today: Dead GoN egg on my scroll. I misread the message. I am still cursing myself out for that. -grumble mutter swear-
  13. Reading a thread and forgetting I am using a site avatar, so I notice a bunch of posts with my avatar that have had their text removed and yet I have no PM or warning...all set to get worked up and kinda wondering when I had chatted on that thread last...oh wait that isn't my sig...oh...that isn't me. OOPS.
  14. Mine were in this order: Mint, Bright Pink, Guardian, Magi
  15. FINALLY managed to snag a CB Blusang. That only took me since mid December when I discovered I didn't have any CB Blusangs.
  16. AAHH you're right! Well, before 3P0 had all of his coverings, the few he did have were silver if I recall.
  17. AI 3P0 ...So this one says C3P0 is an artificial intelligence...accurate description and epic Star Wars code!
  18. And went right by a CB Blusang...obv. it was gone by the time I realized it. Dang.
  19. ...Weeks of searching. I get sick for a week and can't stalk the cave. I come back and first one I grab? CB Lunar Herald --a gold one too--NOW I have to influence it the right way and hope it works.
  20. Discovered much to my annoyance that the only Blusang on my scroll is an umpteenth generation with a messy lineage...this never used to matter, all of a sudden it does
  21. I went on Vacation for five days, got so wrapped up in my trip that I forgot about my eggs...lost my only Mistletoe egg and my Paper may be following it. Dammit. e/ well the paper baby lived, I'm glad...would've been annoyed if I lost my first paper egg.
  22. I have to add to my earlier post, part of what happens with me is that I will egg lock myself and then something comes up like my dad fell ill in October and Finals Week the first week in December and I will inevitably lose an egg or three in the process. It's not on purpose, I just am not always aware of what craziness is going to keep me from DC for a week+ at a time.
  23. Speaking as someone whose habits probably upset previous owners of eggs I catch... I won't put mine in hatcheries or fansites until they're hatchable, because I've had too many die of soft shell and especially around the holidays I won't risk my eggs dying on me. I wait until they get under 4 days before I put them on any fansite.
  24. I tend to collect at least two of every breed, more of the ones I like best. But I'm not too picky, CB or lineaged. I even don't mind messy lineages much. But I feel like a bit of an ass for snagging a 2g Solstice egg because I don't lineage breed.
  25. Just noticed one of my Winter Magi seems to have stubbed his toe, his code seems to be yelling out in pain OW